Minecraft MCPatcher

MCPatcher for Minecraft texture packs by Kahr.

Description: The newest version of MCPatcher has been released! This program is required if you want to use most Minecraft texture packs. You only need to run it once, and then you will be able to use any texture pack with no problems.

MCPatcher Full Instructions:

1. Download the correct version of MCpatcher for your operating system.

2. Double-click the patcher. You should see this:

3. If you would like Better Grass (full grass texture on the sides of grass blocks next to other grass blocks), check the box next to Better Grass.

4. Click Patch. You do not need to select a texture pack at this point.

5. Start the game.

6. Click Mods and Texture Packs.

7. Click Open Texture Packs folder. If nothing happens, just go to the texturepacks folder in .minecraft instead.

8. Copy all your texture packs into that folder.

You only need to do this once, so enjoy switching between texture packs without repatching the game.


(This download link was down but has been fixed. We apologize for any inconvenience.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

My virus scanner says the patcher has a virus!

Some scanners detect WS.Reputation.1. It is a false positive that can be ignored. WS.Reputation.1 isn't so much a virus as it is the scanner saying "This file is new, so I don't trust it." See this post by shinji257 for more information.

HD Textures or one of the other mods is greyed out.

If you install mods by hand before running the patcher, you may run into this problem. Start from a clean minecraft.jar instead and this should never happen. Delete the bin folder in .minecraft and redownload it. Try patching again first without any mods. If that works, then add mods one at a time using the patcher as described above.

The grass blocks are grey when I enable Better Grass.

This happens when you install ModLoader after patching. Use the patcher instead, and it will install ModLoader properly. See above section "Installing other Mods" for details.

I installed XXX Mod using the patcher and now the game crashes.

Try using the Up/Down arrows in the patcher to apply mods in a different order. In my experience, putting other mods before HD Textures, etc., (which is the default behavior) works better, but you can also try moving them after.

I tried installing XXX Mod both above and below HD Textures, etc., and it didn't work.

If you tried installing both ways and it didn't work, then you're out of luck. You'll have to choose between HD textures and the other mod. Unless the source code for the mod is available, I probably won't be able to fix the incompatibility.

All this patching, repatching, installing, and uninstalling mods has made a mess of things. Now I just want to start fresh.

Delete the bin folder in your .minecraft directory and run the game's launcher again to redownload everything. If the game still crashes, delete options.txt as well to force the game to use the default textures again. You will have to redo your settings and key mappings if you do this.

The "Open Texture Packs Folder" button in the game doesn't work. / Where do I put my texture packs?

Navigate to the appropriate folder for your OS. The texturepacks folder will be in there.

Windows XP - C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\.minecraft
Windows Vista/7 - C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft
MacOS - From your home directory, go to Library -> Application Support -> minecraft
Linux - ~/.minecraft

As a shortcut, in Windows, you can also press Windows key+R, then type %APPDATA%\.minecraft\texturepacks and hit Enter.

When I select a particular texture pack, nothing changes.

Open the texture pack's .zip file and check that the files are in the right place. terrain.png should be in the root of the zip. If the zip contains a single folder with everything under it, it will not work. Take everything out of the folder and zip it back up. Other than that, do not unzip texture packs. Simply download them and place the .zip file as-is into the texturepacks folder.

Correctly zipped pack:

The game crashes with an out of memory error or I get white boxes in place of some of the textures.

This mainly happens with 32-bit OSes and 256x texture packs, but there are things you can try:
If you are running a 64-bit OS, download the 64-bit version of Java. For Windows it is available here.. The first few lines of the patcher log tell you what version of Java you are running.
In the patcher options panel, there is an option to set the Java heap size. If you are running 32-bit, decrease the value to 768. If you are running 64-bit, try increasing it to 2048 or 3072. Note: This setting only affects the Test Minecraft button.
Uncheck "Use texture cache" on the MCPatcher Options tab. This will make switching packs slower, but it uses less memory.

Multiplayer does not work / Achievements are not saved / I get the "Unlicensed copy or logged in from another location" message when using the Test Minecraft button.

That's because the Test Minecraft button does not log in. It is useful for testing that the patcher worked, but if you want multiplayer or achievements, use the normal game launcher.

Does this work with version x.y.z of Minecraft?

Unlike most mods, MCPatcher is designed to be version-independent. It should work across multiple versions of the game, theoretically as far back as the 2010 Halloween update. When a new version of the game comes out, before breathlessly posting to ask when MCPatcher will be updated, just try running the version you have. Most of the time it will work as-is and you'll save yourself some unnecessary waiting.

I have a different problem not mentioned here.

Before posting, please Google for "mcpatcher other keywords site:minecraftforum.net" to see if your question has already been answered. If you do post, please include the log in your post as well. The Copy To Clipboard button puts code tags around it so all you have to do is paste it into your post.