Titanfall 2 - The War Games Free DLC Trailer and Details

Titanfall 2 - The War Games DLC Trailer and Details

The latest free Titanfall 2 update changes the weapon loadout system to match the one from Titanfall 1 where you can have a primary, a secondary and an anti-titan weapon. Take a look at the new Titanfall 2 - War Games DLC trailer.

The update adds the remastered "War Games" map which highlights "the civilian shops, city streets, and tall buildings for window-to-window fighting from the Battle of Angel City."

There are also large, open tank facilities for hand-to-hand Pilot combat from the Battle of Airbase Sierra. With the outskirts of the map featuring a clean, VR style perfect for Titan duels where Pilots can run along the bright, interconnected wall running routes.

The War Games DLC pack also includes a free new Live Fire map "Traffic". This map "features weathered test site where pilot positioning is pitted against mobility across two busy thoroughfares. Dense cover makes every corner a threat, with room for snipers to hide in the back fields."

A few other features are included in the free DLC, including the permanent addition of the Titan Brawl game mode, and the latest Holo Pilot execution.

Titanfall 2 War Games Update Full Patch Notes


3rd weapon slot added for Pilots.
  • All Pilots can now equip a primary, secondary, and anti-titan weapon.
  • The 2nd weapon or 3rd weapon can be either pistol or anti-titan weapon, based on your loadout.
Console Players:
  • Press Y or Triangle to swap to your 2nd weapon.
  • Hold Y or Triangle to swap to your 3rd weapon.
PC Players
  • Use 1,2,3 keybindings to change weapons.
New Featured Mode: Free Agents.
  • Free-for-all with a twist. Collect 3 batteries to call in a Titan. Battery locations are placed around the map. Pilots drop batteries on death.
Titan Brawl now added as permanent mode in mixtape matchmaking.
  • Titan Damage in now tracked in the scoreboard.
More Private Match Settings.
  • Round / Score Limit
  • [Round] Time Limit
  • Pilot Boosts [On, Off]
  • Pilot Boost / Titan Meter Multiplier [25% to 500%]
  • Pilot Boost / Titan Meter Overdrive [On, Off, Only]
  • Pilot Health [25% to 500%]
  • Respawn Delay [0 to 40] seconds
  • Titan Core Meter Multiplier [25% to 500%]

  • Evac ship will now leave immediately once all living players are onboard.
  • Additional performance optimizations on Xbox One.
  • Added an easter egg to Glitch.


  • Replaced flag icons with stacked score bars.
  • A permanent flag icon is now displays the status of each flag [Home, <player name> / You have the Flag, SECURE / RETURN].
  • Flag status no longer displays after the winner is determined.
  • Display team Titan status.
  • Running over Stalkers with your Titan will now cause damage.

  • Fixed exploit on Exoplanet where players could get under the map.
  • Fixed bug where stealing a battery from a rodeo would not give player any Titan meter.
  • Fixed issue in CTF where the flag would appear to be unreturnable.
  • Fixed issue with Legion shield not appearing sometimes.
  • Fixed a couple spots on Eden where Pilots were able to hide inside geometry.
  • Fixed issue with Tone where reload would happen during her execution.
  • Fixed issue where Ronin Prime execution played wrong audio.
  • Addressed issue where Pilots couldn’t enter evac while in phase state when using Phase Shift. The trigger to enter the evac will now be activated when the player exits phase state.
  • Monarch no longer gets two Electric Smokes when using her Upgrade Core.

  • Reduced damage of Amped Weapons and put on 30 second timer