Slay the Spire Tips and Tricks

Slay the Spire Tips and Tricks

Here are some beginner and advanced tips, tricks and hints for the PC strategy card game, Slay the Spire.

  • The card removal service costs more each time you use it, there is an artifact called Smiling Mask which keeps the price at 50 gold.
  • Potions - Don't forget to use your potions in battle, they can really save you in a pinch. Some of the better potions to grab are the ones that add block or heal your HP.
  • Relics - Relics found will grant unique bonuses which remain throughout your run. They can be found in chests and defeating powerful enemies. Try building your deck around Relic effects, this is the best way to make a powerful deck that can get to Act 3 and beyond.
  • Slay the Spire Power Card

  • Power Cards - Power cards apply a passive effect to you when used which will remain for the duration of combat. You can see them below your characters HP bar by hovering over it.
  • Card Balance - One important aspect of every deck is to have a good balance of blocks and attacks. If you have too many attacks, you might not draw a block when you need it most.

    If you have too many blocks, you may not be able to take down an enemy at all. Try to always keep a balance of attacks and blocks whenever adding cards to your deck.

  • STS Card Rarity

  • Card Rarity Colors - The card rarity is as follows: Gold = Rare, Blue = Uncommon, White/Grey = Common
  • X cards - For cards that state "Deal X ammount of damage" or anything with the X value, X = your current remaining energy.
  • Stunning Enemies - You can stun some enemies like flying types if you hit them enough times during your turn. So if you can't block an attack, try attacking the enemy a few times in a row to stun them.
  • Healing up - If you manage to turn your strikes into bites at an NPC, you can use your block and bites to heal up before ending a fight.

    Simply don't kill the enemy too fast and instead block their attacks while you heal back to full!

  • STS Starting Bonus

  • Starting Bonuses - In order to get the starting bonuses from the large creature, you must have reached a boss in your previous run. So if a run is going badly, don't abandon it until you reach a boss. This way you will be able to pick an bonus at the start of your next run!
  • Vulnerable Mechanics - When you apply vulnerable to an enemy, it does not reflect on your cards unlike other mechanics (like increased strength). Instead your cards simply deal more damage while showing their original damage values.
  • Draw Build - When going with Silent, try for a draw build. Draw decks are very strong and can overrun many different types of enemies.
  • Ascension Mode is unlocked after beating all Act 3 bosses or winning the game 5 times.

    In ascension mode, every time you win, the runs get more difficulty and elites spawn more often.

  • STS Watcher Card Choices

  • Watcher Tips - The Watcher is the newest edition to Slay The Spire. She is a character that specializes in energy generation and looping via the calm/rage mechanic.

    The most important thing to keep in mind when building a Watcher deck is to keep the deck to 15 cards to less if possible. This way you can draw your whole deck quickly, and make combos work.

    This means that you will have to be picky when choosing cards, and even pass rare or green cards even if they may seem good. Keep your deck focused on a certain mechanic instead.