Xbox One Gets Price Cut to $349

Xbox One Gets Price Cut to $349

The Xbox One price was cut before the holidays in a surprise price reduction, but then returned to full price earlier this month. But now Microsoft has announced that as of January 16, the price is being cut to $349 again.

The promotion is due to the success of the Xbox One during the holidays. According to NPD, data shows the Xbox One was the best-selling console in the US during December.

Sales also outpaced the Xbox 360 by 50% at the same point in its lifecycle. As for the Xbox 360, it became the best-selling seventh generation console of all time in the US as of December.

Microsoft released some other facts from NPD and internal data. In 2014, gamers logged nearly 8 billion hours globally in apps across the Xbox One and Xbox 360, which is a 50% increase from the time spent last year.

The Xbox One sold more games throughout November and December in the US than any other current-gen platform. And lastly, in the Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Beta, 18 million games have been played to date. Below is a video of Phil Spencer discussing what 2015 has in store.