How to Remove Curse, Poison, Toxic & Bleed in Dark Souls 2

Dark Souls 2 Status Effects

Here is a list of the status effects (Curse, Poison, Toxic and Bleeding) in Dark Souls 2 and how to remove them.


  • Curse lowers your HP by 10% and turns you hollow. The effects will stop once your HP gets reduced to half.
  • Unlike in Dark Souls 1, there is no way to remove a curse in Dark Souls 2, but you can reverse the effects by using a Human Effigy.
  • Although it cannot be removed without a Human Effigy, you can reduce the buildup of curse through spells and items such as Divine Blessings, the Cursebite Ring, and the Ring of Resistance.
  • When exploring, be wary of the many different ways you can become cursed. Enemies like the Lion Clan Warriors will cause curse, there are also many traps which will cause curse. A lot of urns contain curse, so watch out.
  • Warning: When you are a summoned phantom, curse will damage you rather than hollowing you.

  • Bleeding will cause your maximum stamina to be reduced to 75% for around 10 seconds, and causes a small percentage of damage to your health.
  • Some enemies can inflict bleed, so watch out.
  • Red Leech Troches can be used to temporarily increase your bleed resistance.
  • Poison will cause your HP to drain at a rate of 15 HP every half-second.
  • Poison inflicts 990-1035 damage to enemies when applied with weapons or spells.
  • Poison can be removed by using a Poison Moss or a Monastery Charm.
  • You can increase your poison resistance temporarily by eating a common fruit.
  • Always watch out for enemies like Giant Rats who can inflict poison.
  • Petrification in Dark Souls 2 will cause one to turn to stone, if it happens to the player, it instantly kills him or her.
  • You can use a Fragrat Branch of Yore to cure petrified NPCs.
  • Some enemies like the Basilisks and Stone Rats can cause petrification, so watch out for them!
  • Toxic can only be dodged.
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