They Are Billions Tips and Tricks

They Are Billions Tips and Tricks

Here are some useful beginner and advanced tips for the survival real time strategy game, They Are Billions.
  • Pausing the Game - Even though this is a Real Time Strategy game, you can pause the game to take your time and decide on your strategy and tactics.

    Press the spacebar to pause and unpause the game. You can build and issue commands for your soldiers while the game is paused unlike other RTS games.

  • Starting to Build the colony - Since there is no starting tutorial in the game, it may be a little confusing how to start your colony. The best way to start is to build dwellings for the colonists.

    Each dwelling will increase the amount of gold you get for the colony and workers. Also, all of the building you will need in the future will require workers to operate.

  • Workers - In order for most buildings to operate, you will need workers. The more complex a building, the more workers it will need. You will also need workers to train soldiers for your army. Workers are provided by building colonist dwellings.
  • The Goal - The goal in this game is to build a colony that can survive for a specific period of time (chosen at the start of the game). If your colony is alive by that time, you will win the game.

    However, if your Command Center is destroyed or infected, the game is lost.

  • Iron Man Mode - This game is in permanent Ironman mode. This means death is permanent, you cannot reload a previous save if something goes wrong! So be careful and keep an eye out for infected.
  • Random Generated Map - The game world is randomly generated every time you play, and every map theme has its own parameters and elements.

  • Food - Food is needed to feed both your colonists and your army units. To produce food, build hunter and fisherman cottages or farms. Note that these buildings will produce more or less food depending on their placement.
  • Infection - It is a good idea to protect every side of your colony with soldiers and walls. If an infected attacks a building and enters, the building will becoming infected and all of the colonists or workers there will get infected.

    Once infected, they will also attack other buildings. Keep in mind infection can be very difficulty to contain if it spreads, so always try to protect your colony from all sides.

  • Energy - In order to build any structures in The Are Billions, you will need to first provide the area with energy. In order to generate energy, you can build mills and power plants.

    If you want to build further out, you can build Tesla Towers to extend the energy area of your colony.

  • Storing Resources - There are five resources that can be produced or collected and then stored in the colony. These are as follows: Wood, Stone, Iron, Gold and Oil. These resources are produced daily with a working in-game time of 8 hours.

    These resources are used when you build or repair structures or train soldiers.

    Note that most buildings have a permanent gold cost, and some, like the Power Planet, require a permanent input of wood and stone to produce energy.

  • Gold - Gold is mostly generated by the colonists. By having more colonists, your colony will produce more gold. Better houses will generate more gold. Special buildings like the Command Center, Bank, Market or quarries with access to gold deposits can generate gold too.
  • Wood - Wood is produced by building Sawmills next to trees while stone and iron are produced by the Quarry. The more resources near the building, the more the buildings will produce.
  • Stone, Iron and Gold Minerals - Stone, iron and gold minerals can be extracted from the mineral fields found on the world map. In order to extract the minerals from the ground, you must build quarries.
  • Oil - Oil is a special and very valuable resources that can be obtained by placing Oil Platforms over oil fields. Note that these oil fields are very rare and usually very far away from where your colony starts.
  • Storage and Production Limit - Resources can never run out provided they have their needs covered (workers, salaries, energy, etc.) the building will produce the resource forever.

    However there is a limit on the amount of resources your colony can store. This limit depends on the amount of warehouses you build. If your storage limit is reached, your excess resources will be wasted unless you build a market.

    Building a market allows excess resources to be automatically sold, providing the colony with gold