Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks

Fallout 4 Tips and Tricks

Here are a bunch of tips and tricks for the post apocalyptic survival shooter, Fallout 4.

Settlement Tips

  • More settlers - In order to get more settlers to your settlement, you must first craft a radio beacon.
  • Improving Settlements - To improve the happiness and defense rating of your settlement, make sure it has plenty of food, water, beds and shelter.
  • Fix Up Settlements - You can fix up your settlements in many different ways. Every item can be moved and improved. Try to move junk and store it somewhere to improve the look of your settlement.
  • Feeling Overwhelmed? - Managing many settlements can be overwhelming sometimes. The good news is settlement building and crafting are optional in Fallout 4! You can take a break and do the main quest, side quests and explore, without having to worry about your settlements.
  • Extra Scrap for Building - Settlements contain a lot of extra scrap you can use to craft things. Simply explore your settlement and look for items like old trees, metals, etc. to scrap.
  • Useful perk - The local leader perk is very useful if you are into building settlements. It allows you to assign settlers to create supply lines between settlements. This will link resources and inventories of the settlements.
  • Moving large structures - You can hold down the (USE BUTTON) to select an entire structure to move inside your settlement.
  • Connecting wires - You can press spacebar to connect wires from a generator to an object to that you want to power.
  • Calling for backup - You can use a flare gun to call people from a nearby settlement to help you.

Character Tips

  • Playing multiple characters - Unlike the previous Fallout games, the load menu in Fallout 4 allows you select specific characters. This way you can easily create multiple characters and not worry about overwriting your save files.
  • Melee Weapons - Make sure to equip melee weapons before any guns to be able to use your gun as a melee instead of throwing a grenade.
  • Well rested - Sleeping in your own bed is always better because it gives you the well rested status effect. The effect lasts 10 in-game hours and gives you a %10 XP boost for the duration.
  • Getting more items - Higher difficulty levels will give you more items and legendaries.
  • Waiting - Unlike in previous Fallout games where you could wait anywhere, in Fallout 4 in order to wait and allow time to pass, you must first sit down in a chair. Once you sit, the wait command will become available.

Fallout 4 Weapons Tips

Weapons Tips

  • More melee power - Try adding a bayonet to your weapons to increase melee attack power.
  • Accidental Throw - I recommend unequipping your molitvos, grenades, etc. so you don't throw them by accident. Instead, try equipping them only when you know you will need to use them.
  • Buying Ammo - Early on, you can buy ammo from Myrna in Diamond City.

Companion Tips

  • Recruiting People - You can recruit people like Sheffield in Diamond City to work at your settlements along with using the radio beacon.
  • Companion Death - Note that while your companions can get knocked out, they cannot die.
  • Finding lost companions - You can find your companions by using a vault tech population management system.

Fallout 4 tips

Exploration Tips

  • Useful Perk for Exploring - If you like exploring, the most useful perk you should pick up first is Aquaboy. It will allow you to go into any body of water without taking rad damage, and even gives you unlimited underwater breathing via special enhancements.
  • Tracking quests - New quests don't become your default quests, you need to go into the menu to change your current quest by selecting it.

Interface Tips

  • Zooming the pipboy - You can right click on the pipboy to zoom in (or out) for a closer look.

Enemy Tips

  • Enemy Scaling - In Fallout 4, enemies scale to your level no matter where you go. This makes for a much better exploration experience. Don't be afraid to explore far and wide, you will always find a challenge out there.
  • More damage - Hitting enemies in the head with melee deals a lot more damage.
  • Sneak attacks - Sneak attack shots deal double damage.
  • Peaking - You can peak around corners with right click while hugging a corner.
  • Stopping aggression - If you start a fight by accident or are way in over your head, try putting away your weapon. Sometimes your opponent will forgive you!

Fallout 4 tips

Item Tips

  • Item Respawn Time - Items respawn every 7 days.
  • Inventory management - Sorting by weight can be very useful when you want to clear out and organize your inventory.
  • Rare Items - The scrapper perk can give you rares even from simple items like weapons.
  • Best Inventory Perk - The Strong Back perk is the best perk for inventory management (requires 6 strength) as it allows you to travel while encumbered.

    This means you can go to a workshop and "Store all junk" and other items to quickly clear up your inventory space.

  • Early Game Vendor - - Early in the game before going to Diamond City you can sell at Abernathy Farm South West from Red Rocket. She has 250 caps.

    If you need to sell more, find a chair (located in the barn nearby) and wait for 24 in-game hours. Vendors replenish their inventory and cash every 24 hours.

  • Storage - The Workshop is a secure location to store items (the workshop in Sanctuary is available immediately upon exiting the vault). Actual items (ie: not junk) stored in your workshop store will not be broken down automatically during construction of other structures.
  • Useful items -There are a few useful items to keep for weapon upgrades: adhesive, copper,screws and junk.
  • Buying Medicines - Solomon of Chem I care in Diamond City sells Stimpacks and other useful medicines.

Fallout 4 tips

Radiation Tips

  • Removing Radiation Sources - Sometimes while exploring in settlements, there may be areas of major radiation. In order to remove this, look for barrels of radioactive material.

    Once you spot it, try to quickly go into workshop mode and scrap these barrels to get rid of the source of the radiation.

  • Curing Radiation - In Diamond City, there is a doctor named Sun who can cure radiation and your HP, as well as any addictions. Doctor Sun is located at the Diamond City Market.

Technical & Performance Tips (PC)

  • Shadow Distance - The shadow distance in Fallout 4 has a huge hit. If you turn Shadow distance to medium and everything else on Ultra, you will get a large FPS boost.
  • Godrays - Godrays are another FPS hog. Turning Godrays off can increase your FPS by 10+.
  • Good Image Settings - Here is a link to an imgur album with some good graphics settings for you to try.