Titanfall RE-45 Autopistol Guide & Tactics

Titanfall RE-45 Autopistol Guide and Tactics

Here's a Titanfall RE-45 autopistol guide that shows you how best to use it and how best to be effective with it in pilot vs pilot combat.  It also includes recommended tactics.

 RE-45 Pistol Stats:

Max Pilot Damage: 35
Min Pilot Damage: 30
Drop-Off Start: 20m
Drop-Off End: 24.77m

With this pistol you can get a kill with 3 headshots. With 2 head shots and 2 body shots, you can get a kill as well. Also, 1 headshot and 4 body shots will also be a kill. And finally, 6 body shots will get you the kill. Since the rate of fire on this weapon is high, you do not need to go for headshots to get the kill. Also, since recoil is so high, with body shots, you have a chance of getting the headshot kills, so aiming for the body is fine. The weapon has a high drop off range, so you can use it at long ranges.

If you have any other hints, tips, or tricks for the RE-45 autopistol in Titanfall, please post them in the comments section below. Thanks for your contributions, and for visiting the site.

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