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Star Wars Force Unleashed II Holocron Guide by ametufus.

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This guide was writen using the U.S. Xbox 360 version of the game. Any
version differences will be accounted for upon discovery, but are not
initially my responsibility.

Hello, and welcome to my humble holocron guide, there are just a few things
you should know before you read on. First, this guide deals with those colored
cubes you find all scattered about, and nothing more. I highly suggest that
you beat the game before attempting to collect all of these, as I like to
comment on some of the plot elements, for conversational purposes. That, and I
find it deducts from the story if you waste energy finding these on the first

Now, the basic premise here is to give you a detailed description of the
effects of each holocron, and where it is/how to get it. If you have trouble
finding some of the holocrons, then I suggest you either cross-reference with
another guide or switch to another guide altogether. There are no holocrons on
either boss level.

In any case, the basic layout of the holocron locations is as thus:



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Who does anything these days without some kind of reward? No matter. There
are ample rewards for the collecting of holocrons. Perhaps the biggest reason
is the lovely achievement you get for getting them all. But if that doesn't
do it for you, then you'll be happy to know that there are many more rewards
to be offered. The rewards are as follows:

New Saber Crystals
New Costumes
More Health
More Force Energy
More Experience

The Escape

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01) First Catwalks
Once you use grip to pull out the platform, the holocron should appear on
the median platform. It's quite hard to miss.
Saber Crystal: Chaos

02) Flame Hallway
Continue till you enter a hallway with flams shooting from the floor.
Dash past these, and you should see the holocron right in front of you.
This is another difficult to miss holocron.
Saber Crystal: Meditation

03) Second Catwalks
This one is right after the last. Once you head outside, kill everything,
and head around the circular catwalk. The holocron is on a platform
extending from the middle of this half-circle catwalk.
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

04) Force Field Room
After you drop the fields by throwing items into the panels, continue to
the next room. The holocron is sitting over the table, it is quite

05) Third Catwalks
This is once again very hard to miss. Continue the level until you reach
the area where you use grip to raise the platform. Continue from here to
the gap, and you should see the holocron floating above said gap. use
a jump-jump-dash to get it.

06) Flee For Your Life Hallway
This one is almost right after the previous. After you kill the shield
droid, head through the door and turn left, should be right there. Don't
go down the hallway, as a scene will ensue, and you won't be able to get
back to this holocron
Blue Bacta Tank (Force Energy)

The Eastern Arch

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01) Landing Platform
After you get the bridge to extend, rather than going inside the building,
go left across the second bridge. The holocron is behind some crates.
Saber Crystal: Protection

02) First Tram Area
Continue until you reach the point where you must raise some platforms to
go on. Once you do, the holocron is on the end of the catwalk you're
supposed to go to in order to continue the level. There's actually a
small cutscene showing it's location.

03) Catwalks
Continue onward until you force push your way through a door. Make your
way through this building, and when you push your way outside again, the
holocron is on your left next to the door.
Saber Crystal: Fury

04) Second Hallway Set
Continue till you reach another interior. The holocron is under the
spherical decoration in the middle. Use force grip to move it.
Saber Crystal: Healing

05) Flee For Your Life Bridge
Continue till you go up an elevator and stop. Look out the door. See it
all the way down there? Yeah, the bridge is going to blow up as you run
accross it, so when that happens, you have to jump and pick it up as you
Blue Bacta Tank (Force Energy)

06) First Casino Room
In the first room after the bridge sequence, the holocron can be found
happily languishing on the bridge in front of you. You should be able to
see it as you walk in.
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

07) Second Casino Room
Right after you fall down the elevator shaft, look to your right. The
holocron is sitting on the bridge, in quite the same fashion that 06 was.

08) Jabba Hologram Room
Continue until you reach a room with a hologram of jabba the hutt and three
slot machines in front of it. Kill those slot machines, and the holocron
will pop out. Theres actually a statue of Guybrush pointing at the
Costume: Guybrush Threepkiller

The Western Arch

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01) Starting Platform
As soon as you start, walk around the structure to your right. In between
the two little structures is the holocron. You start the level not 10
feet away from this one.

02) Force Field Catwalk
Continue until you reach the catwalk with the force fields on it. Destroy
the fields, and continue to where there is a stack of 3 crates. The
holocron is in the air a little past this, you should have seen it from
a little back on the catwalk. Put one of these crate things underneath it
and jump-jump to get it.
Saber Crystal: Chaos

03) Paratrooper Room
After you kill the two shield droids, continue into the next room. Once
inside, the holocron is a little to the left, in the center of the room.
Another way to know this is the correct room is to notice that this is
the room where the paratroopers will shoot at you from through the
Blue Bacta Tank (Force Energy)

04) Barricade Bridge
Continue past the first two barricades. The holocron is in the middle of
the bride right between the second and third barricades.
(I remember this being somewhere else the first time? Is this a glitch?
if its not there, check the sides of the barricades.)
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

05) Bone Room
Continue until you defeat the gunship, and reach a room with a large
skeleton in it. Once here, take the elevator up far enough to jump onto
the skeleton, but don't take it any farther, as a cutscene will ensue.
Once on the skeleton, jump-jump-dash to the platform to the right and
claim the holocron. You can also do a dashing blast (jump-jump-dash-b)
right from the elevator to get to it.

06) Bone Room
From the position of the last holocron, if you're skilled, you can jump
down and dash into the area of this one. It's to the left of the last one
if you look at the skeleton, and quite a ways lower. If you're not
skilled, then you should be able to jump on the skeleton and then down
and into the area. This might actually be harder than the first method
Saber Crystal: Corrosion


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01) Top of Ship
Jump onto a rock and then onto the ship. Not hard. Its the easiest one I

02) Forward Cliff
From the top of the ship, walk down the front, and jump onto the cliff.
The holocron is to your right once you are on the cliff.
Saber Crystal: Life Drain

03) Next to Ship
You know that rock you used to get on the ship? Lift it up and the
holocron will be right under it. If you got onto the ship another way,
the rock in question is right behind and to the right of the ship.

04) Path
Under a rock along the path to the cave. Right past the hut.
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

05) Path
You might actually have to try and miss this one in order to not get it.
It's right in the middle of the path as you continue.
Saber Crystal: Focus

06) Path
Just forward from the last one, also in the middle of the path.

Aboard the Salvation

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01) Hallway After Terror Droids
Once you kill all the little spidery things, continue through the door,
and the holocron is right in the middle of the hallway.
Saber Crystal: Regeneration

02) Tube Room
Continue past the cutscene with Juno, and past the room and hallway with
the teleport enemies. In next room, where there is a fuse sitting next
to a door, do not put the fuse in that door. Rather, take it and go down
the other hallway, and use it with that door. The holocron is inside the
middle tube in this room.
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

03) Giant Chasm
When you get to the part where a short scene shows all the nice toasty
holes that have been carved through the ship, stop. Just below your
platform is a metal grating with the holocron on it. Drop down and get
it, then jump back quickly, as the grating will fall.
Blue Bacta Tank (Force Energy)

04) Engine Room Section 2
Continue to the room after you stop the spinny killy thing with grip.
Once there, the holocron is between two of the spinny electric thigies
to the left. Wait for them to pause, then collect the holocron.

05) Battle Room
Continue to the room with the large droid and the flames that
periodically shoot up from the floor. Now get onto one of the catwalks
and make your way toward the side nearer the giant spinny thing. Then
jump-jump-dash your way to the holocron, which is on top of a pipe next
to the spinny thing.

06) Melted Tunnel
After you beat the giant spider thing, continue into the melted hole it
made. Once you exit the tunnel, the holocron is in the corner of this
Saber Crystal: Wisdom

The Battle for the Salvation

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01) First Battle Room
In the very first room, keep fighting until some snipers appear up on the
right-side catwalk. Once they do, head up there and the holocron will
be in the pod they came in on. The pod is in the short hallway behind
the snipers.

02) Engine Room Section 2
Continue past the spinny thing in the engine room, and past the spinny
elecric thing in this next section. Now destroy the red engine cores to
the right, and the holocron will be behind them. If you drop down the
second shaft, you've gone too far.
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

03) Battle Exit Hall
Continue to the battle room and kill everything. Once finished, the
holocron is in the middle of the hallway exiting this room.
Saber Crystal: Meditation

04) Shield Droid Hall
Continue until you see a short scene with a shield droid entering though
a pod. Once you kill it, you can find the holocron in the pod it came
Saber Crystal: Incineration

05) Sniper Hall
Continue until you reach a hall with snipers at the end. Take a left at
the start of this hall and you'll see the holocron lazing about inside
the middle tank.
Blue Bacta Tank (Force Energy)

06) Elevator Shaft
When you reach a broken elevator, lift it, and drop down. The holocron
is behind you in a short hallway

07) Large Cannon Room
Once you're in the large cannon room, you can find the holocron in the
corner on the other side of the cannon, in the air. You'll have to drag
some stuff under it so you have enough height to jump to it. It may help
to stack two of them, jump to them from the top of the cannon, then to
the holocron.
Saber Crystal: Healing

The Return

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01) Starting Area
This holocron is on top of one of the junk piles in the starting area.
There should be platforms on the piles, use those to get to it.
Green Bacta Tank (Health)

02) Starting Area
This one is in front of the windows that lead into the hallways. Use one
of the junk piles and a jump-jump-dash to get to it.

03) Third Overlook Room
This holocron is up on the catwalk. To get there, jump on the pedastal
in the back corner next to said catwalk.
Blue Bacta Tank (Force Energy)

04) Catwalks
After you meet Kota, continue until you fight two of the missle shooting
walker things. On top of the structure behind them is the holocron. Jump
on some piece of debris to get the height to reach it.
Saber Crystal: Disintegration

05) Elevator Room
Continue till you go down an elevator. Once down, the holocron is to your
left, floating above the floor.
Saber Crystal: Shock

06) Cloning Room
Continue forward through the levels till you reach a cloning radial that
is not moving. There are two of these sets that do not move. You want
the second one. It is at the very end of the level.


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Permission is granted to make and distribute verbatim copies of this entire
document without royalty provided the copyright notice and this permission
notice are preserved.

copyright 2010 Conor Rice

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respective trademark and copyright holders.

(For the normal person: I don't care what you do with this guide as long as
you don't change any part of it. I'd rather you don't try and sell it, but
I don't outright ban it.)

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I like to keep track of where it's at.

The Battle for the Salvation

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1.00 Initial Release

The Battle for the Salvation

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If you find anything in this guide that is wrong, missing, or otherwise
incorrect, do not hesitate to inform me at once. I'll fix it as fast as I can,
and you'll get your name in the credits section. So, with that said, here's my

[email protected]

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And please for the love of the scientific method, dont use anything but that
address to contact me.


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Conor Rice I wrote it after all...

Thanks to:
Scott Watkins He helped find many of
the holos I couldnt