Path of Exile Molten Strike Marauder Build

Path of Exile Molten Strike Marauder Build

Here's a Path of Exile Molten Strike marauder build by Morridin1337.

Skill Trees:

Regular Tree

End Game Tree

Build description

Welcome to my first ever Spec for All. This build utilizes all the strength in the Marauder tree, as well as the closeness to Resolute Technique and Avatar of Fire. Since, like using Infernal Blow, Molten Strike converts 50% (or more, being 60%) of physical into fire damage, Avatar of Fire turns this into 100%.

For Reflect, we use Purity of Fire - clean and simple. We also run a ruby flask to maximize our fire resistance. The only other aura we use is Purity of Lightning, as there is a reason. For a little extra protection, and to utilize Purity of Lightning to the fullest, we use Lightning Coil for 40% Physical Damage taken as Lightning.

Currently I am rushing to lvl 70 to get my passive tree up to par, and some equipment on. At the moment I am easily walking through Cruel with 2k dps using relatively easy to find items.

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