MLB 14: The Show Details Revealed

MLB 14 The Show Details Revealed

Sony has revealed some details from MLB 14: The Show including the release date, and a new trailer which can be found below.

Some details:

  • Contains over 50 new features and improvements.
  • These will enhance, deepen and streamline your overall experience.
  • The new UI is built from the ground up for PlayStation 4 and is carried across all versions.
  • Contains year-to-year saves.
  • Cross-platform saves across all SKUs.
  • Baseball scenarios can be generated, customized, and shared online.
  • Universal Profile now tracks player tendency.
  • Train your Profile and sub it into Diamond Dynasty games to give your human opponent a better matchup than just the AI.
  • Online Franchise expands upon Online Leagues of seasons past, introducing multi-season play with Scouting, the Amateur Draft, Free Agency, and CPU Trades.
  • Add-on purchases are now rolled into a Universal Currency known as Stubs.
  • Stubs are earned through general gameplay and are tied to your Universal Profile.
  • The rate at which Stubs are earned is more generous.
  • Release date is April 1 2014 for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, May, 2014 for PlayStation 4.
  • Game runs in 1080p, 60FPS on PS4.