First Ever Watch Dogs Review Posted

First Ever Watch Dogs Review Posted

A french magazine called Jeux Video has released the first ever review for Watch Dogs. You can find the translation below.

Here's the translation thanks to Eymm from Reddit:

Gameplay: 5 stars

Everything works perfectly, the ultra-intuitive hacking allows for exhilarating moments in the game.

Graphics: 5 stars
Very solid on the technical level, especially in the sensation of life that makes Watch_Dogs great.

Sound: 4 stars
Excellent ambient music and sound effects, but the track selection is a little limited.

Longevity: 5 stars
Because it’s a open world featuring multiplayer, there there’s an extreme amount of interesting things to do.

Gameplay and level design
The life in Chicago
Generous content

The Story, blah!
The first loading
That’s all!

Watch_Dogs accomplished all the hopes placed on it and delivers a successful new take on open world games. Almost perfect, but with a slight disappointment on the story.

Final Score: 19 out of 20