Nioh 2 Tips and Tricks

Nioh 2 Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks I learned while playing the action RPG PlayStation 4 exclusive, Nioh 2. (Updated 1/10/21)

  • Controls: X To Dash, R1 + Down to switch weapons, Triangle + Circle to use Special Guardian Spirit, Triangle + Circle to use special when in Guardian Spirit mode.

    R3 to lock on and switch targets, L1 to guard, X to dodge, (note that guarding uses Ki). R1 to Ki pulse on blue lights. R2 + O to burst counter, 1 anima to unleash a burst counter that varries on guardian spirit.

    R1 + O to end yokai shift, R2 + O to dodge big attacks.

    R2 + Triangle to use Enkai soul core attack. You can get soul cores from defeating tough enemies.

  • Each guardian spirit can attune 2 soul cores you find from enemies.
  • There are 9 weapons with 3 styles each, giving you 27 different fighting styles to choose from!
  • Purify - Executing a ki pulse within a Yokai realm will cleanse and dispell that realm.
  • Using divine branch will quit the current mission and return to map, but you will lose all amrita earned. So spend it first, to return early if needed.
  • Attack stances - Use high stance for aggresive attack, mid is good for defense, and low is good for dodging attacks.
  • When an enemy is out of Ki or a downed yokai, use triangle to grapple them.
  • In yoikai realms your ki recovery is reduced and the powers of yokai is enchanced.
  • You can level up your weapons by using them.
  • The blue summons scattered around levels are AI NPCS you can summon to help. The red summons are AI enemies you can summon to fight. If you defeat the red summons, they will drop some of the armor they have equipped.
  • Nioh 2 Faming

  • You can farm blue AI summoning cups from red AI PVP fights.
  • When you die, you will lose unpurified Soul Cores, along with your absorbed Amrita.

    However, if you die while possessed by a Guardian Spirit, they can be retrieved along with your Amrita by touching your grave. When you die, you will not lose Soul Cores that have been purified at a shrine.

    Note that if you die with a lot of amrita, it would probably be a good idea to summon some help to get it back!

  • If you die far away, you can use a summoners candle to recall your guardian spirit with all the amrita back to you.
  • Lower equipment load makes you faster. Under 40% load will make you able to dodge attacks faster.
  • Offerrings now allow you to purchase items of your choice using divine rice.
  • If you are having a tough time with an enemy, try falling back and healing up. Enemies will not regen their HP, so you can always return and finish once you are healed up and ready for the fight.
  • Nioh 2 Yokai Weapons

  • Yokai purple weapons deal ki damage and build up corruption charges.
  • When you deal damage with the yokai weapon your guide will fill up and you can use a special awakened state where your power will be enhanced.
  • You can break boxes scattered around levels to find hidden items and even companions.
  • In bigger levels there are always ladder shortcuts or another shortcut to make getting back to the end of the level much quicker. Look for these to make your life easier!
  • In order to puase the game, you must first go to the menu and then select OPTIONS to pause. The game will not pause if you simply open the menu.
  • Try to have a balance of sacrificing items for amrita and disassembling them for materials. You can use materials to forge new items.
  • You can fill the Yokai guage by dodging in Yokai form.
  • Keep in mind the combat in this game rewards aggression like Bloodborne. A lot of enemies can stun you if they get a good hit in, so it is better to dispatch them quickly!
  • If you're short on amrita, you can farm certain missions like "Favor for the Blacksmith". These missions give you a powerful ally who will join you for the entire mission, and can help you take down many foes.