Diablo 3 Adds Ancient Items in Latest Patch

Diablo 3 Latest Patch Adds Ancient Items

The biggest Diablo 3 patch (2.1.2) since the Ultimate Evil Edition is now live and it adds new Ancient items, and a bunch of other changes. Ancient items are more powerful versions of Legendary items which drop in the Torment 1 difficulty or higher.

You can also craft them at the Kadala vendor in town. With the addition of the Ancient items, the rarest legendaries before this patch will now drop a bit more often.

Other updates include a message to the player when a Treasure Goblin has been killed or escaped, an increase in stack size of crafting materials and gems up to 5,000, class skill changes and a bunch of other bug fixes and balance changes.

You can find the full list of changes over at Battle.net: PC and MAC patch notes, and console patch notes.