Steam Announces New Worms Game, Worms Reloaded

Ten years after Worms Armageddon, and a few sequels that were not nearly up to par, Steam has announced a new Worms game titled Worms Reloaded which will be out on August 26th, 2010. Worms Reloaded is an all-new edition specifically designed to work for new PC's with Steam. If you are like me, you have tried to get Worms Armageddon and it's sequel Worms World Party to work on your Windows 7 or Vista PC, but the games just were not designed to work on newer systems. I have tried many patches and fixes, but have not been able to get them to work, no matter what. Well our dreams have come true, finally a great 2D worms game that works perfectly on your new PC. Now the long wait begins. Less than a month, will seem like an eternity.