L.A. Noire Might Be Getting A Remake

L.A. Noire Might Be Getting A Remake

There are rumors that L.A. Noire might be getting a remaster, and even a VR mode.

L.A. Noire was a game that used some really incredible face capture technology that stands up to even today's standards. Though the interrogation system could have used more work, it was still an underrated game that many skipped over due to various technical complaints.

According to various individuals in the game industry, an L.A. Noire remaster might be released as soon as this summer. Some features hinted include a first person mode and VR support. There are also talks that it might be heading to the switch as well.

Here is a tweet from a Rockstar insider

And here's one from Direct Feed Games

Though there was no mention of L.A. Noire at this years E3, it might be because Rockstar is not ready to announce the remaster yet. In fact we might end up seeing it release in 2018.