Dark Souls 2 Advanced Jumps Guide

Dark Souls 2 Advanced Jumps Guide

Here are some useful Dark Souls 2 Hints, Tips & Tricks submitted by DuneMan, and others.

Here's a Dark Souls 2 advanced jumps guide. It will show you every not so obvious jump in the game. This is useful if you want to get a complete understanding of every drangleic area.

Note that every jump can be considered from different points of view. For example, some can be useful in PVP juking (The jumps can be used to surprised your ally or opponent), and some can be used as shortcuts for specific runs and challenges. It is recommened to beat the game at least a few times before watching this video.

If you have any other tips for advanced jumps in Dark Souls 2, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for visiting!

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