Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips and Tricks

Ghost Recon Wildlands Tips and Tricks

Some beginner and advanced tips, tricks and hints for the tactical third person shooter, Ghost Recon Wildlands.

  • Marking Enemies - Hold right click to mark enemies. Marked enemies will be much easier to see, especially at night.
  • Useful Keys - Press Z to launch your drone, B to use binoculars, Q to sync targets (shoot or hold Q to initiate sync.

    Press CTRL or C to stealth, press 3 to take out your handgun if your primary is out of ammo.

  • Sniper Scopes Early - Early on the long range sniper scope is not unlocked. A way to get it is to find a military base and take out the snipers in the towers.

    You can find a military base called FOB armadillo base on the east edge of the Itacua portion of the map.

    Then sneak upstairs and pick up their sniper rifles. They almost always have a long range sniper scope attachment.

    The same goes for other weapons you have not unlocked yet. If you find one on an enemy, you get to keep the weapon until you die or fail a mission. For example, the Ocoro area has enemies which drop the M4A1.

  • Finding new missions - Look for the exclamation points on the map to unlock new missions.
  • Rebel Support - Don't forget to use your rebel support! It can be very useful if you're stuck with no vehicle, or if you just need some backup for a misison.
  • Elites - The enemies with purple arrows are elites, killing them increases their patrol level unless you're undetected. Try to keep a low profile to decrease their patrol level.
  • Staying Stealthy - Equip or unequip a suppressor using F when aiming while holding RIGHT CLICK. Using a silencer makes no noise but deals less damage, remove it to pierce heavy armor and deal max damage. (If you've been detected.)

    Another tip for staying stealthy is to use the dense vegetation to hide. Simply go prone by pressing C and enemies will not be able to spot you.

  • Convoys - Convoys carry supplies which you can accquire by ramming the vehicle or killing the driver to stop it. Once it stop,s tag the truck to get the supplies.
  • Parachute - Try to unlock the parachute as early as possible. It can be very useful for a quick getaway, or dropping into bases for missions. Press space bar at the edge of a cliff to use the parachute.
  • Teammates - You don't have to wait for your team to enter your vehicle. If you leave your team behind, they will teleport to you if you get too far. Same goes for if you get into a vehicle with less than 4 seats.
  • Lots of Supplies - Be sure to collect supply raids to gain large amounts of supplies, use the I key to locate a supply raid. Supplies are used for unlocking new skills
  • Stay low - When flying in a helicopter or airplane, be sure to stay as low as possible to avoid enemy SAMs.
  • Challenge - Looking for a fun and more challenging way to play the game? Try turning off some UI indicators in the options menu. (located in Options > Hud)

    Keep in mind if you disable an important UI element, you can bind a key to toggle your HUD.