Factorio New Player Map Settings

Factrio New Player Map Settings

The map setting is very important and it determines the difficulty of the game. This guide shows an example of map settings that make the game easy, for Factorio v1.0.

Ⅰ. Introduction

Are you in such a difficult situation?

  • Crude oil is far too much
  • Cliff is in the wayh
  • Resources are run out and need to go far to get additional oresh
  • Waste a lot of time to defense against enemies' attacksh
  • These obstacle is a part of the fun of this game.h

But I had a lot of trouble with these obstacles, So I offer you one setting plan. And this does not invalidate unlocking achievements. I hope this give you a happy Factorio life.

These settings do not disable unlocking achievements.

Abundant resources - With MAX, you don't have to go far to get additional ores.

Factorio Resources 1

No cliffs - Uncheck "Cliffs" as shown in a image

Factorio Resources 2

Keep enemies far away - "Starting area size" specifies the area where there is no biter's nest at the start of the game. Let's make it as wide as you like.

If peaceful mode is enable or lower setting than default as to the biter's nest, you will not be able to unlock some achievements. Official Factorio Wiki https://wiki.factorio.com/Achievements

Factorio Resources 3

No pollution - If pollution doesn't progress, enemies won't come near by themselves.

Factorio Resources 4

Written by Toyo.

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