Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Tips and Tricks

Assassin’s Creed 4 Black Flag Tips and Tricks

Here are a bunch of beginner and advanced hints, tips and tricks for the open world pirate themed adventure game, Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag.

  • Countering Enemies - In order to counter enemies, watch for the red icon above them and when it flashes, press B.

    After countering an enemy you can press B again to throw them or X to knock them out.

  • Using Smoke Bombs - You can use smoke bombs to escape a fight if you are too outnumbered. Use your dpad to select a smoke bomb and then press Y to use it.

    This will incapacitate enemies for a few seconds giving you a chance to escape or kill them easily.

  • Looting Enemies - Don't forget to loot enemies by standing near them and holding down B. They can drop money as well as items.
  • Hiding - You can hide in haystacks and similar objects to escape enemies. Another way to get away from enemies is to jump into water and then press B to stealth swim away.
  • Blending In - If you stand near a crowd or hire some allies (hit B when next to them) to walk with you, your character will turn black and white, this indicates you are blending in and enemies won't notice you.

    You can also use LB to have your allies to sent to distract enemies. If you want them to follow you, press B again.

    Another way to stay hidden is to use dense vegetation as a stalking zone. It allows you to hide and move undetected. Try using them to approach targets without getting noticed.

    While hidden, or at a corner, you can press B to whistle and attract a nearby enemy.

  • Activities - Press RB to display a panel which shows all the different viewpoints, chests, secrets, and other activities you can perform.
  • Hunting & Crafting - You can hunt and skin animals to collect animal goods. These resources will allow you to craft new items and upgrades for Edward.

    Use Eagle Vision to easily spot animals. Access the crafting menu from the pause screen.

  • Eagle vision allows you to spot objectives and other elements. It highlights animals and enemies in red and targets and objectives in GOLD.

    Press the L stick to use eagle vision. Note that eagle vision cannot be used while running.

    You can tag up to 10 enemies or animals in eagle vision by simply looking at them. While tagged enemies can be seen through walls even with eagle vision turned off.

  • Spyglass tips - The spyglass is a sort of eagle vision but used at sea. Press RB to use your spyglass to spot and mark ships and locations.

    You can also see how powerful a ship is and what kind of cargo it is carrying.

  • Points of Interest - To reveal the map, find viewpoints on top of tall buildings. Press B once you reach the viewpoint to reveal your surroundings for the current area.
  • Restricted Areas - Red areas on the map are restricted areas. If you are seen in these areas by guards you will be attacked.

    Out at sea, red areas mean hostile waters where you can be attacked.

  • Rogue Waves - Rogue waves can damage your ship. Ir order to take no damage from them, try facing your ship right at the wave and taking it head on. If you can't line up in time, hold X to brace yourself and your crew to reduce damage.
  • Using your pistols - Use left the dpad to select your pistols. Hold LT to draw your gun. RT to shoot and Y to shoot without aiming at a target.

    You can press Y multiple times with dual pistols equipped to chain shots on highlighted targets. While these shots do less damage, they can interrupt enemy attacks.

  • Boarding Ships - Keep in mind you don't have to blow up ships to board them. Simply get near them and hold B once the option comes up.

    It's better to board a ship rather than simply destroy it because you can get more supplies that way. You can also use the supplies on the spot to repair your own ship.

    Note that in order to board (or plunder) larger ships, you will need a lot of crew members.

    In order to recruit crew you can hire people in taverns or rescue pirates in trouble.

    The three person icon and meter indicates your crew strength.

    When a ship is on fire, that means it's incapacitated. At this point you can press B to board it and try to get all of its cargo, or shoot to sink it and get half of its cargo.

  • Wanted Level - Note that destroying ships raises your wanted level, which causes Hunter ships to hunt you down.

    You can bribe a person on land (indicated as two swords) to lower your wanted level for a price.

  • Quick Steering - Press B to slow your ship in order to make quick turns. Slowing down makes your turning more responsive.
  • Maximum Damage - To do the most damage to an enemy ship, try aiming for their hull.
  • Using Mortar - You can fire at ships at long range. Hold LB to activate the mortar aiming mode, and use the right stick to aim.