Dark Souls 2 - Best Farming Location Guide (Using bonfire ascetics)

Dark Souls 2 Best Farming Location

Here is a Dark Souls 2 guide on how to get and use unlimited bonfire ascetics to farm Soul Vessels, lots of souls, fire seeds, old radiant lifegems, and many other useful items.

Please note that even though this is a great way to farm in Dark Souls 2, using ascetics makes the Giants stronger, and therefore, they may one shot you. Make sure your character is ready for this before moving forward.

So on to the guide. If you ascetic the 4th bonfire in Forest of the Fallen Giants, all 3 Giant Memories are reset, along with all the items you find within them. This technically means unlimited soul vessels, bonfire ascetics, and all the other items found in the 3 memories, provided you can handle taking down the giants at higher bonfire levels.

(Note: The 4th bonfire is The Place Unbeknownst, you need the King's Ring and Soldier's Key to get there. Down the ladder from Cardinal Tower bonfire, right across the bridge, and open the door, then equip the king's ring to open the large black door.)

List of Items found in the Giant Memories

Memory of Jeign

  • Bonfire Ascetic
  • Fire Seed
  • Divine Blessing
  • Giant Lord Soul
  • Giant's Ring+2

Memory of Orro

  • 2x Hero souls
  • Brave warrior soul
  • Great hero Soul
  • Soul Vessel
  • 3x Wilted Dusk Herbs
  • Grand Lance

Memory of Vammar

  • Fire Seed
  • Large Brave Warrior Soul
  • Giant Warrior Club
  • 2x Great Hero Souls
  • Bonfire Ascetic
  • Torch
  • Old Radiant Lifegem

You can also get twinkling titanites from the body below the giant that holds the Giant Lord. Drop down, and go to the broken staircase beside the giant body that you have to interact with to enter the memory. If you go down it and drop there is a body and a wooden platform that gives two Twinkling titanites.

Note: An easy way to farm the Giant Lord boss in Memory of Jeign is to use a strong bow with poison arrows. Stand on the platform to the left of the boss and dodge his overhead attack then shoot him with the arrows. Also, another great way is to respec to sorcery, and use Soul Geyser which can do up to 3000 damage to most things, including the Giants.

Well there it is, the best farming location in Dark Souls 2 by far. Farming the 3 memories will set you up well for NG+ and beyond. If I missed anything, or if you have any questions, comments or contributions, please post them in the comments below.