State of Decay 2 Details

State of Decay 2 Details

The original State of Decay was a really fun open world survival zombie game that came out on the Xbox Live Arcade on the Xbox 360. A few months later, it was released on the PC, giving a lot more people the chance to experience it.

In State of Decay, you take charge of a group of survivors who try to find a new home and a place to survive in.

You can select different characters, and recruit new ones. You can establish your base and then go out exploring and scavenging for goods.

The sequel to State of Decay has now been announced and it will be similar to the first one, while improving many aspects.

One big change in State of Decay 2 will be an added drop-in, drop-out co-op mode.

The Developers of the game also stated that State of Decay 2 will feature over 1,000 traits for survivors, compared to a few hundred in the first State of Decay.

In State of Decay, traits are important for how well a character will perform in different situations.

There are also many similarities to the first State of Decay, such as permanent death for characters.

The ability to drive vehicles is also back, but this time around players will need to fill up the fuel tanks.

State of Decay 2 is scheduled to launch Spring of 2018 on Xbox One and PC.