PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks

PlayerUnknowns Battlegrounds Tips and Tricks

Here's a comprehensive tips and tricks list for the battle royale survival game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (Also known as PUBG) submitted by Xmortus.

Airplane Tips

  • Dropping at the beginning & end of the route means that there are only ever going to be people in one direction relative where you land.
  • Pointing your character straight down and exceeding 230km/h will actually drop you further before your parachute ends, allowing you to reach the ground faster.
  • If you hit a radio tower or roof of a tall building while parachuting at 60km/h you will die.
  • Parachutes open relative to topography. Pay attention to the black line at the bottom off your elevation bar to the left of your screen. The larger the black section, the higher the elevation, and the sooner your chute will open.
  • Tapping "W"every second when trying to go long distances from the plane is more effective than holding W the entire time. It allows you to fall slightly faster as well as build momentum in a forward direction. This concept also applies while actually parachuting.
  • Ctrl-T mutes voices.

UI and Gameplay Tips

  • Right clicking attachments will always apply them to the gun with an empty slot of the corresponding type. If no gun has an empty slot, then it will replace that part on the gun you are currently holding.
  • When there are a lot of items on the ground, open your inventory and click and drag them across to your character. This removes the gathering animation and allows you to quickly & accurately move things to your inventory instead of potentially picking up the wrong item.
  • Guns have 3 sounds: Bullet impact, sonic boom, and gunshot. The gunshot and sonic boom will come after the bullet's impact on the ground. If they overshoot you - you will hear the crack of the bullet behind you before you hear the gunshot in front of you. Get used to picking out the gun noise over the impact noise to determine direction.
  • Sound direction is based on the direction your screen is oriented, not the direction your character is facing. This is because your character is technically turning their head to look in the direction you have the screen oriented.
  • While in third person mode and holding right click (aim), use Q and E to move the gun to the corresponding shoulder. This makes it easier to slowly work your way around corners properly, and provides your gun a better angle to shoot sooner.
  • While in third person mode and holding right click (shoulder fire) you will see a red circle appear on the wall if it is going to obstruct your shot. Keep in mind your gun is also always on your right shoulder regardless of using Q/E, it just positions you slightly better for shots to either direction. - Credit to McFisterson
  • All pieces of armor provide the same amount of raw protection - the only difference is their durability. A level 3 helmet with 20 durability is worse than a level 1 helmet with 50 durability. Think of durability as extra health.
  • Level 1 and 2 helmets do not protect your lower face/neck, only the back, top & sides of your head. Taking a shot to the low face/ with either of these is the same as not having a helmet. Only level 3 helmets protect your face as well as the back of your head. Similarly - body armor does not protect shots to your arms or legs, nor does it protect your neck. - This one admittedly needs some more testing, but from my gameplay it does seem to be the case.
  • Level 3 armor provides more inventory space than level 2 armor, and level 2 armor provides more inventory space than level 1. - Credit to LewyLue

Vehicle Tips

  • You can not jump out of a car while it is moving - even at low speeds doing so will cause damage and/or run you over resulting in death.
  • Use the emergency break and power-slide to both stop quickly and give yourself more cover should you need to fight someone in front off you.
  • Vehicle boost should really only be used while going up hills/speeding up. Continually holding boost gives minimal speed increases and wastes a large amount of gas, especially in the UAZ. The Buggy gets no max speed increase from using boost.
  • Some UAZ models have cover, some do not. Opt for the ones with the most cover for the most protection - even if only visual.
  • The Dacia is the fastest car in the game, not the buggy.
  • Vehicles are nearly useless after the first 3-4 waves. They are a dead giveaway of your position.
  • Tires can be shot out and render vehicles nearly useless.
  • The M249 can destroy a vehicle in seconds.
  • Boats can use boost too! - Credit to notrustarded
  • You can switch seats while driving without taking damage. This lets you shoot while car is still rolling, but it does slow down quickly. If someone is chasing you in another vehicle, you can give them quite a shock this way. - Credit to svampenn

Weapon Tips

  • The M16, M416, and SCAR-L do the same amount of damage at close/medium range. The AKM is the most powerful AR but as a tradeoff has higher recoil and less range.
  • The M16 is the most effective AR at long distances.
  • Kar98 shots to the head are lethal except to those wearing level 3 helmets.
  • Quickdraw magazines increase the firing rate of your rifles as well as decreasing reload time. - Per higheloguy - removed as it likely just increases overall bullets/min due to quicker reload, hence the bar indicating better firing rate. Will need further testing.
  • Aside from the magnum, any pistol that uses .38 is more powerful than a pistol that uses 9mm.
  • Shotguns with a choke are effective at up to 40 meters. This is very far. It is nearly half a football field. This is true to real life & makes shotguns extremely deadly and very viable weapons in close/semi-medium distance fights.
  • While using an Acog at default zero distance (100m) you will need to aim below enemies when they are closer than 100m. This is because the bullet is going to need to arc slightly to ensure it hits the center point at the 100m mark.
  • Pressing 5 cycles through your grenades.
  • Right clicking while prepping a grenade switches to underhand for short lobs/rolls.
  • The second you see the red arc appear for a grenade throw - the grenade cook clock begins, even for molotovs.
  • Holding shift while aiming down sight with iron-sights, holo-sight, or red-dot will not only hold your breath for steady shots, but it will also provide a slight zoom to easier spot enemies.
  • Running out of breath by using shift too long makes it so that you cannot run until your stamina (lung icon) recharges to at least the minimum level.

General Strategy and Tips

  • Smoke grenades are extremely effective late game. Always have a stock of 2-3 so that you can re-position yourself when the circle doesn't work in your favor.
  • Shooting in standard third person is very inaccurate. Clicking & holding RMB enables "Shoulder Fire" which is slightly more accurate, but still only for close quarters. Single clicking RMB brings up ADS mode on a toggle and is by far the most accurate shooting mode. Double clicking and holding RMB brings up ADS, but only until you release RMB.
  • Sometimes it is best to not engage, especially towards the late game. Shooting without (or even with) a silencer is a dead giveaway of your position and will more often than not end up sandwiching you between multiple players.
  • Using in game voice chat will allow others outside of your squad to hear you within a certain proximity. (Interaction w/ squad-only option questionable)
  • Placing a marker on the map also places a marker on the compass across the top of your screen.
  • Entering ADS view is not necessary within buildings (except for warehouses/long shots). While shoulder firing is less accurate, the time saved and vision gained will help you (for the most part). This may not be true for 'pros' but even Summit and other "a-list" folks uses shoulder fire indoors.
  • The wave damage increase happens as soon as the electric field stops at its next position. This is the point when the countdown to the next wave begins.
  • The healing from pain pills and/or energy drinks is greater than the damage taken while the first reduction is proceeding. Once the first one stops, as continuing through the remainder of the game - first aid kits will be needed intermittently to survive.
  • Moving outside the play-zone after the first 4 waves causes near immediate death.
  • The bars that appear when taking pain pills and/or energy drinks have 3 properties. The first 2 bars are healing, the third bar is speed increase, and the final bar is lower recoil/less sway. The final bar drains extremely fast.
  • You can move slightly while using bandages/boosts. Do some wiggling to avoid being an easy target - Credit to notrustarded
  • You can also move slightly while looting if you use proximity loot (open inventory when near a downed player's box). This can help you avoid getting sniped while looting. - Credit to Eat_A_Grey

Thanks to Xmortus for submitting these tips and for others who have added on to it. If you hav any of your own hints, tips or tricks for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, post them in the comments below.