Dark Souls 2 Farming Giant Memories Guide

Dark Souls 2 Farming Giant Memories Guide

Here's a guide that shows you how to farm Giant Memories in Dark Souls 2. Thanks to Fewty for the guide.

Hey, welcome to my Giant Memories farming guide. At the cost of 1 Bonfire Ascetic, this farming route allows you to collect:

  • 2 Bonfire Ascetics
  • 2 Twinkling Titanite
  • 1 Soul Vessel
  • Roughly 335k souls

So you can farm infinite of all of those rare goodies.

This guide assumes that the reader has already completed and collected all of the items from the Giant Memories and so this guide will not cover 100% of items available in these areas. Only the useful rare items and large souls (10k and 20k ones) that are worth picking up for speed efficiency.

I recommend wearing the Covetous Silver Serpeant Ring +1 to maximise souls (+2 if you have it). You could wear Tseldora or Jester Gloves too but my Smelter Armor lets me survive 1 hit in case I mess up.

Section 1

To start off you need to head to the Forest of Fallen Giants 4th bonfire - The Place Unbenownst.
  • Burn a Bonfire Ascetic here.
  • Drop down the ledge to pick up the 2x Twinkling Titanite.
  • Warp back to the bonfire with a Homeward Bone/Homeward miracle/Aged Feather.
Section 2

First memory is Memory of Jeigh, this is the one right by the 4th bonfire.
This is most easily done with high ranged damage, so if you might want to respec into a spell caster - since you'll be getting infinite Soul Vessels anyway.
  • Enter Memory of Jeigh.
  • The main thing to remember here is to avoid the fire balls.
  • With that said, head up the stairs and through the mist onto the battlements.
  • On your left is a mini staircase, go up here and grab the Bonfire Ascetic (its already paid for itself!).
  • Go back down and head forward along the right hand wall, the stone head should take out the giants.
  • Up ahead is the Giant Lord boss. Dodge his first attack and head up the mini staircase on the left.
  • This fight is all patience, the more ranged damage you can deal the less patience you need.
  • Dodge an attack and return with ONE attack. This guy will most likely one shot you so play it safe. Moving to the left while shooting will make it easier to dodge through his horizontal attack, since you want room to dodge right (minimizes contact with the sword and thus number of i-frames needed to survive).
  • Once he's dead, you'll recieve the Giant Lord's Soul (worth 25k) and a Giant's Ring +2 and somewhere around 170-180k souls if using the Covetous Silver Serpeant Ring +1.
  • On the platform with you is a Fire Seed.
  • Down and to the right of you is a Divine Blessing.
  • Head down into the door at the end and leave the memory.
Section 3

Warp to 2nd bonfire - Cardinal Tower.
Head to Memory of Vammar (the one near where you meet Pate).
You can do this memory without having to fight anything, I recommend equipping a high stability shield 2 handed just incase you have to take a hit.
  • Enter Memory of Vammar.
  • In the first room there are 2 doors, through the left one is a chest with Smooth & Silky Stone and a Petrified Something.
  • The door directly ahead leads to a corridor with a giant in, I find you can walk around this guy once he backs away from the door.
  • At the end of the corridor is a Fire Seed.
  • Out of the hole in the wall are 2 more giants. The plan here is to circle to the right side of the first and then roll spam between them going forward and left until you can circle left around the second giant.
  • The next section is where the guards are fighting giants. Sprint like mad down the left side under the shelters and just head straight for the door directly ahead.
  • In this room there is a ladder to your right, take it up. The fireball giants should have jumped off the building leaving a Soul of a Great Hero and Bonfire Ascetic unguarded.
  • Go back down the ladder and out the door (opposite to where you entered) and take the stairs to your left.
  • This last giant is a beast and will smack you straight through your shield for a 1-2 hit kill so do your best to avoid.
  • Either head straight for the exit or try to get the item on the edge of the far corner, its a Soul of a Great Hero.
  • Warp back to the bonfire with a Homeward Bone/Homeward miracle/Aged Feather.
Section 4

Head to Memory of Orro (past where you fight The Pursuer).
You will have to fight enemies in this one but only hollows, the giants can be avoided.
  • Enter Memory of Orro.
  • Head up the stairs and take care of the 4 hollowed infantry.
  • There is a Pharos Lockstone contraption in here, activate it (this isn't reset by the Bonfire Ascetic so you only have to do this the first time) and head into the secret room.
  • The chest is trapped so be careful, and contains 3x Soul of a Hero.
  • Head back downstairs and go through the other passage.
  • Immediately turn right when you go outside, and there will be a Soul of a Great Hero and Soul Vessel.
  • Turn around and head along the left side of the wall until you reach a ladder, go up.
  • Kill the 2 archers and get the loot on the roof, this is 3x Wilted Dusk Herbs. If you don't play a caster you may not care about this one.
  • Warp back to the bonfire with a Homeward Bone/Homeward miracle/Aged Feather and then Warp to the 4th bonfire and repeat. :)
If you have any other hints, tips, secrets or tricks for farming memories in Dark Souls 2, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions and for visiting the site.