The Division 1.7 Update Detailed - New Classified Gear Sets

The Division is getting a new update 1.7 which will introduce "Classified Gear Sets" that have higher values and gear set bonuses for equipping the set. The new gear is also tied to the upcoming Global Event system being added in the 1.7 expansion.

The new pieces of gear are still item level 256 and represent gear sets players have been looting since the sets were first introduced. The Classified Gear on the other hand has higher base stats and bonuses for equipping enough of the items.

With five pieces of Classified Gear equipped, the two and three set bonuses will be stronger. When six of the pieces are equipped, there are new themed bonuses that are applied.

No details on the actual bonuses have been revealed yet, but we know that Classified Gear set pieces will not only provide higher stats to a player, but the stats on the gear can be recalibrated.

The Global Event will begin once the 1.7 update goes live, where players will be able to earn Global Tokens that can be used to purchase Global Event Caches. These caches will have a chance to drop Classified Gear set pieces.

The more expensive a cache is, the higher chance it will have at dropping Classified Gear set pieces.

To earn Global Tokens, players will simply have to complete missions on the New York City map during the event.

As with the current patch, players will be able to select a higher difficulty by selecting a higher World Tier. With the Global Event, Global Tokens can be earned faster at higher world tiers.