Titanfall Regeneration Challenges Guide

Titanfall Regeneration Challenges Guide

Here's a guide that lists all the best mothods to complete the Regeneration Challenges in TItanfall. These are the fastest and most efficient ways to complete these challenges, but may not be the best for your kill / death ratio. Thanks to Yawra for the guide.

Generation 2:

EVA-8 Shotgun: 75 pilot kills - I recommend Stim and Advanced Parkour Kit. Keep in constant motion, jumping unpredictably. One shot from a reasonably close distance is enough to kill a pilot, 2-3 shots at medium range. Locate an enemy and use Stim to close the gap between you and blast away. Stay off the ground and stay out of the open.

Generation 3:

R97 SMG: 75 pilot kills - Use Stim and Run N Gun kit. Try to get up as close as you can, because this gun sucks at range.

Plasma Railgun: 50 Titan kills - I hear a lot of hate for this weapon. The hate stems from people using it incorrectly. This weapon is capable of MASSIVE damage, but you must adjust your play style. Treat it like a Titan sniper rifle. Move with a group of friendly Titans if possible, but stay behind them. Charge up your shots and blast away from a safe distance. The best way to get kills with this weapon is to wait for your teammates to nearly kill an enemy Titan, then you take the killshot with a fully charged shot.

I realize this is a bit unsportsmanlike, but it’s the best way to get kills, not the best way to be a team player. Once you kill 10 Titans with it, you’ll unlock the Instant Shot mod. With this mod, the weapon no longer charges, and just shoots medium-strength shots. Some people prefer this to charging up full-strength shots. I’d say it’s personal preference, as both techniques are viable. I used Instant Shot.

Satchel Charge: 50 pilot kills - This one was fun. Equip Explosives Pack to get an extra satchel charge. Every time you see an enemy pilot in front of you, just throw one at them and detonate. You’ll kill yourself half the time, but this is the fastest way. If you prefer a safer method, try planting them on flags or hardpoints and detonate as soon as you see the flag picked up or hardpoint being captured. Another good tip is to throw them in front of enemy Titans when they’re being rodeoed, and detonate when they leave the Titan. These things are overpowered, I wouldn’t be too shocked if Respawn lowered their damage and/or blast radius in a future update.

Generation 4:

DMR: 75 pilot kills - Sniping is very difficult in this game. Players move far too quickly for you to have any time at all to line up shots. For this reason, I recommend you unlock the AOG scope as quickly as possible. This will take away your 6x or 4.5x zoom, but you’ll have a much better chance of actually hitting people. Use the stabilizer or extended mag attachment as well.

Quad Rocket: 50 Titan kills - This weapon is a bit underpowered in its default state. After 20 Titan kills, you’ll unlock the Rapid Fire mod, which allows you to shoot each rocket individually, as opposed to 4 at a time. The weapon is much better once Rapid Fire is unlocked. Also interesting to note is that this weapon has an alternate fire mode in its default state. Hip fire will result in a tighter spiral on the rockets, aiming down the sights will increase the distance between rockets and decrease their velocity.

Charge Rifle critical hits: When a Titan’s shields are taken down, part of their hull will glow red. These indicate weak spots. Charge up your shot and hit the red spots. Do this 30 times to complete the challenge. Stay up high and away from the action. When you see your teammates drop an enemy Titan’s shields, blast their weak spots, then move to another location and shoot again. Shouldn’t take more than a few games if you use this technique. The Stryder’s weak spots are very small and hard to hit. I would recommend focusing on Ogres and Atlases.

RE-45 Autopistol: pilot kills - I don't like this gun. Runs out of ammo in about 2 seconds and has crap accuracy past a few meters. I would recommend you play Attrition and kill everything that moves with this gun, so you can unlock the Amped RE-45 Burn Cards. The Amped version is considerably easier to get kills with. Stay in indoor, high traffic areas and ambush pilots that come through. Don’t even try to get medium or long range kills with it. Wait until you know you’re close enough to kill them with one clip.

Generation 5:

Arc Cannon: 50 Titan kills - This is another weapon that gets a lot of hate. It is very hard to kill Titans with this weapon. Because of the long charge time between shots, you’ll often have your kills stolen by teammates before you can finish off the Titan you were fighting. Because of this, I recommend staying with a group of teammates. Start charging up a full strength shot when you see your teammates about to kill an enemy Titan. Blast that Titan for the killshot. Unsportsmanlike, yes, but it’s the fastest way to get those 50 kills.

Gooser Challenge: Kill 5 pilots while they are ejecting - I completed this challenge before Respawn reduced the requirements from 50 kills to 5. I personally think they should have lowered to something like 25-30, 5 is a bit too easy. Use the Stryder with Chaingun and Extended Mags. When you see an enemy Titan about to die, dash away from it. Aim well above where the Titan is standing, but don’t aim down the sights, just hip fire aim. When you see the pilot eject, follow him with your crosshairs until the apex of his eject, then aim down the sights and shoot him.

Generation 6:

Triple Threat: 50 Titan kills - This is my main Titan weapon. The best setup for me is Stryder with Triple Threat Extended Mags, Dash Quickcharger, and Big Punch. Use physics to your advantage. Dash just before a shot to add more forward momentum to the grenades. This weapon also has an alternate fire mode. Aiming down the sights will shoot the grenades in a vertical line, as opposed to the horizontal line when hip firing. Aim down the sights when you need maximum distance on your shot.

Brain Surgeon: 50 Titan kills by rodeo - This one is a bit tricky. You have to KILL a Titan by rodeo, not just doom it. Use the LMG with the Slammer mod. Rodeo a Titan and keep shooting until the Titan blows up, or the pilot ejects. If you dismount from the Titan before either of those two things happens, you will not get credit for the rodeo kill.

Generation 7:

Fresh Squeezed Challenge: 25 terminations with the Stryder - Use the Stryder setup listed in Generation 6: Triple Threat. The instant you see a Titan get doomed or you doom one, use all your dashes to sprint toward it and melee when close. You only have to get 25, it’s not as hard as it might sound. NOTE: Apply this same technique for the Generation 8 “Executioner” Challenge and the Generation 9 “Disarmed” Challenge, changing which Titans you use, obviously.

Generation 8: 

(Note: Because you have to win 100 matches to complete this Generation, there is no way to complete all the Regeneration Challenges before hitting Level 50)

Look Out Below!: 50(?) kills by dropping a Titan on an enemy: This does not have to be done on enemy players. You can do it on bots. Use Warpfall Transmitter to reduce your Titan drop time. Find a grouping of bots. Walk right up to them, look straight down, and call your Titan. Stay in that same spot, jumping up and down to keep the bot’s attention. If you successfully keep their interest, they shouldn’t move out of the way before your Titan flattens them. Another great technique is to rodeo an auto-titan. An auto-titan will automatically fall to its knees when rodeoed. Look straight down and activate Titanfall. Splat.

All I Do Is Win: Win 100 matches - If you lack skilled players to team up with and find yourself losing often due to crappy randoms on your team, try playing Campaign. Just destroy all the noobs and you’ll have 100 wins in no time. If you don’t want to ruin the game for new players, then play Attrition. Use the Smart Pistol with Minion Detector and destroy bots, or use only the weapons and setups that tend to net you the most kills. I recommend Carbine with holosight and extended mags, Stim, Enhanced Parkour Kit, and Warpfall Transmitter.

Generation 9: 

(Note: Because of the MVP Challenge, in which you must be the player with the highest score on your team 50 times, you cannot complete all the Regeneration Challenges before Level 50)

Deadly Apparition: 200 kills while cloaked - Use Power Cell, Minion Detector, and all of the Active Camo and Ghost Squad cards you can find. Run around the map until you see a grouping of bots. Go into cloaked mode and kick as many bots as you can before the cloak wears off. Rinse and repeat, easy.

Death Reincarnate: 75 kills while ejecting - Equip Minion Detector on your pilot and Nuclear Ejection on your Titan. Get in your Titan and go find the biggest group of bots you can find. Stand as close to them as you can. Press Up on the D-pad then the X button 3 times to eject prematurely. The nuclear ejection will kill every bot you were close enough to. Rinse and repeat, easy.

MVP: Be the player with the highest score on your team 50 times - Your team does not have to win for you to be MVP. You simply must be at the top of the your team’s scoreboard by the end of the match. If you’re playing objective, then play the objective as hard as you can. If it’s Attrition, use your best class and put on Minion Detector. Kill every single enemy you see, whether it be a pilot, titan, or bot.

If you have any other hints or tips for completing the regeneration challenges in Titanfall, please post them in the comments below. Thanks for your contributions.

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