Alan Wake Walkthrough

Alan Wake Walkthrough

Here is an Alan Wake walkthrough by Dontyoulookatme.


Hello, and welcome to the FAQ/WALKTHROUGH for the incredible game, Alan Wake.
This guide works for both the 360 and PC versions of the game. The graphics are
great, the story is intense, the action is pumping. And here's the guide to
help you through all that! Read on if you please.


Here are some things to keep note of in the game while following the guide.

The objective marker
-The objective marker will guide you on where to go, but what's more important
is that it will tell you what to do next. Watch it when you're getting stuck

Flashlight efficiency
Besides actually aiming the high beams of your flashlight, you can regularly
aim your light on the enemies. Do so when you don't have the most battery left,
but not when you're in a pressing situation

There are a lot of collectibles in the game, and in order to be up to snuff
with ammo and gear, you'll want to look around and search the areas you move
through. Not extremely thoroughly, but remember that it takes less time to find
ammo for a fight, than to restart a fight because you weren't ready.

Safe havens

Sometimes, it's best to just make a push to the bright light areas rather than
face enemies. Enemies will usually punish you if you flee from them, but if
ther's a safe haven in view, rush to it, and dodge.

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Follow the on screen tutorial and look at the light up top. Sprint forward to
the next light, and moving towards the bridge will yield you having to find
another way. Right before the bridge, you can take the right path, and head
straight over the wooden path. You'll be confronted by a shadow being. As you
can tell from his semi demonic voice, this guy's chances of taking out out
outweighs your chances of taking him on.

Head down the gap, avoiding him, and move past the bounty board. Jump over the
road block, and you'll be taught how to avoid enemy attacks. This is a very
useful move, so practice around with it a couple of times. Flee and sprint over
the next bridge towards the light, and you'll trigger a cinematic scene. Keep
sprinting past without looking back, otherwise you'll be in a world of pain.
Head across the rickety bridge with the caution signs, and keep moving before
you get taken in the blast.

The bridge will collapse when you get to the other side, and head into the
house nearby with your friend. Or at least, that's what he claims to be. You'll
be trapped in the cabin, and won't be able to escape just yet. You will take
damage. When the place starts to come apart, head for the light nearby, and
then follow the light path, along with the voice. Do as the game suggests, and
stay in the light till you are fully healed.

When prompted, grab the flashlight and aim it at the dark figure. Follow the
tutorial to burn it in him, and then grab the gun. Fire at the bugger to take
him out. Nearby is a chest with revolver ammo. Head forth and there'll be
another enemy to take out. He shouldn't be too much of a threat, but don't
waste ammo. Move forth through the path and you'll have more than one enemy to
take out. Remember to stay under the light. You should also open the case to
get some ammo for your gun, and to obtain a flare gun as well.

Right next to you is a staircase that leads down to a coffee thermos. Grab it,
and head right back up. Then head down the ledge to a lower level and move
straight for a scene. Multiple enemies will come at you. This is a great
opportunity to blind the enemies, and then use the flare gun for a quick
finish. Head straight past the sign and an enemy will climb up from the ledge.

You should be able to get the drop on him, so aim your light right at him.
Right after you take him out, more enemies will try to surround you. To avoid
falling off the bridge, head back into the foresty area where you have no fear
of falling. Move back and try taking on the enemies one by one before they
group you. Don't forget that you can dodge their attacks.

Head straight and follow through. Now head to the ledge and jump down. Then
there'll be another paranormal event. You'll have to rush through the path
towards the lighthouse. Watch through and watch your step, because there will
be a lot of things that keep breaking up the sides of the path. Head up the
stairs and move into the lighthouse's.....light.

Welcome to Bright Falls. You'll now be in the small town of Bright Falls. Head
from the car and to the side where the old man is standing. You can take things
easy during the phone call session. But when you arrive, head to the car. Head
into the cafe with the eccentric waitress, and then head towards the left side
with the old men. One of them will want you to activate the juke box.

Eh, why not. This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the QTE that
you'll be using later in the game. There will be certain hardware items that
you'll have to rev in the same manner. Like the nightmare segment before it,
there are a lot of subliminal tutorials. Head towards the frightened old woman
and move into the dark area. It pays to enjoy the little conversations, and
details in the game, though. Take a right at the corner, and knock on the far

After the scene, head back towards the main entrance. Head outside to
rendezvous with Alice. There'll be a scene. After you assume control again,
head over the bridge to the cabin. Head round it, though and look for the small
shed with the generator. As mentioned before, you'll have to press the button
and finish the QTE to get it up and running again.

Head back and into the cabin. Around the walkway outside, there's a radio you
can turn on to tune in. There's a coffee thermos in the kitchen area. Head up
the stairs, and towards the bed room. Head into the other room, and there'll be
a typewriter. Head straight across the bridge, and you'll be pursued by a bunch
of shadow crows. Keep your flashlight on them when they come, and dodge when
you feel them near. Head into the house.

Eventually, you'll wake up in a crashed car. Head from the crash and towards
the gas station. Move past the sight of the car dropping, and keep running into
the light. Keep heading straight along that path, and you'll notice some lights
in houses. Before you head over the log to the next section, head to the
glowing manuscript page nearby. Tip top over the log, and move towards the
large pile of them. There will be a cut scene.

You'll come across Carl Stucky. You don't have a weapon on you, so be cautious.
There's a body in front of you. Before the body, and to the right, there will
be a glowing manuscript. Head past after grabbing it, and move forward. Watch
out, because there will be some logs waiting to drop. Head over them, and then
move on. Stucky will get close to you eventually.

Head into the light of the cabin in front of you. After getting equipped, head
to the door at the end of the room with the telephone. Stand close to it, as
Stucky will try to bring the place down. Head through it after he rams it. Head
towards the object with the button prompt near the electricity, and activate it
to get some light. There will be enemies coming at you.

Remember to use the light on them before shooting. There's a flare gun in a
chest nearby. Kick the electric fuse box, and take out the surrounding guys
should they still be around. Use a flare on Stucky, as he shifts from right to
left really quickly. It may take a while to break his darkness, as he moves so
fast. Head through the nearby gate when you're done exploring and taking out
enemies and head towards the gas station. You'll soon be in the gas station.
Head through the garage, and use the phone. You'll be done with the episode
after doing so.

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Turn on the coffee machine and head back to your wife. Grab the manuscript and
take grab the manuscript. Get to the fuse box when the lights go off. Use your
flashlight. You'll then be in the next area. Your objective now is to talk to
Sarah. Head to her, and grab the cell phone. Head out of the station and into
the back lot through the long hallway.

Keep following the on screen objectives until you trigger the scenes and
rendezvous with the comic relief of the game. Head outside and move towards the
man and the dog. The man is Rusty. Head to the form on the table, and press B.
Head back to rusty. Grab the item, and head back inside. With the keys now,
head to the car. Now you'll have to head to Lover's Peak.

Head forth outside of the cabin and rightish through the stair path. Ignore the
car, but there's a manuscript page there. Head down the long drive path. Keep
running straight through the premonition like head ache, and some trees decide
they don't want to stay upright. Head straight to the building through the
broken way, and go help Rusty. Grab the revolver, and unlock the door right
across. Grab the goodies from the cupboard by the desk, and head into the
little room nearby.

There's an axe in the fuse box. That's about enough you need to see, so head
back out, and there will be enemies that you have to take out. Don't step over
the darkness on the ground, and use your flashlight on the enemies that come
towards you. Pop them in their heads before they get close to you, and head
past the area where Rusty was and through the hole in the wall.

Grab the goodies in the little shed to the left, and you'll now have to face
Rusty. He shifts from side to side like Stucky, so keep your distance and
prioritize blinding him. He really won't hurt you, but he moves around too
much, so this part may take a while. Just always keep him in sight. Head up and
shoot him when he's finally winded. Kill him, and then restock your ammo at the
little shed.

Take out the next couple of enemies, and restock again. Head down through the
path with the fallen gate and move through the wooden gated area. Keep moving
and head towards the nearby light by the wood table while you're on the phone.
Walk forward towards the yellow sign, and open the little hatch for some
goodies. Head down the stairs, and you'll come across the Lover's Peak sign.
Ignore where it's pointing for now. Keep heading through the path and cave.

In the dark cave, there's a chest with goodies, and a shotgun. Head out towards
the light, and move through the door. Now follow the Lover's Path sign, and
some enemies will try to ambush you. Take them on. There are three of them, so
you'll want to head back and keep your distance. Head through the path when you
take them out, and head to the main light pole with the goodies.

Grab them, and head down and follow the sign left. An enemy will pop out from
the crevice of the tree. Another one will follow, so walk backwards and take
out the first before the second one makes trouble for you. The you can take him
and his friend on. Keep heading through and taking on the enemies. You may find
yourself burning through flashlight batteries, so don't waste what you can
avoid. Head towards the bridge, and there will be some more taken to deal with.

Start up the nearby generator. Head to the red hatch for some goodies, and run
through to the next section. When a bunch of enemies start to surround you,
you'll have to do some strategic ass kicking. For the larger enemy, use your
shotgun, and take the remaining enemies out with your revolver. It's not wise
to miss here, so make sure you've got the shot before you take it.

Due to the sheer number of enemies, if you aren't careful, you can die easily.
Head to the gated way when you've taken them on. You're probably low on ammo
now. Head up and over the rock for some non lethal jump-down-from-rock- action,
and head up the stairs by the light. Activate the little button press section,
and wait for the transport to come up. Activate it again to get a ride.

Head straight and check the hatch for goodies. Now in this section, you'll have
an ally you'll have to run after. Here, since he's armed, you'll want to aim
your flashlight at the enemies to clear them up for him to shoot. He can hold
his own, so you should worry more about avoiding taking damage yourself. Grab
the stuff from the red hatch when your ally's working on the door. Throw some
flares at the enemies to keep them at bay, as your partner won't shoot them.

Head up the stairs and through the gate when you're able, and open up the
hatch. Now he'll be able to shoot the enemies, so when the waves come (they
come from different areas) use your flashlight. Keep looking around, and don't
allow yourself to get taken by surprise. If things get too hectic, use a flare.
From where you start off, head round the wooden debris and around to grab a
chest with goodies, if you wish.

Head back up the rocks if you did, and grab the gear on the ground. Head across
the logs, and watch the ground in this area. There are bear traps. Rush through
and avoid them, and take out the enemies in the area that do come. Grab the
items on the barrel nearby, and head across the log. Be careful. As you see
slight particles in the air, a bunch of enemies will pop out from the woods.
Use your flare here immediately.

Take out any stragglers, and run through. More will follow. Head up the log
that leads up to the generator. Activate it, and take out the enemy nearby.
Head to the light to keep him away. In the cabin nearby, there's a powerful
hunting rifle. Make sure to grab it, and head on towards the wrecked airplane.
Head up the the rock leading up and jump onto the wing. Grab the chest, and
head onward. More enemies will come towards you.

Again, if you have more than a flare on you, you can use it to take on enemies
with three or more in number. Activate the generator, and keep on moving and
taking on the foes. Head across the set of wooden planks over the stream. Head
up the ladder and walk across. Head down onto the boxes, and into the house.
Use your flashlight on the darkness on the floor, and head all the way up the
stairs. Kick the object at the top, and head over the plank that comes up.

Head across and use your flashlight on the liquid darkness on the ground. Be
sure to grab the goodies you come across along the way. Climb the ladder in the
area, and take care of the darkness there as well. Head around and move through
the wooden planking to the rocky surface. A taken will come out from behind
some large structures. Use your flashlight on him, and use your hunting rifle.
There's some hunting rifle animal in the shed nearby.

Head out and over the plank that's slanted upwards. Move over it, and head to
the red box for some goodies. Moving forward, some objects in the environment
will fall down as the enemy comes down towards you. if you have some flares,
saved up, feel free to use them here. Heading forward after taking them out,
you'll come across some more goodies in the red box. Keep moving, and you'll
have to face another foe: a due with a chainsaw. To take him out with ease,
take out the little enemies with your pistol first, then use your hunting rifle
on the big dude.

If you find yourself crowded, use your flare. Head on and up the stairs. Head
down the stairs near the lights, and head across the bridge. Follow the sign,
and head for the red box for some goodies. Head across from the car in the
garage with the headlights on, and move into the building.

Head through the rooms to the end to obtain the garage keys. On your way back,
be careful, cause the lights will go off, and an enemy will jump out from one
of the stalls. Be ready for him and take him out. In the next room to the right
you can get some goodies, and a manuscript page.

Unlock the door and head into the car. Head straight through and run over the
enemies. Move straight, and take the right path when you come across the
blockage on the road. Head out of the car and into the nearby shed. Head back
to the main road and run over the enemies after you grab the goodies. Head
under the large sign and keep driving. Flash the high beams on your car if the
enemies are trying to get you to slow down. Or you can just run over them.

Now keep moving along the paved road, and then head to the right of the little
house area, and follow the dirt path. Your path will be obstructed by a car and
a trailer, and you'll be forced to get out of the car. Head out and move to the
chest to get the goodies. Head on and take out the enemies that come your way.
There will be a handful of them, so make use of any excess flares you have.

Run onwards, and you'll get a phone call. Move through the path and grab the
manuscript piece. Head straight ahead and grab the goodies from the chest. Head
up the stairs, and turn left, and follow the yellow symbols to get to another
chest. A bunch of birds will come flying at you. Wait for them to skim past
you, then use your flare against them. Also hold out your flashlight at them
when they near you. Head into the cabin when you're able to and end the

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From the starting point, head out the house, and head forth towards the car, as
your objective indicates. You'll come across a gate, and a police siren. Now,
you won't have a weapon when you have to escape the police, so run along. I
don't recommend running from the police in real life, but in this case, keep
moving. Hug the right, and head under the bridge.

Head up the rock ledge, and keep moving. Head forth and past the light. Follow
the path along, and over the bridge. Head past the crashed car and a helicopter
will soon surface. It's not the friendly kind of helicopter, no no. It's the
shooting type. Use the terrain as cover for a bit, and then the crows will take
on the chopper. Make no mistake: they're still not your friends. You can head
into the little house to loot, but your main destination is past the gate. Up
the path you'll come to, you'll near a little shed with a generator.

Activate it, and then head back to the spotlight at the end of the ledge. Head
back to the spotlight and aim it at the gate with the darkness. Head down the
newly accessible path, and walk on down. Grab your flashlight and use it on the
next set of taken gates. Keep moving towards the area with the car, and you'll
come across your first flash bangs. These are awesome to use, I tell you.

Now you don't have your fire arm with you, so the enemies that you're going to
come towards, should be taken out with some thought. Let a bunch of enemies
come together before using the flash bangs so that you can milk it for all it's
worth. You can stun the restless foes with your flashlight.

Keep moving, and there'll be a light near a green blinking light. There are
flash bangs that you can pick up in the area among other goodies. Cross the
bridge, and some enemies will come after you in ambush form. You're going to
have to be quick with your flash bangs here. When they're done, move up and
more enemies will come at you. Head on and activate the generator nearby, and
move into the cave to get the goodies. Head back, and you'll have some enemies
to face.

Now, at the building with the distinct lights up, there's a light nearby, so
you can run through any straggling enemies to hide under the light. You'll
eventually get the objective to search for the train depot. Run through the
path, and be sure to grab the flares on the way. In the next area where the
enemies come at you, use a flare, and then rush over to the generator and
activate it.

Then run into the light. You'll finally find a firearm. Take out the enemy
ahead, and first search the area for goodies, before you head into the main
building where a large brawl will trigger(there's a shotgun in there). Turn on
the two yellow lights. Head into the shed with the shotgun. As you can see a
large number of enemies will come to you. One will jump down into where you
are. Use your light to blind him, then run to the first light you turned on.

Drop flash bangs on your way there, and if it's not on, turn it on again.
Alternate between firing and using flash bangs if you can. Use flash bangs
sparingly, but if you're about to die, don't hesitate to use them then. When
all the enemies have been taken out, head on past the shed and head to the
bright light waiting for you. Open the red box for some goodies. You'll get a
phone call. Run forward and grab the goodies in the shed. Heading back out,
you'll have some enemies to take out. You shouldn't have much trouble here.

Head back right-ish, and take the path that leads to the bridge. Climb up the
ladder, and head along the shaking bridge. Eventually cylinders will jump out
and come at you. You should toss a flare to keep them at bay, as they'll be on
the offensive, and use your flashlight to take them out. Head left when you've
taken the cylinders on, and move along the path. Head along, and there'll be
more environmental taken that come to you. Take them out with your flashlight
and move towards the ladder. Head along and grab the goodies under the bright
light. Head towards the gated facility, and activate the consoles. Some enemies
will come your way to express their disagreement.

There are explosive barrels in the area that you can use to save ammo and deal
heavy damage. Head indoors and take out the hiding enemies. Head past the tv
and down the stairs, and you'll be against a vehicle. Toss flares to keep the
bulldozer at bay, and aim your flashlight on it. Be careful, as it can pick up
speed easily. You can take damage easily, so use flash bangs if you deem it
necessary. Head on and you'll find some red boxes with some goodies. Head to
the console near the gate and activate it. Head on and get into the car.

Ah fresh sunlight! Head on with the truck through the path, and take the right
path at the set of logs. Move through and drive all the way through the bushy
area. When you get back to paved road, head left, and over the bridge. Your
main goal is the reddish orange set of buildings. You can leave the car when
you get there. Head straight and close to the right building, and climb the
stairs. Grab all the goodies in the area, and head down the opened latch.

Head through and collect the goodies. There is a chest with revolver ammo.
There's an unlimited amount of them, so you'll want to stick with the revolver.
Take out the enemies, and be sure to use flares if you're feeling overwhelmed.
Use your flashlight on the carts, and head through the path.

Grab the goods, and take on the enemies. Climb up the nearest ladder, and move
on. Keep your flashlight down on the opening down below. Make sure the taken in
the area are done, then move through the door. Head in the nearby jeep, and
make use of it's high beams.

Drive towards the enemies, and run over the enemies. Head towards the light in
the area near the house, and head into the house to activate the console. Head
back into the jeep, and move through. There will be a lot of enemies, and
supernatural objects in the area to take out. When you're done, head up the
stairs over the railing.

In this area, you can search for goodies, but a large enemy will break out from
the outside wall and come to fight you. Use your flares to keep him at bay. The
flare also distracts the guy right behind him. Take the both of them out, and
head up the stairs past where they came from. Use the barrels in the area to
take out the enemies that come your way.

Climb up the ladder, and out the door that leads to the stairs down. Head into
the nearby shed and activate the console box. Head out the gate and grab the
flash bangs. Head right and burn away the darkness on the ground. Move on and
face the enemies past the short stairs. As a large number of them come to you,
you'll want to use at least one flash bang.

Rush through to the mine area. Grab the flash bangs and use it on the enemies
that will come to you as you turn back. Head towards the light. Grab the ammo
and head over the bridge. Head on and turn on the lights. Switch shotguns if
you wish, and move on. There will be enemies that will come after you. Take
them out, and turn on the next light where about 5-6 enemies come at you.

Run fast back towards the light to avoid fighting them. Move on and use flash
bangs on the newer enemies that shift to the sides. Take them on and move
along. Use your light on the cars that come your way. Head across the planks,
and move toward the wooden tower. Take on the possessed enemies, and prepare
for the tractor that'll come your way. Head across the planks and more things
will fling at you. Use the flare. Head through the open shed to grab the key,
then open the locked door to the other shed. Loot the area and grab the hunting

Head up the ladder outside, and up the other ladder. Head up the ledge, and
move on. Use your flashlight on the birds, then when they move away, rush
through the bridge. Take the rest of them out, and keep moving. Head on through
the mines, and head through grabbing any ammo you can find. More enemies will
come your way, so take them out. Head through the path and there'll be a green
glowing light by a lift. Activate it, and move across.

Climb up the ladder, and activate the next one. Head across the plank and down,
then activate the next one in the little structure. Head out and up the ladder,
and then move across the plank. Press B at the prompt by the ladder, and head
down. Activate the green blinking console, and head right back up the ladder.
Head across the plank and up the ladder.

Kick the blocking, and walk through. Head down the stairs and move through.
More birds will hinder you, but keep the light on them when they come to you.
When the coast is clear, use the generator. Head onto the cable car, and take
on the birds that come your way. When it crashes, take on the taken that comes
to you, and move on. More will come.

Open the red box for ammo and move through the light and stairs. Grab the
hunting rifle ammo in the broken shed. More enemies will come to you. Head
through to the next light. Head across the bridge, and move through. Turn back
and use your flare at the large enemy, then turn your attention to the other
guys. That's where the bulk of the enemies come.

Head on, and if you want to explore, you'll be rewarded with a hidden chest.
Move on and head up the ricks and push the plank down. Move across and down.
Kick through the door and head up the plank. Grab the goodies, and head across
at the top. The flooring will break, and a bunch of enemies will come at you.
This is the last section before you're done with the chapter, so use your flash
bangs and all your other items. head back up and move round by jumping the
little gap. Head through the woods and keep moving on to complete the chapter.

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Wait for the good doctor to come in and then follow him out of the room. Follow
the doctor. Follow the doctor outside, and move with him. Head back to the room
after the conversations with the Andersons. Head to the typewriter in your
room. Head down to the unconscious nurse and grab the keys.

Use it to unlock the door, and head out. Play the recorder for some insight,
and head on to save Barry from the locked room. Just listen to his yelling
voice if you're lost. Head to the door nearby and there'll be a scene. Head out
the room, and rush to the closed door. Pick the lock and head through. Head up
the stairs, and start the generator.

Head down the stairs, and leave through the hallway. You'll be blocked off, but
there's a side room with some goodies to collect. Head to the sort of dining
area where the possessed tables fly up, and use your flare on the blocked path.
Head back to the room if you need more. Head past the tv and move along. Wait
for the possessed ball object to pass you, and hide in the opening to do so.
When it moves past you, head out and sprint across the hall.

Lure it towards the double doors, and move out of the way as it crashes into
it. The head across the room, lure it, and then lure it back to the door. Do
this until it's destroyed, but be careful, as it can easily hit you. Be
patient, and watch your timing. Head to Barry, and grab the flashlight. Head
towards the other gates and use your light on them. Move through, and grab the
gear in the area.

Move through the hedge maze. There will be enemies in the maze. Though there
ARE dead ends, the maze's main problem is the enemies in it. If you have
flares, use it on the larger enemies, and move through the path heading for the
light. Keep moving, and you'll be up against an adversary. Head on, and watch
for the birds. Distract the goon with any flares if you have em handy, and head
to the red box to grab some gear. The birds are more of a threat than the
enemy, so always keep them in view. Back away into the maze if you're getting
crowded, and keep focus with your flashlight on both the axe wielder and the

You'll want to light him up as soon as possible, so that you can shoot him
quickly. There are some enemies behind where he was previously standing. Take
them out, and head through the path. Grab the shotgun in the room near the
light, and head past the column path and up the stairs. Take the enemies out on
the way there, though.

There's a flare on the bench nearby. Light up the gates, and head through. Move
through the area and grab the goodies. Head on through the darkened path, and
there will be enemies still. Past the light and checkpoint, there's some gear
to pick up. Head through the garden, and you'll meet up with Barry.

Due to the sheer number of enemies in the area, you'll have to immediately
throw a flare when they come towards you. Wait till they're clumped then shoot
one out. Head through the gate the second Barry finds the key. Head along the
path after the crash, and moving through, you'll come across possessed objects.

Use the fallen objects like overturned carts that aren't possessed to take
cover if you want to head into the tunnel for the manuscript. Dodge the objects
and take cover as you run. You can't fight the objects. Head up the stairs near
the gate to find a light. Head straight and start the generator. Turn the pole
with the light to gain access to the gate. Grab the flashlight and head down.

Rush through, and when the enemies come by, you'll have to stun them for a bit,
and then make a run for the light. Failing to stun the enemies will result in
them chucking their weapons at you. Move through after the picturesque scene,
and you'll be able to switch flashlights to a more heavy duty one. Keep moving,
and use the light on the nearby gate. Watch out for the numerous bear traps,
and start the generator next to the building. Head up through the short stairs
and watch for the traps. Take out the enemy with the scythe.

A group of enemies will eventually try and ambush you. Watch for the traps. You
can fight them, but there's a light hub in the vicinity, so it's better to
flee. Stun the one close to you, then sprint dodge and move towards the light.
Do this until you get to the light, and then head into the house. Grab the
goodies on the table right, and then search the rest of the area for more ammo
and stuff. Push through the wall, and enter the room. Grab the ammo and gun

After watching the tv, and getting a little more story insight, head down and
deal with the visitor. Head down to the cellar area, and grab the gear,
including the flash bangs. Head into the truck, and drive along the presented
path. Take the right at the split, then the left heading up. Exit and head up
the stairs. You can switch to a hunting rifle (but wait a bit first), and
listen to the radio. Grab the goodies, and head down to face the enemy waiting
for you.

Take these guys out with the shotgun, then head up and switch to the hunting
rifle to have ample ammo. Head back and grab a ride. Drive on, and enter the
nearby cabin. Restock on supplies and flash bangs, then head in and drive off
again. Keep moving, and you'll spot some taken in your path. Use your
headlights, and run them over. If they do too much damage to the car, get out
and finish them. Head out and move past the gate. Throw a flare at the
possessed machine, and speed through to the light. Head into the nearby shed,
and grab the ammo in the chest.

Take out the taken (never get's old) when you head out. Head through the
objective direction, and there'll be a scene. Grab a heavy duty flashlight and
drop flares when the taken rush you. Strafe from the right and left to avoid
taking projectile damage. Head in and search the red chest if you need goodies.
The hunting rifle works well here. There's more than one chest you can take
ammo from.

Keep the foes at bay, as you defend the stage, and listen to Barry's antics.
When you've taken out the last taken (heh heh), search the area for goodies,
and the meet up with Barry. Climb up the ladder of the shed nearby, and then
head and use the console. Open the barn door, and head through. Grab the items
in the area. Head up the stairs, and use the little switch that controls the
viking boat.

There are more enemies that will come your way, so lay down a flare, and take
them on. You may have to use your flares and flashbangs. Rush through and
destroy the possessed truck. Run through towards the light. Kick through the
door and head up the stairs. Explore the area, and start the generator up top.

Press the lift switch. Be sure to grab the ammo in the red box before dealing
with the possessed environment and enemies. Use the combination of your flare
and the flashlight on the tractor, and be sure to move around- away from its
path. It can easily run you through. Drop a flare when the enemies come close
and prioritize the tractor.

When the tractor's been taken care of, take on any straggling enemies. Head up
the door of the shed the enemy came out through and move through to grab the
silo keys. Head towards the gate, and push it with Barry. Move through the
area, and fix the fuse to get the lights on. Head downstairs and play the
record. Head to the cabin after you've been wasted. Explore the area in your
out of body experience, and follow the environmental clues.

(Page Top)

Follow Sarah after Nightingale is taken away, and grab the items along the way.
Grab the flashlight and your other things when Sarah leads you to the room. Be
sure to search the lockers. Follow Sarah out while Barry's making the calls,
and head into the light. You will need to find gate controls. Head through the
rip in the gate ahead, and burn away the darkness in the ground.

Climb the ladder by the house, and take out the darkness on the ground and on
the sides. Grab the flares on the ground, and climb to the higher level from
the water tank. Take care of the birds in the area. Move on and press the
console switch to head down. Take out the darkness on the control box.

Once there aren't any threats in the immediate area, head over to bypass the
gate controls. Follow Sarah. Take care of the possessed vehicle, and the
enemies. Sarah will be there to help you. They throw a lot of projectiles, so
you may want to lay a flare down if you find yourself taking too much damage.
Alternatively, you can watch for them as you shoot them, and just dodge.

Move on and there'll be another vehicle, as well as another groups of enemies
to face off with. Hang back and stick near Sarah. When the enemies are done
for, you can search the area before heading off with Sarah. When there aren't
many enemies in the area, it's best to light them up, and let Sarah shoot them.
You'll save good ammo this way. Head into the diner if you want to switch
flashlights. You can also search the area for other goodies. Follow little Miss
Sarah, and take out the little assortment of enemies along the way.

You may need to light a flare when you get to the port-a-potty area. Use the
switch near the red box, and search the red box as well. Be sure to check the
chests in the area, and grab the scattered items. Enemies will ambush you when
Sarah finds the key. Have a flare handy as you take them on.

One of them has a chainsaw. Follow her into the house, and head off in search
of the keys. Search the area, and (regardless of Sarah's warnings) upstairs to
look around, but the keys themselves, are in the room where you're able to
switch to a lantern. There past the room with the enemy that drops down, and
the large enemy with a weapon. There are flash bangs and other goodies in the
lit room where the keys are. Head after Sarah when the cut scene with Barry is

Head on and there will be an enemy ambush after you head past the statue. Light
them up, and enlist in the air of Sarah. Save flares for when you really need
them. Keep moving when you've taken them out. Head through the bookstore, and
make your way to the church. Pass the playground, and grab the goodies by the
truck. Right before you're able to actually enter the church, there will be an
assault. Fire a flare or two off where the majority of the enemies lie, and
more will come from a different area.

Remember, Sarah's there to help, so don't go running into the fray
unnecessarily. When the enemies are done for, head into the church. Head
through the church grabbing the scripts and items, then head down the stairs
leading to the basement. There will be about two powerful enemies that a nice
flare shot should take care of. Move through the shelves with Sarah and kick
through the door. An enemy will be waiting for you. Don't worry, Barry's got
your back. Head through the stairs up and hurry off towards the helipad.

Grab the flash bangs from the car down the road and take on the enemy. Follow
your allies, and team up to take out the enemies. Among them is a chainsaw
enemy, so watch out. Enlist in the aid of your friends to save ammo (head back
after lighting the enemies up. Fire sparingly, unless the enemies are getting
too aggressive. Theres a lot of ammo in the little parking lot with the trucks.
Head on with the gang and there'll be a brief scene at the helipad. Head to the
two yellow mechanisms and turn the lights on.

Use a flare to keep the enemies at bay. Keep alternating between the lights,
turning them on, and face the enemies. Survive the assaults with your strafing,
and shotgun/hunting rifle blasts. Keep them at bay until you're able to head
onto the helipad. Head onto the chopper when you're able to.

After the scene, head around the area flashing the lights at the birds, and
grab the goodies in the area to be prepared for the enemies that will soon
come. Be sure to dodge their projectiles should they get throw-happy. Head past
the bright light to the indoor area, and loot the place. An axe wielder is
behind one of the shelves. He'll be followed be more enemies, so make use of
the items you just picked up. Don't get too close to the larger enemies,

They can pack a wallop. When a group of enemies get together, aim for the
explosive barrels. Head out and through the path with the other light post.
Move on and you'll near the power plant. Press the switch in the area, and move
through. Watch, for there's an enemy to the side of the gate that will try to
spook you. Open up the nearby box with the green light and activate it.

Move through after grabbing the goodies, and back strafe while facing them.
Keep your distance from them, as the space isn't the most wide. Head through
the open gate with the electric wires in view, and watch your left; there's an
enemy. Grab the manuscript in the area. Search the red chest, and move to the
middle of the electric generators with the wires. Two large enemies will be in
the vicinity, so use your light sources immediately.

Hail the little lift vehicle, and head on it. Move up, and head down onto the
other side of the yard. Rush through the forest area, and move round to the
nearby building. There's an enemy that will burst through the door, and some
goodies, but there's also a console you'll have to activate. Wait at the end of
the cliff for the bridge to come, then move through.

Run and push off the birds as they come. At the end, wait for the bridge to
take you to the other side while you take on the taken crows. Head into the
nearby building and take the stuff lying around. In the next car littered road
area, you'll have your pals on the chopper to back you up. Move through for a
while, and you won't come across any enemies....yet.

When you finally do, hide behind the light of the chopper. Take the enemies out
and move through for the next wave. Use your flares on the groups to save
enough ammo to take on whatever baddies may follow. If they get too close for
comfort, toss out a flash bang. There's a chest at the end of the cliff with
the water that you'll find by exploring.

There will be a multi enemy ambush waiting for you They van deal some heavy
hits if they rush you, so throw a flare if you're pressed for space. Move
through and head through the doors of the hall. Grab the goodies in the area
after the scene, and be sure to grab the flash bangs. Though there are enemies
hiding in the perimeter, you'll have to cut the power to the transformer. Be
sure to clear the area of enemies.

Head through the gate that leads to the side
of the building, and through the light. After the scene, there will be three
green consoles. Press them to gain access across. Kill the power, then head
back to Weaver. Watch your step, though. There will be strong taken, and a
possessed gate to deal with, so you'll want to get your flare out. Use it on
both waves of enemies. Head back indoors, and follow Weaver. Grab items along
the way. Moving through, you'll encounter birds.

Face them off, and move past
the bright light. Head over the tree bark for the manuscript page, and fight
off the impending doom in the form of birds. Head through to the helicopter
wreckage. Move past and join your friends. Yup, they're alive! Before YOU end
up dying, face off the enemies. Move round the path with your pals to reach the
top of the dam. Head past the bright light, and take on the fast moving
enemies. Rush through to the next safe haven, and move towards the building.
Press the switch. Head into the little enclosed space with the green switch
when the enemies are gone, and take it up.

Push the button to get the door
open. You'll be alone again, and will have to deal with possessed objects. Drop
a flare and move through the path to the top of the dam. Run past the save
haven, and move through the structure. Burn through the birds, and climb the
ladder. Control the searchlight, and use it to take on the oncoming enemies.
Use the searchlight as a turret to fend of the taken. Don't boost too much, for
the meter will signify it needing to recharge.

Run through when things go from
weird to weirder, and move down the stairs. Watch for the planks by your feet
that may fall. Head through and move through the staircase that leads down
indoors. Keep rushing through the flights of stairs, and you'll meet up with
your buddies. Move on to end the chapter.

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Grab your glasses by the desk, and grab the painkillers from the shelf. Listen
to the message on the machine. Head to the T.V. and watch the show. After the
scene, head to the car and drive. Follow the objective marker to Cauldron Lake.
Head out of the car prior to the building (for some items), and run the rest of
the way. Grab the items, and then turn back and hop in a vehicle. Head on. Head
out during the tunnel sequence, and run towards the light. It'll be dark again.
Dodge the dangers. Head through and grab a ride.

Drive through the road, and watch for the little enemies dying to get road
killed. Head to the left by the glowing sign, and head out when you get to the
building. Head into the house and search the red chest. In the house, grab the
ammo, and searching the rooms, you'll come across some baddies. Head back to
the car after searching the house, and drive on.

Head through and some environmental taken will try and hinder you. Head out of
the car when you get through to the bridge, and move through the blocked path.
Have your flashlight ready for the moving items, though. Catch your breathe
when none or flinging at you, because they can hit hard, and there isn't much
to take cover behind. Use your flare when the going gets tough. At the bright
light, head into the car and drive on. Drive through the uneven, and decimated
environment. Use your headlights on the possessed truck.

Before the car blows up, head into the barn with the light, and aim your
flashlight on the truck. Use the area for shelter, and keep rushing back in.
Once you're done taking care of business, head into the truck nearby, and drive
through. A school bus will come flinging its way to you eventually, and if it
hits you, you'll have to find another vehicle. There are still possessed
creatures in the environment, so watch out. As you head through the pile of
cars on foot, watch for the liquid darkness on the ground.

Head through the tunnel, and you'll be pursued by the taken. Use a flash bang,
and keep running. If that didn't do enough to stop them, you'll have to use
flares. There's ammunition littered across the floor, so be sure to take them.
Head forth, and you'll near a save haven. Grab the vehicle, and keep moving.
Take the right path at the Larsen sign, and keep going. Head to the industrial
indoors area, and you'll have to fight some taken. There's some ammo and a safe
haven on the way through, though.

There'll be a garage like area with a sign on the front. Enemies are in the
area, but your main goal is to press the switch upstairs. Head into the car
after you do so, and drive through the dirt path. Head up and over the ramp,
and keep moving through the junk yard. After you get out on foot, head towards
the safe haven, and climb the ladder. Press the button to start the generator,
and move back down. Dun dun duuuun! You'll have a bulldozer to take out now.
Throw a flare or two it its path and be sure not to let it touch you, as it can
deal some heavy damage. Rush to the safe haven and grab a vehicle.

Take it and move through. Head out at the next blockage, and move to the indoor
area. There's a heavy object you'll have to push. Head round and turn on the
yellow light sources, and there'll be a large quake. Alternate between the two
lights, and keep them working. Take out the hostiles while doing this. One of
them has a chainsaw, so waste no expense in using your flare to keep the others
at bay before you go in with your heavy weapons. By the searchlight, you can
grab some goodies. Use it when more enemies pour at you.

Use flares too if they flank you. There will be multiple chainsaw enemies to
take care of. Moe towards the inside of the light and face them, turn the
searchlight, or drop flares to take them out. Either way, you'll have to be
careful. When the coast is clear, head to the large building structure that's
blocked by a heavy load. Push the load, and move in.

Push the other one out, and head on towards the light. Rush though, and you'll
be getting closer to the Lake. Jump into the mine cart, and release the brake.
Looking up will let you know what to expect. There are numerous birds waiting
to swoop in for the kill. Head out of the cart when you're able to, and then
move into the next bright light. Rush through the path, as you're getting so
close to the end, and climb the ladder. Take on the birds, and push the heavy

Watch the birds, as there'll still be a lot of them. Rush forward, and keep
running, and dodging the enemies. Move to the next safe spot, as opposed to
fighting them. Keep moving, and it'll rain trucks. Well actually truck,
singular. Take out the baddies that follow. Use a flare of two if you need to.
I know you feel the anticipation as well, you're nearing the end! The flare
should be used so that you have enough time to start the light generator.

Keep moving through, and it'll rain more objects. Flares are the way to go as
you move through the dark and dank path. There are scores of enemies that will
try to take you on, so keep moving, and use your flares to gain breathing room.
Start the next light generator, and move on. Grab the loot on the ground, and
keep moving. Be sure to dodge as you head up the stairs and into the light.

Keep moving and through the indoor area. Grab the stuff lying around, and head
down, where the red chest is in view. Keep moving and looting, and you'll have
to get the generator running. Head past the sparking wire to the tank cylinder
and start the generator. Use flares on the oncoming enemies. Press the next
switch with the glowing green light, and more enemies will come to you.

Head to the bright light, and press the lift switch. You path will be blocked
off again. Toss your flares into the fray and focus your light. Rush straight
through the flung objects, and head towards the tornado. Grab the flare guns
from the chest and let 'em flyyyy! You've got an unlimited supply of them. Head
through the area, and look for the clicker.

Flash through the fake Alice and the glowing light to get it, and watch the
scene. Run through when you get control again, and burn through the words that
impede your path. Keep moving till you get to the last cut scenes.
Congratulations, you've just beaten the game. Alan? Alan. Wake up.


This guide is copyright of 2010 Jim Jememies (dontyoulookatme).

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