Path of Exile's Sacrifice of the Vaal Expansion Launches

Path of Exiles Sacrifice of the Vaal Expansion Launches

Today developer Grinding Gear Games has released Sacrifice of the Vaal, the first mini-expansion for the online free-to-play roguelike Path of Exile. The official trailer and some details can be found below.

Content includes a showdown with the Queen of the Vaal, free-for-all- PvP mode, new league that has players taking on specific challenges, new skill gems, new Vaal-themed areas and more.

The first 50 people to defeat the Queen in each of the new challenge leagues will receive an exlusive Vaal effect.

Other details we posted earlier:
  • Vaal orbs can corrupt gear (modify gear - adds an intrinsic line? corrupted boots earlier had intrinsic MS%)
  • Vaal orbs can corrupt gems (makes them uber)
  • Uber gems require souls to cast (roughly 14 new skills)
  • Vaal artifacts occur every so often during gameplay and corrupt the area around them
  • Corrupted areas will have new "bosses" (?) and is where you will find vaal orbs
  • AMBUSH league (softcore): treasure chests guarded by monsters - monsters can be customised? (like maps but for chests)
  • INVASION league (hardcore): new challenging bosses with new mechanics appear!
  • Vaal artifact fragments: complete the artifact to unlock new area(s)
  • APEX OF SACRIFICE (a new dungeon?): first 100 to kill the boss in here get a cosmetic reward!
  • PVP MODES!: cutthroat mode (unsure if it is its own "league") and FFA arena