Dark Souls 2 Enemy Descriptions

Dark Souls 2 Guide to Creating a Build

Here are all the official descriptions of each monster in Dark Souls 2. This is useful for those who want to learn more about the lore in the game.

Things Betwixt

  • Kobold

    "These skittish, dog-like creatures inhabit the small meadow near the Fire Keeper's hut. Are these the Fire Keeper's pets, or simply a form of life native to the limbo that exists between Drangleic and the outside world?"
  • Ogre
    "It is possible that the rift between Drangleic and the outside world is a native habitat for the monstroud Ogres, but are beats like this simply born... or are they created?"
  • Undead Traveler

    "The Undead Travelers in Things Betwixt are all hostile. They are wearing imported clothing similar to what you have at the beginning of your journey. Their origins and motives are completely unknown - perhaps they have already hallowed?"

  • Enslaved Pig
    "These tiny piglets have a dark secret. They have a small chance to drop Cracked Red Eye Orbs. If you seek to murder other players and collect Tokens of Spite, these will be useful to you. One can only wonder how these piglets took possession of such dangerous items.
  • Skeleton
    "This curved sword-wielding Skeleton is hiding in Cale's house in Majula. It's unknown whose Skeleton this might be or what force animates it; perhaps Cale inadvertently disturbed this poor soul's resting place. Either way, it must be dispatched before Cale will return to the residence... and if you want the treasures it guards."
Forest of Fallen Giants
  • Hollow Infantry
    "These common Infantrymen were soldiers for the kingdom of Drangleic prior to being overcome by the Curse of the Undead. Unlike Royal Soldiers and elite troops, the equipment issued to the Infantry is invariably basic and inexpensive. Now Hollow, they continue to defend their homeland from perceived threats despite their enfeebled condition."
  • Hollow Soldier
    "Now Hollowed, these were once Royal Soldiers of the Drangleic Kingdom. Their equipment was constructed by the royal blacksmith from high quality materials, but now it is falling apart. They continue defend the kingdom loyally."
  • Crystal Lizard
    "A timid species of sparkling reptile cloaked in total mystery. These strange creatures possess a variety of useful, and valuable, stones. These creatures are not well understood, as the procurement of specimens for study is an all-but-futile endeavor; Crystal Lizards are masters of escape and have a marked tendency to do so before anyone can get close enough to catch them."
  • Old Ironclad Soldier
    "Originally, Ironclad Soldiers were minions created by the Old Iron King with an enchantment of souls. The enchantment is long gone and the iron husk that remains is quite decrepit. The soldiers who don this armor now never speak, and no one has seen their faces. Could it be that King Vendrick of Drangleic revived these ancient creations, or perhaps he produced war golems of his own?"
  • Heide Knight - Sword
    "Whether Heide was a proper kingdom or not isn't clear, as it fell into the sea long ago. What is known is that the Way of Blue originated in Heide. Equipment from Heide still exists today, as well, which speaks tot he durability of the special allow used in its construction. If this knight truly is from the ancient land of Heide, is it possible that time distortion explains his presence?"
  • Flame Salamander
    "These mysterious creatures serve an unknown purpose, but they are locked within the soldiers' fort behind a door older than the Kingdom of Drangleic itself. Their fiery presence seems to alter the environment itself."
  • The Last Giant
    "It seems that the trees of the Forest of Giants really are the remains of the Giants from long ago. Why did the Giants attack Drangleic, and is this really the last of them?"
  • The Pursuer
    "A mysterious warrior who travels by crow. Crows were once a symbol of the Goddess of Sin, Hopefully, this will be your final showdown with this vagrant warrior..."
Heide's Tower of Flame
  • Old Knight
    "These giant warriors are relics of an era that has long passed. Whether they attack you out of madness or merely as a trial for would-be Kngiths of the Blue will amtter little if they manage to cut you down, though, so stay alert. If you do intend to enlist as a Knight for the Blue, you'll require the power of the Cracked Blue Eye Orbs they hold, so consider this your rite of initiation."
  • Dragonrider
    "The Dragonriders are renowned as faithful servants of King Vendrick. Dragonriders rode onto the field of battle mounted on wyrms, but this was a hard-earned privilege. The training of the Dragonriders was arduous and fraught with peril. Only the best of the best could complete the training and join this elite unit of Vendrick's troops. Those who failed in thsi training were torn apart by the very wyrms they sought to command."
  • Old Dragonslayer
    "It appears that we still haven't seen the last of Lord Gwyn's mighty knights - Dragonslayer Ornstein appears before us once more. But this time, he's alone, and something seems... odd. Instead of the lightning powers that he once possessed, he attacks with the power of Darkness. Is this truly the same proud knight we faced in Lordran so long ago? If so, the flow of time is distorted, indeed. If not, then where else could this Old Dragonslayer have come from?"
No-Man's Wharf
  • Hollow Infantry
    "The precense of common Drangleic Infantry at No Man's Wharf illustrates just how integrated the Varangian have become with the normal forces of the kingdom. The Infantrymen have even adapted tot he favorite combat techniques of the Varangian, sucha s using fire and oil to eradicate any who would oppose The King."
  • Varangian Sailor
    "The Varangians were a fierce band of pirates who prowled the seas of Drangleic's northern coastline. They were conquered by a former king who chose to force them into hard labor at No Man's Wharf rather than imprison them. They continue to labor at No Man's Wharf, and still fight with deadly proficiency. Of particular note is their long-range Sea Bow; it was once used against monsters at sea, but it will now be put to use against you..."
  • Dark Stalker
    "The origin of the Dark Stalkers is shrouded in mystery, but they drop equipment traditionally used by Pyromancers. Could it be possible that those so entranced by the flames have now come to fear it? Or has their intense hatred of the flame led them to hunt those who control it?"
  • Stray Dog
    "Don't let the name fool you; this demonic hound is anything from ordinary. Whether this is the specis' natural state or a result of some darker power is irrelevant; it wants to rip your throat out."
  • Flexile Sentry
    "This monstrous, contorted sentry was assigned the task of emptying the dungeons of poor, cursed souls. This terrifying lizard-like creature oversees the ferrying of undead into the Lost Bastille. The Bastille is one of your destinations, but will you go as a triumphant warrior, or as an imprisoned hollow?"
The Lost Bastille & Belfry Luna
  • Undead Jailer
    "The Undead Jailers of the Lost Bastille carry primitive weapons intended to instill fear and can even use pyromancy to burn escapees, and intruders, to a crisp. The Jailers are wrapped in bandages. What lies beneath? Have they been burned by their own flames, or are they hiding a darker secret?"
  • Royal Swordsman
    "The Royal Swordsman were chosen from the bravest of King Vendrick's men, and provided them with the best armor available for the war against the Giants. However, very few survived the battles. While they may be no match for Giants, they still pose a threat when they attack you in numbers."
  • Undead Citizen
    "These Undead Citizens have been gathered up and exiled to the distant prison. For many their only crime was showing signs of the "Curse." But before you decry this injustice, face them in battle and see what horrors they are capable of..."
  • Bell Keeper
    "The bells are the symbols of forbidden love, and the marionettes who defend them do so with zealous passion. They've been watching over, and ringin', the bells forever. If you seek to stop them, or to ring a bell for yourself, you'll have to face these tiny terrors."
  • Heide Knight - Spear
    "Whether Heide was a proper kingdom or not isn't clear, as it fell into the sea long ago. What is known is that the Way of Blue originated in Heide. Equipment from Heide still exists today, as well, which speaks tot he durability of the special allow used in its construction. If this knight truly is from the ancient land of Heide, is it possible that time distortion explains his presence?"
  • Dark Spirit - Vorgel the Sinner
    "In a prison filled with sinners and innocents alike, Vorgel certainly has a special place. He stands watch of the Bastille Key. He wears the armor and dons the shield of a Royal Soldier; perhaps he is one of the wardens of this lost prison? What sins rest in this warrior's den?"
  • Ruin Sentinels
    "The Ruin Sentinel has no physical form; it's merely a Soul haunting a large suit of armor. The Sentinels are the creations of the mysterious "jailer." There are three Sentinels here, with three names: Yahim, Alessia, and Ricce. Were those the names granted to the Sentinels by the jailer, or did they belong to the previous owners of these lost Souls?
  • Bellfry Gargoyles
    "Gargoyles have been used as guardians throughout the ages, stretching far back into the early Age of Fire. What brings these mysterious sentinels to life? Perhaps the sound of the bells they guard awakens them? Or do the gentle chimes comfort them in their long stone sleep?"
Huntsman's Copse & Undead Purgatory
  • Rogue
    "Dangerous in life as thieves and highwaymen, these Rogues are now doubly so in death, as Hollowing has robbed them of their reason. In life, they may have lusted after material wealth, but in death they seek your very Soul."
  • Undead Laborer
    "As if a lifetime of toil wasn't enough, these workers continue their duties even in death. And this time, their job is to kill you. Probably as in life, these under-appreciated, down-trodden souls simply aren't equipped for the task - they face you unarmed."
  • Captive Undead
    "These woods have seen countless tragedies over the years, and each death brings an Undead ever closer to full Hollowing. Whether they were once hunters or prey matters little now - the march of time has stolen their minds and memories and rendered them Hollow."
  • Great Moth
    "These giant, poisonous creatures attack[sic] themselves to trees and cave ceilings throughout the Copse. The moss that they light upon is itself poisonous - whether this is a result of the moth's influence or the moth being drawn tot he poison is unknown."
  • Torturer
    "These wicked Torturers don't wield conventional weapons - the tools of their trade are intended to inflict pain upon their Undead victims rather than death. If you underestimate them, you'll find that regardless of their intention, they certainly can kill you."
  • Necromancer
    "The true origins of these Necromancers is unknown, but it is possible that they served the Old Iron King during the Undead Hunts in this forest. They are found near the Skeleton Lords' domain - perhaps they now serve them as their new masters."
  • Armored Skeleton
    "These reanimated corpses are often under the control of a Necromancer, and they will be revived repeatedly until their Wizard is killed. Whether they served the Iron King or fled from his troops in life makes no difference now, as they are the property of their necromantic masters.
  • Artificial Undead
    "A massive, hulking beast of an Undead, this creature is disturbingly unnatural. This patchwork monstrosity wields two Full Moon Sickles and swings them with immense power. Who would create such a monster? The Iron King himself sought to destroy the Undead, not create them..."
  • Dark Spirit - Merciless Roenna
    "Roenna wears a helm associated with the warlocks of Aldia. Could the unnatural condition of this forest be related to the experiments of the Aldian mages, or is it mere coincidence?"
  • Dark Spirit - Greatsword Phantom
    "This phantom stands watch over the entrance to the Undead Purgatory. His origin is unknown, but he is currently standing guard over the entrance tot eh domain of Nahr Alma's followers."
  • Skeleton Lords
    "The Old Iron King's best soldiers, in their dark resurgence, have forgotten their original allegiance entirely. They seek to create a new kingdom - one of bone. And now you have trespassed upon that kingdom."
  • Executioner Chariot
    "The Executioner has slain countless Undead, and continues to slay them again and again, eternally. Little does he know that it is not by his own will that he slays the Undead, but that of his horse."
Harvest Valley
  • Skeleton
    "The skeletons in this region are of unknown origins. They could be former subjects of the Iron King who were worked to death in the poisonous mines or poor Souls who wandered in more recently. Regardless, whether it was the massive Pools of Poison or the giant monsters overseeing the Laborers, something killed these poor fools... but they've left it to you to finish the job."
  • Mounted Overseer
    "From atop gigantic monstrosities capable of exerting tremendous amount of dark power, weak overseers watch over the Laborers of Harvest Valley. The mounts have as much in common with demonic steeds as anything else humanoid."
  • Undead Steelworker
    "These brutish characters may have once worked for the Iron King int eh construction of the many weapons and armors that he required, but now they are as Hollowed as the Laborers who slave away int he mines. There is a difference, however: Strength. The Steelworkers have huge hammers whereas the common laborers merely flail about with their arms."
Earthen Peek
  • Poison Horn Beetle
    "Are these beetles the source of the poison that fills the earth below the mines, or are they merely the only insect that can survive in these conditions? Either way, they suit the Queen's tastes perfectly."
  • Manikin
    "These advanced puppets were given life by the Baneful Queen, and she uses them to lure unsuspecting fools into her traps. Once upon a time, the Manikins had heads, but the Queen ripped off their faces in a fit of rage. Watch yourself, or yours will be next."
  • Grave Warden
    "Grave Wardens are charged with watching over the Undead Crypt. They are soaked and permeated with the power of darkness, and they will use that power to fulfill their duty as guardians of the crypt. Be you brave knight or depraved slave, those who disturb the Crypt will be hunted down. Only... why are these Wardens so far from the Crypt they are sworn to protect?"
  • Desert Sorceress
    "The desert Sorceress of Jugo project a very seductive image, and they use their looks to deceive others. In reality, even many who realized that this a trap fell prey to the Sorceresses' wiles. Perhaps they are part of Myrtha's scheme to lure more victims into her web?"
  • Mimic
    "Long ago, there was a clan that was exiled for their avarice. In their exile, they were branded with a symbol of greed, and with it a curse. But, truly, suffering leads to great power, and the clan walks the earth still."
  • Dark Spririt - Crescent Sickle Phantom
    "Though the Crescent Sickle phantom's true identity is unknown, he does don the garb of a common brigand. But any brigand who would seek to steal from travelers in this treacherous den is probably after more than coins..."
  • Covetous Demon
    "This monster was once a man; a man whose love was unrequited. He expressed his desire by eating, and eventually transformed into the Covetous Demon. Is it from sick sense of love that it remains by the Queen's side? And why does the Queen permit and indulge this fiend's gluttony? Perhaps she wishes only to be desired."
  • Mytha, The Baneful Queen
    "Once, long ago, Mytha was the fairest queen in all the land. Throughout the two kingdoms, none was more beautiful. Ever seeking the attentions of the King, she willingly poisoned herself in her eternal search for true beauty; she ultimately transformed into the monster that lies before you. What passion fueled this change? Or is it the natural effect of the poison dredged up from the depths of the earth?"
The Pit & Grave of Saints
  • Undead Prisoner
    "Ubiquitous unarmed and unclothed Undead whose journeys were cut tragically short when they went Holllow; their corpses can be found throughout Drangleic still clutching the various items they carried. Those not yet fully dead are often dormant when first encountered and in such cases they will stand to attack other when the players alerts them to his or her prescience."
  • Corpse Rat
    "Corpse-foraging giant rats residing in the Grave of Saints. While at first glance they appear to be no more than putrid vermin, these sentient rodents are in fact loyal to subjects of the noble Rat King and will bravely defend their subterranean kingdom against intruders. It is whispered that those who demonstrate their integrity may be granted an audience with the King and, if deemed worthy, initiated into the ranks of righteous rats."
  • Undead Citizen
    "Former citizens of Drangleic who were the victims of Lord Aldia's experiments. Their bodies are horribly disfigured as a result of the unspeakable procedures to which they were subjected, their life forces now sustained by unstable and highly-volatile Souls."
  • Dark Spirit - Rhoy the Explorerer
    N/A! Sorry! However the guide does state that he is wearing a suit of transparent armor and both his weapon and shield are invisible due to the rings he wears.
  • Royal Rat Vanguard
    "A servant of the Rat King tasked with overseeing the Grave of Saints burrow and testing the worthiness of those who seek an audience with his lord. This loyal rodent can be identified among his subordinates by the dark ridge of fur on his back, perhaps a symbol of his status in the underground kingdom."
The Gutter & Black Gulch
  • Hunting Dog
    "A mutated canine born from the experiments conducted by Lord Aldia. Hinting Dogs are not a naturally-occurring species and are therefore only found in areas to which they were introduced by the Dragon Acolytes. A number of them were dumped into The Gutter over the course of Lord Aldia's research and continue to prowl its depths in search of anything that might serve as a meal."
  • Coal Tar
    "Ambush predators living in the tar pits of Black Gulch. These mysterious invertebrates wait for prey to pass within striking distance and then burst out to attack, using fingerlike appendages to immobilize the victim while grinding it apart with hideous chewing mouthparts."
  • Corrosive Ant Queen
    "A queen of the species of giant corrosive ants native to Jugo. Only one exists in Drangleic; its presence in The Gutter seems to suggest that it began its life in the laboratory of Lord Aldia's mansion and eventually outlived its usefulness."
  • Razorback Nightcrawler
    "This giant millipede is found only in Black Gulch. In contrast to the artificial creatures roaming The Gutter, the Razorback Nightcrawler is a product of an undisturbed evolution. They are more capable of crushing a careless passerby with their great weight and tremendous power."
  • Elite Giant
    "Senior soldiers of the army of Giants which invaded Drangleic long ago. Far larger and more formidable than their subordinates, the only Elite Giants to have survived the war reside in a hidden cavern in Black Gulch. The two obelisk sized stone clubs wielded by an Elite Giant can reduce flesh to paste and bone to powder. This mountain of a foe is beyond all but the mightiest of warriors... or the most bottomless of ammunition stockpiles."
  • Dark Spirit - Melinda the Butcher
    "Wherever the lost and wretched gather, those who prey upon them are never far away. So it always has been, and so it is in The Gutter, a settlement of filth and pestilence where the endless struggle to survive has driven its darker souls to seek sustenance through the consumption of living flesh. Beware, lest the cannibalistic legacy claim yet another victim..."
  • The Rotten
    "A patchwork entity born from an amalgamation of lost souls and the withered bodies they inhabited, over time The Rotten absorbed so many life forces that he came to possess a Wonderous Soul of his own. he dwells deep below the surface world, embracing all that arrive at the sanctuary for things unwanted or thrown away and granting them new life as a part of himself."
Iron Keep & Belfry Sol
  • Alonne Knight
    "The Alonne Kngihts' loyalty to one another is the stuff of legends, and they held fast in their positions even as the once-great Iron Keep sank into the fiery earth. The blades they wield were forged by one of the true artisans entertained by the Iron King during his kingdom's hayday."
  • Alonne Knight Captain
    "The leaders of the Alonne Knights don fantastic armor that retains its brilliant shine to this very day. Despite having an army of the finest warriors equipped with the best weapons and armor to be found across the land, the Iron King';s reign did not last. A true king requires more than simply the strength of arms."
  • Ironclad Soldier
    "Unlike the worn-down, decrepit Old Ironclads of the Forest of Fallen Giants, these brutes are in good condition. These brutish living armors created by the Old Iron King still fight on. Defeating them will break the enchantment of Souls used to lend will to the armor, and it will become wearable once more."
  • Dark Spirit - Bell Keeper Mage
    "If you wish to ring the bell that invokes forbidden love and created beautiful sounds throughout the world, you'll need to defeat its keepers. This mage, like the puppets that surround her, is dedicated to stopping, and she's a bit more efficient about that than the little guys are."
  • Dark Spirit - Greatsword Bell Keeper
    "This is another member of the Bell Keepers; he towers above his allies in a very literal sense. What could have created such a motley crew of guardians? That must be the power of love."
  • Dark Spirit - Dual Avelyn Bell Keeper
    "The Avelyn is a weapon of ancient design that has been rediscovered and brought into the world one more, and this old fellow uses two of them! He wears the mask of the Manikin, as well. Could this be another puppet?"
  • Smelter Demon
    "A mass of iron that has come to life, the Smelter Demon was responsible for the fall of the Iron King and his castle. From the depths of the earth he sprang, and incinerated the short-sighted king in a single blow. What other demons lie beneath these treacherous grounds?"
  • Old Iron King
    "A powerful but short-sighted king who exalted the virtue of might, the Old Iron Ling has been transformed into a demon. As his flesh burned away, his soul was possessed by the wicked things that lurk below. He possesses the soul of an ancient king from long ago - a king who met with a similar fate when he reached into the flames."
Shaded Woods
  • Goblin
    "Goblins are humanoid creatures that lurk int he Shaded Woods. These deformed monstrosities give a grotesque impression and do not appear to be products of a natural evolution; rather they seem to have once been human. What twisted force could have rent their humanity and left them in this sad state...?"
  • Basilisk
    "A peculiar species of reptile which has developed a number of ingenious adaptations for self-defense. The large bulbous eyes on their heads are in fact fake and act as deterrents to would-be predators; Basilisks are also capable of spraying a petrifying mist which has earned them their well-deserved name."
  • Lion Clan Warrior
    "A species of anthropomorphic lions whose sudden appearance on the stage of history suggests that they are not of natural origin. They despise other races and will arbitrarily slaughter those not of their clan."
  • Giant Basilisk
    "An impressive Basilisk specimen of enormous size with mottled green skin like that of a chameleon. Whether these creatures are the result of a divergence in the species' evolutionary line or the product of an Aldian experiment is unclear. They are not actively predatory and will make no attempt to attack unless cornered, so observers not looking for a fight would be wise to give them a wide breadth."
  • Forest Guardian
    "Guardian spirits lurking in the thick fog of the central Shaded Woods. Their identities are completely unknown as they barely maintain corporeal forms and are almost invisible against the mist. Are they fallen soldiers of a war long past, or the remnants of a clan that once dwelled in this ancient land?"
  • Scorpioness Najka
    "The wife of Manscopion Tark, a fragile soul created long ago by an ancient being in the throes of madness. Najka herself has succumbed to the very affliction which felled her master and has devolved into a ferocious beast, a threat to all living things."
Doors of Pharros
  • Gyrm
    A stocky, powerful race which once dwelt above ground, they were regarded as inferior by humans and unjustly exiled below. They are amicable by nature but harbor an intense distrust of surface dwellers, particularly humans; in additions many of the Gyrm living in the Doors of Pharros have gone Hollow and become threats to the living.
  • Gyrm Warrior
    Warriors of the Gyrm race clad in heavy armor customized for their stout frames. These sturdy opponents can deal massive damage with their improvised Great Hammers while deflecting nearly any blow with the monstrous stone Greatshields they carry. Some have developed proficiency in ranged combat and will throw enormous Greataxes at enemies with frightening accuracy.
  • Dog Rat
    Subjects of the Rat King, the origins of these odd hybrid canine rats remain unknown by all but the rats themselves. They inhabit the Doors of Pharros and will bravely defend their rightful realm against intruders.
  • Primal Knight
    One of the original Primal Knights, this ragged creature went Hollow long ago and now wanders mindlessly with its equipment in tatters from long years of neglect. First created through a dark and forbidden ritual in ages past, the Primal Knights are artificial creatures contrived by a twisted and power-hungry mind. Their susceptibility to the Undead Curse, a trait they share with humans, raises foreboding questions about the rituals through which they were given life...
  • Dark Spirit - Bowman Guthry
    A Dark Spirit with a most unusual choice of armaments. Guthry will invade in the Doors of Pharros immediately after the player has passed through the gate into the Rat King's territory. Clad in armor of a Royal Swordsman, could he be a remnant of the Drangleic Army unit dispatched to Brightstone Cove Tseldora...?
  • Boss - Royal Rat Authoritah
    A loyal servant of the Rat King and the enforcer of his authority, this gargantuan Dog Rat is also responsible for testing the strength and virtue of visitors his lord's domain.
Brightstone Cove Tseldora & Lord's Private Chamber
  • Parasite Spider
    Brightstone Cove was abandoned years ago when the town was suddenly and mysteriously overrun by this parasitic species of giant spider. Many of the residents who were unable to escape were caught by the spiders and became their hosts, doomed to wander mindlessly at the whims of their bloodthirsty masters.
  • Sand Basilisk
    A subspecies of the Basilisk whose bulbous false eyes have completely atrophied as an adaptation to living in desert environments. This variant still attacks with petrifying breath but has also learned to burrow under the sand, enabling it to ambush its prey and travel undetected.
  • Red Crystal Lizard
    A Crystal Lizard whose dorsal stone is red rather than the usual blue. It is unknown whether this is merely a mutation or an entirely different species as the existence of these incredibly rare specimens has only recently been confirmed. Unlike their blue brethren, Red Crystal Lizards harbor a much more bizarre and dangerous secret: they are walking time bombs and will detonate in a massive explosion if disturbed.
  • Undead Peasant
    Former working class residents of Brightstone Cove Tseldora. The mysterious events surrounding the town's destruction robbed these unfortunate souls of their humanity and reduced them to cursed monsters; they now viciously attack any who wander into the settlement's remains.
  • Undead Supplicant
    Members of the Prowling Magus' Congregation, these withered Undead have fallen completely under their master's control. Retaining no will of their own, they now serve the Magus with blind dedication.
  • Parasitized Undead
    Former residents of Brightstone Cove who failed to escape the wave of invading spiders and became the parasitic arachnids' hosts. A gruesome fate undeserved by those whom it befell, the still-living host is used as a source of nourishment by the spider as it seeks out new sources of food.
  • Hollow Mage
    Hollow Drangleic mages encountered in Brightstone Cove Tseldora. Whether they were there before the town's destruction or moved in afterward is unknown; what is painfully clear is that they have no intention of allowing visitors to leave the ruins alive.
  • Dark Cleric
    Drangleic clerics in the service of the Prowling Magus. How and why they came to serve this evil being is as mysterious as the clerics themselves; it is uncertain whether they even retain their own consciousnesses or are merely extensions of the Magus' will.
  • Duke Tseldora
    Propertier of the Brightstone Cove and founder of the mining town which once flourished there. Duke Tseldora disappeared after the town was suddenly and mysteriously overrun by spiders and was never heard from again. Though the circumstances surrounding Brightstone Cove's destruction remain unclear, the murky truth behind Duke Tseldora's disappearance seems somehow related to his unnatural obsession with spiders...
  • Vengral's Body
    The decapitated body of Vengral of Forossa. Separated from its head during a brutal war long ago and now somehow ambulatory once again, it wanders in search of the battles it knew in life as though reanimated by its old bloodlust...
  • Dark Spirit - Porcine Peasant
    A peasant of the unknown origins whose soul haunts the ruins of Brightstone Cove. This enigmatic character carries the peculiar Porcine Shield, but whether this is a clue to his identity or simply a coincidence can only be left to speculation.
  • Boss - Prowling Magus
    An Aldia warlock who occupied the abandoned Brightstone Cove Chapel and began using the site to conduct dark rituals with his Congregation of enslaved Undead. His minions do not take kindly to interruptions of their services and readily offer up intruders to their master as sacrifices.
  • Boss - The Duke's Dear Freja
    A monstrous two-headed spider which serves as the Keeper of the Writing Ruin. Apparently Duke Tseldora's pet and more than likely the progenitor of the swarms of Parasite Spiders which overran and destroyed Brightstone Cove. But what could the Duke have wanted with such an abomination, and what madness could have possessed him to allow the destruction of his own domain...?
Sinner's Rise
  • Enhanced Undead
    "This deformed, unnatural creature must surely be the product of some serious misdeeds. Whoc reated this monstrosity, and is it what they intended to make? It almost seems to be half-dragon, but, whatever it is, it has a mind of a Hollow."
  • The Lost Sinner
    "The Lost Sinner eternally punishes herself for the sins of her past. indeed, she committed what some would believe to be the ultimate sin - she attempted to relight the First Flame. The Lost Sinner possesses the Soul of a Great One; she golds the remnants of the Soul of the Old Witch of Izalith. Eons have passed since the legendary Witch walked the land, but such was her power that it persists even now."
Shrine of Winter & Drangleic Castle
  • Stone Soldier
    "Originally human soldiers under the command of Sir Velstadt and tasked with the defense of Drangleic Castle. When Velstadt departed the castle with King Vendrick his soldiers loyally remained at their posts, but their commander never returned and eventually so much time passed that the soldiers turned to stone."
  • Royal Guard
    "High-ranking Drangleic knights whose weapons and armor are modeled after those borne by Sir Syan, one of King Vendrick's bravest military leaders. Sir Syan met a dishonorable end on the battlefield during the war with the Giants;' shortly thereafter all of the knights who had been issued replicas of his armor went insane after putting them on."
  • Primal Knight
    "A healthy, living Primal Knight. These peculiar but unquestionably might creatures were recreated by King Vendrick through a long-lost forbidden ritual most likely rediscovered by Lord Aldia; they have been used as guards at Drangleic Castle ever since their revival. The existence of Undead Primal Knights suggests that they are susceptible to the Curse and leads one to wonder if these monstrous beasts were themselves once human..."
  • Dark Spirit - Nameless Usurper
    "A mysterious woman clad in the robes of a Lindelt cleric. Her enigmatic appearance and her presence in Drangleic Castle leave more questions than answers..."
  • Dual Dragonriders
    "A pair of Dranleic's elite mounted fighting units, serving as gatekeepers of the King's Passage. They watch over the entrance and challenge all who seek entrance the proving ground beyond."
King's Passage & Shrine of Amana
  • Stone Knight
    "Knights int eh service of sir Velstadt, the Royal Aegis. When Velstadt left with Vendrick through the King's Passage the men under his command dutifully remained at their posts, awaiting his return for so long that they eventually turned to stone."
  • Lizardman
    "A Hollow that lived in an aquatic environment for an extended period of time and eventually adapted to its surroundings by mutating into its present form. These creatures prowl the shallow waters of the Shrine of Amana, perpetually searching for sources of fresh Souls."
  • Lindelt Cleric
    "An Undead Lindelt cleric of the mysterious Archdrake sect. Their homeland is subject to strict laws and emigration is a common means of escaping the authoritarian rule; a number of the defectors have found their way to Drangleic in an attempt to start new lives, but some have since gone Hollow and become a threat to the living."
  • Amana Shrine Maiden
    "Hollowed priestesses formerly responsible for performing the sealing rituals which imprisoned the Demon of Song. Over time the line of shrine maidens gradually died off and, with no successors to pass down the sacred rites, the seal broke and Demon was freed from its prison."
  • Acid Horn Beetle
    "A species of Horn Beetle which has developed the ability to release a cloud of corrosive fungal spores into the surrounding air. These peculiar insects reside int eh damp caves of the Shrine of Amana and represent a nominal threat to the equipment, if not the lives of passerby."
  • Giant Acid Horn Beetle
    "A vastly overgrown Acid Horn Beetle. Whether these impressive specimens are the result of some misguided Aldian experiment or an unusually long life is unknown; they are extremely rare and only a few exist in Drangleic."
  • Dark Spirit - Peculiar Kindular
    "A strange man of unknown origins who will invade the player a short distance past Rhoy's Resting Place int eh Shrine of Amana. While his name and appearance suggest an eclectic character, his talent with magic is unquestionable and he will attack with a diverse arsenal of dangerous spells."
  • Looking Glass Knight
    "King Vendrick's lieutenant, charged with testing the prowess of those who seek to serve in Drangleic's oprder of royal knights. Ever dedicated to his duty, he continues to await challengers at the end of the King's Passage long after Vendrick's disappearance and the kigndom's subsequent collapse. Those who fail the test are remorselessly slaughtered by this enigmatic knight whose face lies hidden behind a cold metal mask."
  • Demon of Song
    "A hideous froglike Demon originally sealed within the Shrine of Amana. When the priestesses attending the Shrine and maintaining the seal eventually died and went Hollow the Demon was set free, luring unsuspecting humans into its lair by mimicking the song of the Milfanito."
Undead Crypt
  • Wall Warrior
    "The ghost of a former warrior which will phase through the walls of the Undead Crypt in certain spots to attack. Who were these warriors in life and how did they come to wander the halls of the Crypt? Only the Grave Wardens know for certain, and their lips are sealed."
  • Leydia Witch
    "Witches who worship the god of disease, Galib. They once resided in the Undead Crypt alongside the Fenito but over time grew conceited, misusing their power and usurping control of the Crypt's gateway. Their actions spurned the Grave Wardens and they were slaughtered as transgressors; their spirits now forcibly serve as guardians of the Crypt."
  • Leydia Pyromancer
    "A ghostly spellcaster of the Leydia Pyromancers. Although pyromancers in name, they were adept at a wide variety of magic and in their conceit they once occupied the Undead Crypt. Their brazen misuse of death drew the ire of the Fenito, who branded them transgressors; the apostles were slaughtered and subsequently buried in the Crypt alongside other occupants."
  • Imperious Knight
    "Long ago a pair of foolish knights attempted to conquer the Undead Crypt. They each carried with them a greatshield split into two halves which they used in lieu of weapons to reduce their enemies to paste. Their ill-advised crusade came to an abrupt and unsuccessful end, however; as punishment they were denied a peaceful death and instead put to work for eternity as guardians of the crypt."
  • Velstadt, The Royal Aegis
    "A trusted knight who faithfully served King Vendrick in life, Velstadt followed his lord when he set out for the Undead Crypt and remained there to continue serving him in death. Velstadt and a contingent of Royal Guards stand watch over Vendrick's chamber to this very day, inexplicably slaughtering any who enter in search of the King."
  • Vendrick
    "The former King of Drangleic has been reduced toa mindless Hollow, but still clutches something dear. While killing him is not necessary for the completion of your quest, putting this poor soul to rest could only be considered a final courtesy to the man who used every means within his reach and made unimaginable sacrifices to halt the spread of the Undead curse. A dignified and honorable death in single combat... Vendrick would have wanted it."
Aldia's Keep
  • Dragon Acolyte
    "Acolytes of Aldia responsible for the rituals and experiments performed behind the closed doors of the Manor. Some of Drangleic's greatest minds gathered in Aldia to conduct highly secret research, but it is rumored that an unknown force may have been manipulating them throughout the process; the hideous abominations produced by their efforts would seem to corroborate this theory, but the precise goal of their research remains unknown..."
  • Looking Glass Phantom
    "Reflections residing int he dimension within the King's Mirror. They can cross over to the world of the living through the looking glass, but for what purpose? Do they seek to replace those who originally cast them?"
  • Dark Spirit - Royal Sorcerer Navlaan
    "A former sorcerer surrounded by conflicting rumors and great controversy, Navlaan gained infamy when he was supposedly executed along with his entire village for practicing Dark magic, but the truth is far more complicated. At first glance Navlaan appears to suffer from dissociative identity disorder and displays two opposite personalities. They reality, however, is not so easily explained; perhaps it would be better to draw your conclusions after meeting him yourself."
  • Dark Spirit - Aslatiel of Mirrah
    "Elder brother of Lucatiel of Mirrah. He was known as one of Mirrah's greatest swordsmen but became afflicted by the Undead Curse and set out for Drangleic in search of a cure. He was never heard from again and his fate and whereabouts were unknown - until now..."
  • Guardian Dragon
    "A dragon kept in an enormous cage behind Aldia's Keep. It presently acts as a de facto guardian of the path to the Dragon Aerie but more than likely began as an unwilling participant in the experiments conducted at the Manor."
Dragon Aerie & Dragon Shrine
  • Undead Citizen
    "An unfortunate victim of the experiments conducted by Aldia. Sustained by yet another variation of the sources of artificial life developed by the Dragon Acolytes."
  • Dark Priestess
    "A Hollowed Drangleic priestess found in the Dragon Shrine. The reason for her presence there is unclear 0 did she journey to the shrine in search of a cure for the Curse, or was she a resident responsible for performing holy rites? As there is no way of knowing this now, it is best simply to put her out of her misery."
  • Dragon Knight
    "Transcendent apostles of the Dragon Remnants Covenant, they were once human but have partially transformed into dragons through the use of Dragon Scales. The immortal Dragons are unaffected by the Curse and the prospect of becoming one offers a glimmer of hope for afflicted Undead, but at what cost...?"
  • Drakekeeper
    "Mysterious guardians of the Dragon Shrine who protect the Ancient Dragon dwelling within. The Drakekeepers' true nature and identities are unknown; their faces are perpetually hidden beneath their onyx helmets, leaving one to wonder at their origins. it is said that something dark eats away at them - could it be that they, too, were once human?"
  • Dragonfang Villard
    "A Dragon Knight charged with protecting the Petrified Egg stored in the Dragon Shrine. He is the strongest of the apostles residing in the shrine and will invade as soon as the player enters the spiral staircase after defeating the first War Pick-wielding Drakekeeper."
  • Ancient Dragon
    "A dragon so old that it was alive before the dawn of time. Its power has grown to godlike proportions and it resides in the Dragon Shrine as a deity; the few Undead who survive their journeys long enough to meet it seek its counsel int heir quest for a cure. The Ancient Dragon willingly obliges its supplicants and harbors no ill intent toward visitors who show proper respect, but provoking its wrath will result in swift and unimaginably fierce retribution."
Memories of the Ancients
  • Royal Solider
    "A living and healthy albeit battle-scarred and exhausted soldier of the Drangleic Army. Under the command of Captain Drummond, they defended the fort against the invading Giants. Many of those who died during the battle rose again as Hollows and have continued to watch over the fort to this very day."
  • Royal Infantry
    "Enlisted infantrymen of the Drangleic Army, these brave but lightly-equipped men are weary from battle and suffering waning morale. They are found locked in combat with the Giants in several locations throughout the flashback areas and may also misidentify the player as a threat."
  • Giant
    "A member of the race of Giants first conquered by King Vendrick and later responsible for a vengeful counter-invasion of Drangleic. Giant soldiers specialize in several different types of combat and can be differentiated by their appearance."
  • Giant Lord
    "King of the Giants that invaded Drangleic, this towering monstrosity came to the fight complete with his crown and massive Greatsword. He seeks vengeance for the subjugation of his kingdom and intends to reclaim a precious prize stolen from him by King Vendrick, but what could this "prize" possibly be...?"
Throne of Want
  • Throne Watcher and Throne Defender
    "This mysterious duo watched and protects the Throne of Want. They have been here for ages, watching and waiting for the next Monarch. But their souls have an odd taint..."
  • Nashandra
    "The Queen, Nashandra, has a secret, Dark and ancient. She is the smallest piece of Manus, the Father of the Abyss. Long ago, after his defeat in the lost land of Oolaciule, he split into minuscule fragments. As the fragments recollected, they assumed a human form - Nashandra. She convinced Vendrick to cross the sea and pilfer a mighty prize from the Giants. She brought a Dark-like peace to the Kingdom of Drangleic, but eventually Vendrick realized something was amiss. He fled and refused to take part in Nashandra's plans any longer. But now she has found you, the new Heir to the Throne of Want..."
Dark Chasm of Old
  • Forest Spirit
    "A ghostly entity that drifts through the Dark Chasm. Although its true nature and origins are entirely obscure, its twisted root-like appearance is somehow familiar..."
  • Dark Spriit - Abyss Ironclad
    "One of many travelers of the Dark Chasm of Old, identity unknown. This Dark Spirit takes the form of an Ironclad with twin Great Hammers which ti uses with a rare and frighteningly powerful Dual Wield technique."
  • Dark Spirit - Pretender to the Xanthous Throne
    "A traveler of the Dark Chasm of Old, this Dark Spirit casts an unmistakable shadow and attacks with an array of deadly Pyromancy. But could it really be...?"
  • Dark Spirit - Tenebrous Rogue
    "One of many pilgrims wandering the Dark Chasm of Old, this unidentified Dark Spirit wields a Bandit's Knife and Mytha's Bent Blade; a tattered hood conceals its malevolent face. Who are these nameless explorers of the Dark, and what do they hope to gain when their pilgrimages reach an end?"
  • Dark Spirit - Underworld Deadeye
    "An explorer of the Dark whose visage lies concealed by the monocle of Durgo's Hate. Whether this is in fact the legendary archer himself is uncertain 0 after all, what could so noble a hero hope to gain from lurking the dark depths?"
  • Dark Spirit - Shadowveil Assassin
    "Yet another of the pilgrims traversing the Dark Chasm, its face is obscured beneath a shadowy hood. Its wicked and murderous armaments raise many questions about the intentions, and the sanity, of those who walk the Dark."
  • Dark Spirit - The Ghost of Princes Past
    "Though at first glance this netherwold traveler might appear nondescript and mundane, its lightning fast sword technique tells a different story. Who is this nimble warrior of shadow and from whom did he learn this deadly art? The mysteries of the Dark Chasm are as numerous as the murderous eyes glinting from its shadowy corners."
  • Dark Spirit - A Chip Off the Ol' Rock
    "A pilgrim of the Dark Chasm whose striking resemblance to an old friend couldn't possible be a coincidence... could it?"
  • Darklurker
    "An entity cloaked in complete and total mystery. It has been in the Dark Chasm since the dimension was first split asunder and its existence was unknown until now; the only thing that is certain is its hostility toward interlopers. What manner of unholy being this and from what great Darkness was it born?"
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