Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Solo Spec Ops Campaign Veteran Guide

Modern Warfare 3 Solo Spec Ops Campaign Veteran Guide

Here is a Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: Solo Spec Ops Campaign Veteran guide by Daniel Bradburry.

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About this document

I am the only person I know of to completely solo the entire Spec Ops
campaign in Modern Warfare 2 on Veteran, including Big Brother and
Overwatch.  While it may be easier with a partner, I have also soloed the
entire Spec Ops campaign in Modern Warfare 3 on Veteran, save the two co-op
required missions.  If you intend to take this on by yourself, this guide
is intended to help faciliate that.

Due to mission time constraints, it is virtually impossible to solo Firewall
and Fire Mission.  These absolutely MUST be done with a partner.

I know what you are thinking.  Trust me, I've done it.  If you want to know
how, feel free to email me and I'll tell you.

About me

I've been playing games now for 33 years, the first of which I 'beat' was
Pitfall II for the Atari 2600.  My god that was a long time ago.  By now, I 
have completed hundreds, if not thousands of titles on dozens of systems.

I own an onsite IT support company here in McKinney, TX where I live with my


Stay Sharp

(Page Top) Of all of the spec ops missions, this was one of the hardest to master in MW2, and in my opinion it's the same here. You will want to trade out your sidearm for the M4A1, and then hit the course. Using either assault rifle first is fine, as long as you swap weapons at the right time and never reload. The first group of targets need to be nailed with hip-burst fire, all the while moving forward. Round the corner and aim down the sight at the next group. The door won't open until they are cleared. As soon as it is, dash through. Melee the pop-out target, swap weapons and then advance on the next group. Hip-burst fire on the dogs and side target while moving forward, then aim down the sight at the next group. Again, the door won't open until this group is cleared. Dash inside and hip-burst fire on the targets, and don't hit Sandman. Your target is 28 seconds, which is rough.

Milehigh Jack

(Page Top) You've got 1:50 to capture the president, which is a little lenient. You can take some time to heal behind cover, but if you get bogged down in a firefight then you will have to restart. You do have 4 flashbangs, so make use of them. Breach the door and waste the first four. If you are lucky, you can hit a 5th in the next room as he runs across the doorway, speeding up your passage. Otherwise, flashbang the next room and waste the two stragglers. On the other side of this room are two doorways, with a guard popping out of cover on each side. Dash through the door on the right quick enough and you can take out both without either of them firing a shot. Flashbang the next room, and take them down from the left side as there is a heavier enemy presence on the right, as two guards have a bead on you from the next room over. This section is probably your only real test in this op. Waste the guard at the base of the stairs, and train your rifle at the top - there is a sentry lying in wait for you to come into view. He is in such an advantageous position that its almost impossible not to take damage. Clear him out, advance up until you have a line of sight on the door at the far end and then flashbang the group. Clear these guys out and head down the hallway. There are three guards at the door to the president's meeting room. Breach it, and then go Rambo on the room, making sure to hit the lone guard at 3 o'clock. After the breach-slowdown ends, flashbang the room and clear out the rest. Capture the president and done.

Over Reactor

(Page Top) Upon deploying to the sub, hit the sentry on the right, and then the one on the left as they come through the smoke. With no cover, you can be killed outright if you don't get the drop on them. Descend into the sub, and begin clearing the walkways. Make sure to take out everyone on the second floor - you do not need to head downstairs here in the first room. From your elevated vantage point, you can shoot through the floor and take out troops on ground level without much retailiation. After some time, a guard will open the exit door for you on the second floor, and you can move on. Head quickly to the left side and drop to ground level. Kill enemies in your way and head out of this room asap - the exit is in the middle on the lower level. Clear out enemies around the valve. Turn it, and then slowly make your way to the exit. Climb out of the sub and hightail it to the other end through the smoke. You will be taking fire from the rear but keep running. An enemy helo will drop troops on top of you one by one. Gun them down and your ride will swing by to pick you up.

Hit And Run

(Page Top) Trade your machine gun for the stinger, and then begin sniping guards at a distance. Very shortly, two enemy helos will arrive. Shoot one down with the stinger, and grab an LMG in its place. Blast the other with it while staying in cover. Your most immediate threat is a sentry on a balcony to your far left. He is in very close proximity to your position, and will harass and/or kill you until deal with him, so take him out first. Keep burning through sniper rounds, clearing out the forces on the ground. Eventually one of your primary targets will take to the roof in front of you, and you can take him down from your starting point. Once things quiet down, keep in cover and advance towards the second target. Clear the building, and you will get your assignment to rescue the hostages. Bring two LMGs with you, and wipe everything out around the container they are holed up in. Reload both LMGs, and then rescue the hostages. Stand inside the container with your butt in their faces, and unload your LMG into the troops at a distance. Use burst fire while aiming down the sight, and you can eradicate the entire enemy force quickly without much harm coming to you. As you are running low on ammo in the clip, swap weapons. Eventually a second force will arrive with an enemy helo. Ignore the helo, as it can't touch you in this position, and keep wiping out the troops. Eventually your ride will show up, and everyone will flee.

Toxic Paradise

(Page Top) The key here is slow, steady, and patience. Make liberal use of your air support grenades, as they are unlimited and powerful. Once you take the first two samples, there is a large force at the foot of the stairs that will wear you down. Push through and use a grenade on the vehicle at the top of the stairs. Refill your ammo here before moving on. After climbing the ladders, you will have a riot shield enemy to deal with. Flashbang him, which makes him lower his shield. Gun him down, and then go back and refill your ammo. After picking up your third sample, another vehicle pulls up. Grenade it, and then turn your attention to the courtyard where the 4th sample lies in wait. Clear this whole place out, and grab the sample. Kill everyone in the restaurant, and then refill your ammo before heading out the door to the alley. Throw a AC-130 smoke grenade into the alley and then quickly dash outside, which spawns the juggernaut. Run back inside, and he will get caught in the AC-130's blasts. Amazingly, this should not be enough to kill him. Lure him back through cover, blasting him with the LMG and flashbanging him. He will drop quickly enough. Head into the two-story building, and begin clearing everyone out from the second floor. When the troops rappel down, you can always retreat back downstairs and hit them from behind cover here as well. Once they are all gone, get both remaining samples and head out to the street. As you prepare to enter the final building, 3 or 4 riot shield guards will stand in your way. Run away, and throw a smoke grenade at the door of that building (outside, not in). The AC-130 should kill most if not all of them. Flashbang any stragglers and make your way to the chopper.


(Page Top) Success and failure of this op is completely at the mercy of the person who controls the turret. The field agent has four minutes to get to extraction at the subway entrance, and that is a long way from the starting point. When the mission begins, the turret has to take out an entire alleyway, about 9 people. There will be a lone gunman stepping out in front of the field agent that must be neutralized by either teammate. After all enemies in the alley are down, the turret controller must cycle to the second turret and take out the 2 down the other alley. Once the agent gets close, 2 more pop out to attack the agent in this second alley. These 2 must also be gunned down quickly. The agent then transitions control to 2 new turrets. Once control changes, the turret must kill the 4 gunmen in view, and the agent needs to dash in and up the stairs. He needs to make a right, and before entering the door into the next room, needs to hide just to the left of the door and wait. The turret controller needs to swap control to the second turret and aim it down the hallway next to the field agent. A LOT of troops will come from in front of and behind the agent, and must be all taken down by the turret. Once the death ends, the agent is free to move on. Proceeding around the corner and up the stairs, the agent must neutralize two guards on his own, and then transition turret control over to 2 new turrets. He must then bust out the window and run into the parking lot. The turret controller meanwhile now has his hands full again, with two inbound transport helos, a small army on the ground, and then an inbound attack helo. All must be neutralized quickly, and the agent needs to start running towards the warehouses in the distance. There will be two guards popping into sight coming from the warehouses that this turret can hit, then it needs to change to turret number 2 behind the warehouse. The agent needs to either go alongside of the warehouse or through it, while the turret takes out 4 or 5 guards gunning for him. It's possible that the agent will be forced to handle the last guard himself, and then transition turret control to 2 new turrets. The turret controller now needs to spin his turret 180 degrees, and begin hitting targets from a distance. This needs to be ongoing for 7-8 seconds, until the agent closes the distance. Turret control needs to be swapped to turret number 2, which is the primary vantage point for killing damn near everything near the exit. Baseplate will inform you that two attack helos are inbound, one of which can be hit with the current turret. The other needs to be taken out from turret number 1. With everything out of commission, the agent can run for the exit.

Fatal Extraction

(Page Top) Like the last mission, success is in having both a plan and patience. Step outside of the church, and burst fire while aiming down the sight at the 4 guards on the elevated structure to the right. Two will be visible immediately, while two will come running out when you start firing. Turn your attention to the three below you and in front at the base of the stairs, and headshot them all. Now enters your biggest threat here - hyenas. They are no more prevalent in any other mission than here. If they hit you, on this difficulty it's an instant knockdown with about a quarter-second window to hit the right thumbstick or you die. It's fairly cheap, and your best defense here is going to be hip-burst fire while backing up. Oh, and do NOT try to melee them. Two will come running up the stairs at you, one at a time. Take them both out, and then carefully shoot through the railing at the two enemies over on the right. This way you mitigate their incoming damage fairly well. Do not head down the stairs. Now, on the other side of the elevated platform you are standing on (left side), you will find a nasty surprise. Turrets are placed sporadically around the level which will kill you fast if you don't ambush them. One is conveniently placed here on the ground, which you should shoot out. Head back over to the right side of the platform, where you can see another facing across the field. Quickly run behind it and smash it, preparing for another nasty surprise. Now spawning on the opposite side (left), are four enemies at the balconies. Hide behind the railing you shot through previously, and shoot over it to take them out. One target is up high, with three more on a lower level. Head over to the bodies of the two guards you killed on the right, and two more guards will pop out on the street. Begin firing from inside through the windows on the remaining guards in the middle of the field. You will have another incoming hyena, so back up further inside this building to give yourself a bit of a lane to hit it. At the far end of the field is a third turret, which you should target while killing all remaining enemies. Anything that's left will be hunkered over there. Once it is all quiet, grab all of the intel and head to the 'exit'. You are halfway done. Ready your semtex and chuck it at the three enemies that run through the door at you. Duck behind cover and hope you see +300. Once they are all dead, step outside onto the wooden platform. You will be standing up here for a while. Kill the dude that climbs out the window across the street from you, and get ready for another hyena that runs up on the platform with you. You have no recourse other than a close quarters fight with it. There is a turret directly in your line of sight, facing down the street. Take it out asap, and then begin killing off the soldiers in your way. You can hit some of them through the windows of the building in front of you. Once it is fairly clear, you can finally step down. Slowly proceed down the street. At the far end, behind a fence is another turret. You can barely see it, but you can certainly take it down from here. Do so. Halfway down the street, you will spawn two more hyenas. This time, you have good range on them, so you can aim down the sight to kill them off. Continue sneaking forward, as there is another turret on a rooftop to the left. You can hit the edge of it and get away scott-free. There are 7-8 guards inside the building to the left. Single them out one by one and wipe out everyone in there - watch for two that are hiding inside on the right. You should now have all of the intel, and will be given another directive. Head in that direction, slowly. There is another turret on the rooftop to the right, which you can hit the edge of. When you are about halfway down this street, two more hyenas will spawn. This time, they are a bit too close to go aiming down the sight, so you will need to hip-fire them. While crawling through the pipe, do so while aiming down the sight. A guard will pop his face in view and begin firing, and you have nowhere to move. Climb the ladder, and carefully pick off everyone you can with your assault rifle. Once you are all clear, laze the target with either weapon.

Hostage Taker

(Page Top) You are about to murder an entire Russian platoon with your knife, so get ready. For this mission, you don't need to be incredibly careful. In fact, I did a lot of running out in the open. Just don't be running near a guard and you should be fine. Stab the first guy you see, and then double back to the other side of the car, getting the guy leaning and then the guy patrolling just past him. Take off towards the prisoner and the two guards. Let them kill him, and then knife both of them from behind. Hoofing it, you should be near the parked vehicles with two guards walking in a column away from you. Wait a second, as another guard walks up behind the first two. Follow them, and take out all three one after the other. Sneak over to the far right and get the guy leaning on the car. Now all that's left in this area are the two that have killed the prisoner, and the three in a group. Stay as far to the right as you can, and crawl next to the bulldozer. This will take you pretty close to the group of three, but they won't spot you. Stand up and run behind the container. Moving as you should, the enemy helo will be passing by at this moment. Dash into the bushes on the right. There is a guy facing you directly, looking into the trees. Dash out, stab him and then run back. A sentry will pass by you, heading the other way, and you can cap him too. Turn your attention to the two that are standing one behind the other. The second guy might notice you just as he dies, but that's no worry. Get the last guy looking the other way, and then get back into the treeline. There is a soldier searching the bushes you can hit from behind, and then you have a group of three to deal with. Start with the guy on the left, and stab them all in order. The last guy will notice you, but won't be able to do anything while dead. Here there is a blackened cavitation made by the plane as it went down, with two more patrolling. If they are both facing away, stab them. If they are separated, and one is facing you, double tap them both in the chest. At this point, you will want to make sure that you pick up an AK74U. Put it away, and keep out your pistol. A lone guard will patrol on the other side of the log. Knife him, and then double tap the single guard that killed the last prisoner. Head toward Alena, and you will hear a shout. A guard will somehow know that you are here, so dash into the trees. Either stab or double tap him, and then head towards the level's end. Before you bring Alena into view, in the distance you will see the silhouette of a guard. Double tap him from here with the pistol. Slowly inch your way to the left, bringing the last two guards into your line of sight. Double tap the one on your left as soon as he is visible. Ready your AK74U, and then step out in front of Alena. You have much better accuracy with this weapon, and a single headshot when Alena pulls away finishes the mission. A miss can cause you to restart.

Charges Set

(Page Top) This mission is incredibly easier than the first version. Trade out your sidearm for the P90. Breach the first door, and aim down the sight on the targets. Dash left, hip-burst fire on the first set of targets while moving forward, and then aim down the sight on the next set. Breach the next door, and aim down the sight during the breach slow motion. Swap weapons just afterwards, and melee the pop-out target. Hip-burst fire the next set of targets moving forward, and then aim down the sight on the last two groups. Sprint to the finish - target time is 33 seconds.

Resistance Movement

(Page Top) As before, patience and planning. This mission is all about precision sniping - once you fire on a target, you cannot miss. If you do, there is about a second and a half window before you are 'spotted', and 4 guards enter the map and mow you down. You can kill a target with a hit on virtually any part of the body, so aim for the chest. Walk out to the door of the building, and from within hit the patrolling guard on the far right facing you. He will eventually get close and spot you, so take him down first. Take out the other two patrolling outside, and then exit the building. Two guards are escorting a prisoner, and are soon to execute him. Wait until you have a full body view of the left guard, then take out the one on the right. The reason for this is just in case he goes prone, you can still nail him. Run towards the prisoner, and halfway there go into a crouch and sneak around the left side of the vehicle. Go prone and aim under the car towards the building on the right. There are two guards on patrol inside. This spot gives you a good view of one of them. Take him out, go back to crouch and stand at the rear of the vehicle. Watch and wait for the second to appear, and nail him too. Escort the prisoner and start heading up the road. About 105m from the next waypoint, a prisoner will run laterally across the road, being chased by a dog. Be in crouch beforehand, and hit the dog in stride. If the dog touches the prisoner, he's instantly dead. Quickly hit the two guards that are following the dog, and then escort him too. Sneak down the street, and two guards will appear from different locations. They will converge in your scope for an easy one-shot-two-kill. Keep sneaking up on the left side, and behind a vehicle are two guards and a sleeping dog. Nail the dog, then the guards. It's possible to hit the dog and a guard's foot in a single shot, but don't count on it. At the end of the street, you will turn left and enter a building. As you round the corner, two more guards come walking out one at a time. Single shot each of these. Go inside, and draw your pistol. Stay crouched, keep moving, and knife everything you see. The first six sentries can be easily and silently killed without detection. Hit the first one from behind. The next two are standing next to each other - hit the left one first, just as the right one recognizes that you are there he'll be dead. Keep moving quickly and you can overtake the next lone guard from behind. Walk up and hit the one leaning on the wall, and then the guy in the chair (who has no idea what's going on). The last guard at the exit needs to be double-tapped with your pistol. Wait to exit the building, and watch the two guards running to the right. Let them get a bit of distance, and then target the three together. Aim at the waist of the left sentry, and then track them laterally to the right taking them all out. You need to move fast here, or a prisoner will be shot. Take out the two from behind that ran past the door, and the aim at the end of the courtyard. Hit the guy in the chair, the guy standing next to him, and then the last one to the right who escorted up the prisoner. Run over and free him too, and then run to the fence and climb it. On the other side of the fence are two sentries standing together that can be one-shotted. Take out the next two to the right, and then aim at the final group of the op. There are two dogs, one of which is sleeping, and two guards, one of which you only have a chest shot on. Hit the dogs first, then the soldiers. If you can take them out without being detected, run to the truck.

Little Bros

(Page Top) There is really no definitive strategy to this one. It's a standard run and gun, with unlimited enemies at certain points. Stay in cover and do what you can for 30 seconds, until your air support arrives. Pick off any ground units and board the helo. You will be airlifted to the roof of the target building. Upon delivery, avoid the temptation to go all the way around to the door - instead go straight towards it and vault over the low obstruction. Keep clearing and advancing, letting the helo take position to provide cover fire. They will really help you out a lot here. When the smoke starts, get your thermal out. Turn it off when it clears, and head down to the bomb. Wait until you have a fairly clear path to the exit before arming it: in 60 seconds the building will explode. Blast and stab your way to the helo and lift off. Gun down a few as you fly away.

Invisible Threat

(Page Top) Stay out of the street, and use your predator drone as much as you can. There are positions on either side of the street that are well out of sight and behind walls. Use these to regroup and heal up before picking off more troops. When you have a fairly clear path, run out and defuse an IED, then get back to your defensive position. Keep an open path to an ammo box, as you will need to rearm a couple times in this op. After 4 are defused, a tank will show up and you will have a couple of dogs hit the map. Hit the tank with an AGM, and keep an eye out for the dogs. When there is one left, an enemy helo will be inbound. Use your LMG to take it out. You will see a couple more dogs while you defuse the last few IEDs.

Server Crash

(Page Top) This one is actually not as bad as you might think. The only scary part is defending the DSM, which I found a decent solution for. The on-rails vehicle section is easy... well, as long as you don't miss. Immediately crouch and face out the back. While crouched, you will survive all weapon fire from every ground based infantry unit. Your only concern is taking out the 7 vehicles along the way. If you miss one, you die. The first one comes into view at 6 o'clock fairly soon. Use either the secondary fire grenade launcher, or your primary weapon. Either way, disable the vehicle with a single shot. The next will be crossing a bridge towards you at 9 o'clock. Immediately afterwards, spin back to 6 o'clock for the third. Maintain this view, as the vehicle makes a right turn and the fourth will appear at 6 as well. The driver heads up two flights of stairs, and then you can face straight ahead to catch #5. If you miss him, you have some time to spin 180 degrees and hit him facing backwards as you race by. Face forwards again to take out the last two. Get off the rolling deathtrap, and pull out your assault rifle. Stalk your way into the building, clearing out the resistance. Once you reach the downward ladder, make sure that no one is standing at the bottom. If there is, you amazingly can't shoot him - use the secondary fire grenade launcher to kill him. Drop down, and fall back to hug the wall. Fire into the crowd that's to your left, and dash across the hall to some decent cover. In this passage, you have a bit of room to hide and dodge grenades, so it makes a great position from which to take over the passageway. Press forward to the metal stairway. Realize that any living enemies are carrying flashlights. Once you kill them, they are very nice and turn them off for you, making it easier to track your targets. There are 3 or 4 on the steps, and then about 3-4 in the server room. Due to the smoke, you will be unable to get a good view of the opposition in the server room, so use the secondary fire grenade launcher to clear them out. Once everyone is dead, take stock of your situation, and plan your approach. Grab and set up claymores wherever you like. I grabbed the AK grenadier, which came with 11 more grenades I employed heavily here. The problem running this solo is that you need to be able to manage two directions simulaneously - which I found nearly impossible with just an assault rifle. I would hear the claymores click and blow, and realize that they weren't killing much. I finally settled on a solution that seemed to work really well. I stood in the open, in the corner where I could see down one tunnel they would come from and through the server room to where the stairs were. I only kept out the grenade launcher, and anytime I saw an enemy approaching I sent a grenade in his direction. After about 2 kills at the stairs and 5-6 down the tunnel, the download finished. I was hit a few times, but never uprooted from my position. Clean out any that are hiding in the server room, and grab the DSM. Once you climb to the top of the stairs, a juggernaut will run at you down the passage. He is very easy to murder with an LMG, using corner cover, falling back and flashbangs. Make sure that you don't just run past him, as there is a prolonged firefight at your evac, and he will just catch up to you and kill you. Once you are at your vehicle, take your time eliminating the opposition before getting on board. There are about 5-6 outside, which is the perfect opportunity for a grenade launcher.

Smack Town

(Page Top) The beginning of this op is fairly cheap. Use your LMG to take out the vehicle, aiming for the gunner and then the driver, and then quickly switch to your secondary weapon's grenade launcher. While onboard the helo, you appear to have less health than normal and you are a sitting duck. Blast pockets of enemies to thin their numbers, and when the helo swings your vision to the right, switch back to the assault rifle's primary mode. Gun down the opposition this way until the chopper makes a full circle around the building. Pull out the LMG for long distance targeting against the RPG bearing enemies. Keep out the LMG until you land - you need it to destroy the vehicle and kill its gunner. Upon landing, you are completely and fully reloaded. Quickly hide behind the container to your left, and begin picking off the enemy infantry. These guys do not respawn infinitely - once you enter a certain area or perform a specific function, limited reinforcements appear in certain places. Target the stockpile furthest away from you (call it target A), on the right. While using the buildings for cover, the only way to it is to go inside a nearby building, climb to the roof, and jump from rooftop to rooftop. Arm it, drop down and get back inside the building, and blow it. You want to do target building A first, because if you clear target B before clearing A, target B is repopulated once you blow target A's stash. Clear out the opposition in and around target B. There is decent opposition on the second floor, so use a grenade launcher to thin them out from inside and below. Set charges and blow target B, and then resist the urge to run to the exfil. There is a final enemy spawn that surrounds your current position that must be dealt with carefully. Once cleared, or you have an open avenue, run to extraction.

Flood The Market

(Page Top) This mission is rightfully the most difficult one you will face. The opening area is of moderate difficulty, while the middle section is terribly easy, and the last part is pure hell. Snap on your ACOG sight, and go to town on the infantry while hiding behind the car. Take out about 12-15 of them before pushing forward. Once you pass the first hot dog stand on the right, an enemy transport helo arrives to drop in 6 troops. There are two rappel ropes: one coming out of the side, and another out the rear. Aim for the rear (the left one) and hit the four troops as they drop. With luck, you can kill them all. Keep gunning down the opposition as you continue your advance. Look for the vehicle gunner's head straight ahead of you and take him out. It makes things a bit easier. Advance past the second hot dog stand and get near the steps, and then hightail it back to where you stood when you fired on the chopper. Two dogs will come charging at you along the foot of the stairs, and from here you can take them down by aiming down the sight. That's it for the dogs - whew! Put an XM-25 round between the columns on your right, taking out 2-3 of the guards up there. Dash up the stairs and take over this area. From your elevated vantage point, take out the troops in the field with the XM-25 or assault rifle - your choice. Make sure to take out the vehicles with the XM-25, and there is a second one with a second gunner. Be aware. Enter the stock exchange, and re-arm. Head upstairs and pull out the XM-25. This part looks scary as hell. Infinitely spawning enemies, it's difficult to track them, and you have to run like a rabbit to get the codes you need and get out. Well, good news, it's actually pretty easy. All of the extraneous debris and structures in there makes it pretty darn hard for them to hit you. In fact, I spend a lot of my time here alternating from full sprint to duck and cover. You can get in and out in about 30 seconds if you are good (and brave). Start firing the XM-25 into the crowd, and aim to take out 6-7 of them, then swap weapons and haul ass into the room towards your first code. The ones on the outside are easy to grab; it's the ones to the interior that are a bit more panicky. Stay down, keep moving, and only engage enemies in your way. Once you grab all three, run to the rooftop. You can make it up the ladder fairly unscathed. Here is a very important and special trick: stand at the top of the ladder and wait. You will have about 10 enemies that are really pissed that you ran away and will all come up the ladder after you. It takes about 30 seconds, but they will come like lemmings and you can blast them all in the skull as they climb after you. Once every one is dead, turn your attention to what will most likely kill you - the roof. The two rooftops on the opposite side have infinitely spawning enemies, armed with rifles and RPGs. One shot from an RPG will turn you red, and a single bullet after that will end you. Those guys are pretty good shots. An enemy transport helo will come in after you ascend the stairs and drop troops behind you. These guys will come in and try to take position around the tower, gunning and nading for you when they see you. Once the transmission starts, another enemy gun chopper arrives and opens fire on your position. As the transmission commences, your position is hit with mortars and gas grenades, the latter of which continually requires you to relocate and expose yourself to enemy fire. Oh, and if you get too far away from the tower the signal times out and has to be restarted, so you can't run away. My solution was to race up the steps and start the transmission, and then completely ignore the gun chopper and other rooftops, and focus my attention on the landing troops and just staying alive. In the end, I heroically hid under a table begging for them to just stop shooting at me please. After hiding here and there avoiding the gas, I managed to survive the required 2 or so minutes. It is important to note that when the upload completes, you still have to wait 5-6 seconds or so until overlord stops talking, and you can still be killed at this point (just like me).

Fire Mission

(Page Top) This mission, while easy, requires intent focus on behalf of both team members. The AC-130 must be dedicated to killing everything, and the field agent must be intent on hauling ass. The agent needs to jump off the balcony to the left, and stick to the left side of the field, going through the construction yard for better cover. The AC-130 commander needs to blast the hell out of everything in proximity of the ground unit, and not kill it in the process. There is a very short window for the agent to reach his waypoint, blow the door, and deactivate the SAM sites. Afterwhich, he needs to exit the building the same way he came in, move to the next waypoint, and climb the stairs outside. Upstairs, he can activate the blast doors, after which the AC-130 needs to quickly decimate everything between him and the doors. Once the agent enters the doors, it's over.


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