GTA Online Import / Export Tips And Method for Solo

GTA Online Import Export Tips and Method for Solo

Here's a GTA 5 Online import / export method for soloing guide submitted by Niernen.

I've only run solo, and honestly I like it more solo. Other people = more chance for them to be terrible drivers and take your money. CEO pays for everything after all.

Stock up all mid-standard range cars, sell all top-range right away. Keeping all mid-standard range prevents you from getting the same m-s, thus increasing your chances of getting a top-range car from the source pool.

Source, source, sell, source, source, sell, repeat. I do 2 sources and then a sale in order to avoid the cooldown. 1:1 will hit you with a cooldown on the sale every time. Have made 4M just playing here and there, all solo from I/E.

  • Use Lester for sourcing events with cops. Only do it after you get in the car, not before. Ensures a 100% source.
  • Use the highway as much as you can. All the top range cars are great in a straight line. Only a few of them are really great with turns as well, like the 811 or Osiris. Using highways means you go faster to the cars advantage, get the job done faster, and are less likely to be caught by other players.

    Only exception is sourcing with heli tail. Get into the downtown district and lose them by turning on buildings. Heli gets stuck somewhere and won't respawn if you're more than 50% of the way to warehouse.

  • Don't do it solo in a lobby with no one else. This will cause NPC enemies to spawn when selling, which is a guaranteed 5-10k loss on commission. Players don't really mess with I/E sales too much from what I've found, and 90% of my sales are 100% commission.
  • Keep the bad top-range cars in your warehouse unless you have no other top ranges. For me, I keep the Mamba, Z-Type, Roosevelt in warehouse.

    This prevents them from respawning, and instead always gives you the better handling cars like 811, Osiris, Reaper, etc. if you get a top-range source. Mamba especially handles really bad, and you're more likely to lose money from crashing.

  • Use the Buzzard to get around if you have it. That said, try to memorize what type of events happen, and where. Certain events only happen in certain places.

    If you're in a buzzard and see a cop heli over your target car, get out and find a vehicle to chase down the amateur thief, or land well ahead and get ready to snipe on a straight lane. Be aware that if he gets a car like the 811, he will seriously take off and be halfway across the map in a minute.

  • Don't bother taking out enemies tailing you. You're likely to just crash into something and pay more than if you had let them just shoot a bit. Shooting damage rarely exceeds 5k if you don't crash. Crashing when trying to kill them has resulted in getting upwards of 10k repairs.
  • If you have to shoot a driver to acquire a car, always use a single shot to do so. The first few shots on the car rack up the most repair cost.

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