Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips and Tricks

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Tips

Here are some beginner tips for the Final Fantasy 7 Remake on PS4. (Last Updated: 1/12/21)

  • AOE Attacks - Holding square with Cloud not only attacks single targets, but can also hit multiple nearby targets.
  • ATB Guage - Keep an eye on your ATB guage, it is your main energy source which fills up while time passes and attacking enemies.

    When it fills up, you can unleash any of your special actions or attacks.

  • Explore when you can! Sometimes you can find hidden chests located in different areas. These chests can contain hi-potions, ethers and other useful items. You can also find materia by exploring.
  • Locking on targets - Hit R3 to lock onto targets, and hit R3 again to unlock. You can also switch between multiple targets with the right stick.
  • Try using Punisher Mode with Cloud more often. Although it makes Cloud slower, it also gives him more powerful attacks. Cloud can also counterblow enemies attacking him if he guards the attacks.
  • If you're having trouble with a strong enemy, try focusing on staggering them first. When you stagger an enemy, they can't attack you and also take more damage from your attacks, magic and abilities.

  • You can run faster and climb ladders quicker too by holding R1, R2 or hitting L3.
  • Hard Mode - To unlock hard mode, simply beat the game once on any other difficulty.
  • Running away from battle - Like previous Final Fantasy games, you can run away from enemies. Note that enemy HP does not recover if you run away, you can heal up and then go back to defeat the enemy.
  • Restoring Mana - Try to heal your party before destroying any shinra boxes, this way you can restore your mana fully and heal up your party too.
  • Boosting Weapons - When you unlock new skills for a weapon, it will also boost the weapon stats and increase materia slots.
  • Once you achieve max proficiency in a weapons ability, the ability becomes your own! You can now use it without the original weapon being equiped.
  • Chadley Battle Missions - Make sure you use the asses materia Chadley gives you on every enemy. Not only is it useful for finding out enemy weaknesses, Chadley will also create more materia for you.
  • You can pause during cutscenes.

    FF7 Remake Summon Tip

  • Using Summons - When fighting very tough enemies, the summon guage will slowly fill and when it fills fully you can summon.

    Summons fight alongside you for a brief moment, their remaining time is indicated by their gradually decrasing guage, these beings have a will of their own and engage the enemy as they se fit.

    You can also command them to unleash a unique attack by expending your party memebers atb charges.

    When the summon guage is completely depleted, the summon will execute a devastating ultimate attack before they depart which deals a lot of damage.

  • Equipment of non-party allies - You can change the equipment of allies who have left the party, switch out materia and accessories as the situation demands.