Final Fantasy XI Tips

Final Fantasy 11 Tips

Here are a bunch of helpful hints, tips and tricks for Final Fantasy XI online. If you have any tips of your own please post them in the comments below!
  • Buffs when fighting - When first starting out, look for the floating books right outside of city gates to grab buffs like regen, refresh, and buy food that will buff your character.
  • End Game Gil - If you are wondering how to make gil later in the game, the best ways are Salvage, dynamis and alluvion.
  • Strong Companions / Trusts - Look for double xp and trust events, during these events, your trusts sometimes get a 50% bonus to their HP and defense. This allows you to solo much tougher mobs (such as incredibly tough) for a lot more XP!
  • Completing Reives - In order to complete a reieve, you need to defeat all the mobs in the area.
  • Reieve Gill - Lair and colonization reives can be a major source for gil. Sometimes you can get items like "Faithful Legs V" worth 195,000 gil on the auction house.
  • Best questing job - If you are not sure which job to level first, THF would be the best for questing since you get FLEE and treasure hunter, both of which come in handy while questing early on. Flee can help you get around without a chocobo, even in areas where you can't use a mount. Treasure hunter can be used for quests where you need to get a drop from a mob.