Bloodborne Tips and Tricks

Bloodborne Tips and Tricks

Here are some beginner and advanced Bloodborne tips and tricks.
  • Leveling up - When you first start, you cannot level up until you encounter the first boss. You don't actually have to defeat it. If you die, teleport back to the hunters dream and talk to the doll / lady for the ability to level up.
  • Special weapon attacks - Make sure you use your L2 attacks on weapons. For example the hunter axe has a very useful wide sweep when you hit L2.

    You can also hold R2 for a very powerful attack.

  • Be aggressive - Bloodborne is all about aggression. Many tough enemies and even bosses can be staggered, so don't be afraid to attack non stop.
  • Recovering HP without blood vials - If you quickly attack an enemy after taking damage you can recover that life right back. You can even hit an enemy that you defeated to recover HP if you do it fast enough.
  • Farming blood vials & bullets - The best place to farm blood vials / bullets is probably the Cathedral Ward. Run forward after the lamp and kill the large grey hooded enemies as well as the Giants both of which drop up to 3 blood vials as well as bullets.
  • Frenzy - Frenzy can be a tricky mechanic. When you get frenzied, try to find an object to hide behind and wait for your meter to go down. Antidotes can also reduce your frenzy level, as well as gear that has frenzy resistance.
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  • Parrying - In Bloodborne, in order to parry an enemy, you need to fire your gun right when the enemy attacks. Then quickly hit R1 in front of them for a finisher. Keep in mind Pistols can be better for parrying since they fire faster.

    Also note that parry damage is determined by your skill attribute.

  • New Game+ - If you want to avoid going to New Game + before you're ready, make sure you don't talk to the guy in the Hunters Dream (located at the tree) who asks you to sacrifice your life.
  • Important stats - Vit is a very useful stat early on in the game, also skill is great if you want to improve your vesceral attacks.
  • Challice pieces are dropped from Challice final bosses.
  • Tomb mold and other important Challice materials are dropped in Challice dungeons from enemies like rats. You can get ritual blood and other similar items from larger enemies as well early in the challice dungeons.
  • Insight vendor - There is a second vendor above the first vendor that will sell you useful items for insight.
  • Farming Blood Echos - At end game, the best place to farm Blood Echos is probably Mergo's Loft: Middle. Kill all the enemies near the ;a,[ and then the three pigs (which can net 30k+ blood echos). Then you can use a bold hunter's mark to get back and do the run again.
  • Softcaps - The softcap for stats is 50.