Sony Confirms There Will Be A PlayStation 5

Today we got confirmation from Shawn Layden at Sony that a PS5 will be made. Rumors of a "smartphone style upgrade-approach" are not true, and that we will get a PS5 with normal console cycles and upgrades like the Pro in the future.

Speaking to a German site, Shawn Layden commented that even though a PlayStation 5 will be released, it will "probably be some time".

What kind of system architecture will the PS5 have? Will it push for 4K/60 fps? These questions have not been answered yet, but considering the Xbox One X will have 4k/60fps on some games, it's a safe bet to assume the PS5 will go down the same road.

The one thing Sony needs to add to the PS5 is backwards compatibility. It would be great to play our library of PS4 games on the PS5 once it's released.

He also noted that there will never be a time when a game runs on the PS4 pro but not on the regular PS4. Gamers who have the original "standard" PS4 will never experience major disadvantages going forward.

This is great news to those of us who haven't upgraded to a pro yet.