Path of Exile Templar Build

Path of Exile Templar Build

Here's a Path of Exile Templar Flameblast / Burn DD build.

The skill tree

This is a burn DD or Flameblast build. You can choose which of the skills you do like more. DD is probaply better in endgame.

  • 5/6l: Main links: DD > Chance to ignite > ele prolif > conc effect > fire pen > (unrealistic 6th link AoE) If you lack survivability you can swap a LL gem in there to get you more tankier.
  • 4l: CWDT > Enduring > IC > Increased Duration
  • 4l: RM > Clarity > Determination > (possible 4th aura)
  • 4ll: Flammability > Enduring Cry > Enfeeble
  • 3l: Faster Castng> Descecrate
  • 3l: Warp > faster casting > reduced duration
  • Bandit rewards: Oak(life), skill, skill


For gear you should focus on getting as much life as possible with capped resist and armor armor/es gear. Your Weapon should have high elemental/fire dmg to increase your initial hit and burn damage.

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