Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault Mode Detailed

Battlefield 4 Carrier Assault Mode Detailed

DICE has shed some light on the upcoming Carrier Assault Mode in Battlefield 4.

"Carrier Assault is an homage to the Titan game mode of Battlefield 2142, but this time the all-out war rages in the South Chinese Sea, and your objective is to destroy the enemy team’s carrier before they infiltrate and destroy yours," DICE commented.

"Our goal has been to make Carrier Assault a really engaging game mode, and we truly believe the amount of variety present each round will assure this. You start out fighting a big-scale war with sea, land, and air vehicles controlling the map, and then everything evolves into an infantry-focused, close quarter fight inside both carriers at the same time!"

"Each round is divided into 2 stages, starting with map control and ending with carrier attack," DICE explained. "Both teams start on their own carrier and race to control the missile launchers placed on the map, by capturing the control points near them. This will automatically launch missiles towards the enemy carrier throughout the round, eventually destroying its hull and making it open for infantry attacks."

"Battlefield 2142 and Titan mode veterans will feel right at home with Carrier Assault, with the unique focus of giving players several options to win the match – either through map control or close quarter fighting inside the enemy HQ," DICE concluded. The differences in setting and time period do however  make Carrier Assault a fresh experience, and we hope you will get the same thrill out of parachute-spawning down to a carrier as you did when blasting off in a rocket pod towards a Titan."

Carrier Assault will be available through the Naval Strike expansion which is scheduled to launch later this month for Battlefield Premium members, and to everyone else at a later date.