Dyson Sphere Program - Guide to Basic and Advanced Production Math

Dyson Sphere Program - Guide to Basic and Advanced Production Math

This guide is mostly for beginners or people who need help doing math stuff in Dyson Sphere Program.

(Short) Terms I Use in This Guide

  • TPS = Thermal Power Station(s)
  • AM/AMs = Assembling Machine(s)
  • Lab(s) = Matrix Lab(s)
  • Miner(s) = Mining Machine(s)
  • Power Pole(s) / PPole(s) = Tesla Tower(s)

General Tips and Tricks

  • You can change your Splitter with hitting tab in up to 3 different forms.
  • You can connect Thermal Power Stations directly with Sorters instead of using belts all the time.
  • Build a Main Busline around the equator of your planet, so you dont have to worry about gridchanges and you get your ressources from anywhere to everywhere (you can see the equator marked as thick green line in the building grid - dont mistake it with the North/South Axis, just double check on planet view)
  • Build your production lines always East <--> West and only the supply line from your mainbus North <--> South. Try to automate Sorters/Belts/Foundations/Power Poles early on so you always have enough of them and dont need to worry about making them by hand.
  • Map Seed 0000 0001 is a very good Starter Map with lots of different ressources around the landing point.
  • Maybe seems obvious but keep in mind that the magnets (that you need a sh*tload of in early to midgame) are directly produced from iron ore and not from already smelted ingots, it did cost me a lot of time forgetting this...
  • Always put a Storage after each assembly line so the belt runs "through" a storage container, so in case something stops the further production you keep producing and have some items left over for hand crafting, its always useful
  • Put one Mining machine only to the purpose to mine coal and put it in a storage so you always have enough fuel for your mecha. You can build belts always above water but nothing else (without foundation).

Power Grid Math Stuff with Thermal Power Stations

I'll try to keep this short:

General stuff

I know, buildings got an idle power consumption but for the sake of a little bit easier guide i'll leave that aside, because the working power consumption is here the important thing.

Every stuff/TPS is always measured for exactly per 1 Thermal Power Station @100% Power and Coal powered.

You can power 6 TPS with 1 full belt of Coal on 100% power generation.

  • 1 Thermal Powerstation uses 1 coal/second (or 60/m) @100% usage and scales down by approximately .25 seconds for every 25% less usage, so keep that in mind if you are using not all the power to NOT connect anymore power stations
  • 1 Smelter uses 360kW, so you can connect 6 Smelters/1 TPS which is producing 2.16 mW.
  • 1 Sorter Mk.I uses 18kW --> 120/TPS.
  • 1 Sorter Mk.II uses 36kW --> 60/TPS.
  • 1 Assembling machine Mk.I uses 270kW --> 8/TPS.
  • 1 Mining machine uses 420kW --> ~5/TPS (for the OCD ppl: 5,1428571428571/TPS).
  • 1 Matrix Lab uses 480kW --> 4,5/TPS
  • 1 Wireless Power Tower uses 90kW idle Power (recharging your Mecha is only temporarely so that doesnt matter that much) --> 24/TPS.
  • 1 Water pump uses 300kW --> 7,2/TPS.
  • 1 Oil extractor uses 840kW --> ~2,5/TPS (2,5714285714285/TPS).
  • 1 Oil Refinery uses 960kW --> 2,25/TPS.

Production Line Math Stuff with Mk.I Belts

As you probably know, the Mk.I Belt can transport 6 items/s or 360/m, i assume all belts are on max capacaty, thats the basic number im working with here, maybe i'll do an update on the guide with Mk.II or III Belts.

The other thing is, the Mk.I Assembling Machines only have x0.75 Production Speed, but i still recommend to build the assembly lines like you have x1 Speed, because you get pretty soon Assembling Machines Mk.II so you can easily upgrade it without having to delete many machines and waste space and ressources in the first place and you dont get confused by having to calculate those recipes because all recipes are based on x1 Speed.

Sorters are a bit special, you can connect sorters up to 3 Squares wide, but keep in mind that you have to half their speed per square they travel, f.e. a Mk.I Sorter is 1.5 Trips/Square/s and a Mk.II is 3T/S/s if you now connect the Mk.I with a 1 square distance and the Mk.II with a 2 square distance they will work equally fast.

  • Mk.I Belt --> 360 items/m (6/s).
  • Mk.II Belt --> 720 items/m (12/s).
  • Mk.III Belt --> 1800 items/m (30/s).
  • Mk.I Assembling Machine x0.75 Production Speed.
  • Mk.II Assembling Machine x1 Production Speed.
  • Mk.III Assembling Machine x1.5 Production Speed.
  • Mk.I Sorter 1.5 Trips/Square/s.
  • Mk.II Sorter 3 Trips/Square/s.
  • Mk.II Sorter 6 Trips/Square/s.

Note: For the people who want to do some math themselves.

For smelting iron/copper/stone into ingots you need 6 Smelters/Belt..

Magnets --> 9 Smelters/Belt of Iron Ore.

  • 1 belt Magnetic Coils --> 1 belt Magnets + 0.5 Belts Copper Ingot --> 3 AMs.
  • 1 belt Circuit Boards --> 0.5 belt Copper Ingot + 1 Belt Iron Ingot --> 3 AMs.
  • 1 belt Steel --> 3 belts Iron Ingot --> 18 Smelters.
  • 1 belt Gear --> 1 belt Iron Ingot --> 6 AMs.
  • 1 belt Belts Mk.I --> 0.66 belt Iron Ingot + 0.33 belt Gear --> 2AMs.
  • 1 belt Sorter Mk.I --> 1 belt Iron Ingot + 1 belt Circuit Board --> 6AMs.

Written by Gl4dios.