Where is Elder Scrolls 6?

Where is Elder Scrolls 6

A lot of people have been wondering whether Elder Scrolls 6 will be announced at this years E3. I am sad to inform that Bethesda won't be working on an Elder Scrolls 6 until they are done with "at least two major titles" they are currently working on.

According to an interview from PCGamesN, Bethesda's Pete Hines said while they have Elder Scrolls 6 in mind, they won't be working on it until they are finished working on two major titles. Some of this content is probably more Elder Scrolls Online content, Skyrim for the Switch, and Skyrim VR being shown at E3 as well.

Let's hope they will be finished with those projects soon, and get started on Elder Scrolls 6! Until then, I guess it's time to get lost in the modded world of Skyrim again.