Minecraft Texture Pack: Misas Realistic

Minecraft Texture Pack: Misas Realistic

Realistic Minecraft Texture Pack by Misa.

Description: This texture pack has been updated to 1.0. Since Minecraft Alpha, I've tried pretty much most if not all the popular texture packs for Minecraft, and  Misas is the definitely one of the best. This texture pack keeps the original feel of Minecraft while giving it a really nice realistic look.


Download Misas Realstic Texture pack from MinecraftForum (You will always find the most updated version here, because that topic is maintained by the texture pack creator.)

Texture Pack Installation: General installation for Minecraft Texture packs.:

1. Browse to your .minecraft / textures folder. 

2. Drop the texture pack in the folder.

3. Run MCPatcher.

4. Select the texture pack it from the "Texture Packs" menu in Minecraft.

5. Enjoy your new texture pack!


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(...And don't forget Wild Grass. :P)
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Frequently Asked Questions (Possibly slightly outdated)

Q: Why is my game crashing when I try to place a block?
A: Because you didn't follow the posted instructions and download the latest version of MCPatcher. Grab the one linked in my instructions.

Q: How do I uninstall this pack and/or MCPatcher?
A: Following the "cleaning your installation" instructions in the Installation section will remove MCPatcher completely as will doing a force-update in-game. To remove my pack, or prevent it from trying to load, simply delete it from the texturepacks folder.

Q: I'm on a Mac, followed your instructions, and your texture pack isn't showing up in-game. Help?
A: Many Macs are odd in how they download zip files. Likely if you're here, you're having an issue where it saves my pack as an uncompressed folder. What you need to do is go into that folder, and select all the files and folders inside it, right click, and choose compress. This will create a new zip which you can place in the texturepacks folder. Do NOT compress the folder itself. It's the files and folders inside that need to be compressed. See here for a detailed explanation with screenshots.

Q: Why do I get a black screen?
A: One of three causes:
Cause#1: You didn't read or follow my installation instructions. (Most common issue I troubleshoot on my tinychat!)
Resolution: Read and follow the instructions! :P
Cause#2: You have a mod that conflicts with MCPatcher or some other mods.
Resolution: I cannot provide a list of which mods do and do not support MCPatcher as it's not my program. My pack just relies on it to run properly. This you may have to troubleshoot on your own by installing my pack first, then installing your mods one by one and testing after each one. You may have to just choose which you'd rather have in the end.
Cause#3: You may just have a corrupt installation.
Resolution: Do a clean install by deleting the bin folder in .minecraft, then running minecraft to repatch the game to its default state.

Q: Will this texture pack make my game lag?
A: It may. Most people however report no noticeable change in framerate. So unless your computer is pretty old or a laptop, you shouldn't notice much of if any hit to your performance. However, you likely will have trouble with lag if you do not have a proper video card and are just using something like on-board video on a laptop. Generally if you plan to play 3D games, you need to have a proper video card.

Q: Will you make some textures for (insert mod name here)?
A: Possibly. But most likely not. I only try to support purely graphical mods. Any mod that alters entities, gameplay or adds any other thing to the game that can corrupt your saves will not be supported by me. If you find a non-intrusive, purely graphical mod, please suggest it for my review. See here for more details. I will then decide whether or not I will support it with my art. I will take alternate texture requests though. Best place to suggest those is in my Tinychat (Mon-Fri).

Q: How do I use the alternate textures?
A: These are provided for people who like to edit the pack before installing it. You will need a decent graphics editor that supports alpha channels and a way to change files in zips or in Minecraft.jar, such as Winrar. If you don't know what you're doing here, it's probably best to not worry about using these. I do not provide support for the editing of my pack, only resources for those who do.

Q: Will you make the pack resolution higher than 64x64?
A: Not with the pack in its current state. Possibly when mipmaps are adequately supported by the game. As it is though, my attempts at this have produced undesirable results. Namely HORRIBLY grainy distant textures and atrocious performance issues with the shader maps.

Q: My font's all messed up. What gives?
A: The easist solution is to ensure High-res fonts is checked when you run MCPatcher. To remove my font and use the default one, open my texture pack zip and delete the font folder inside.

Q: (Insert any shader map-related question here.)
A: Don't expect regular updates for these and don't ask about them. I'll continue updating if I feel the GLSL shader mod is making progress. As it stands there is a LOT that needs to be corrected before I can be happy to slap my endorsement on it with full update support. Namely the lighting issues. See here for more details.

Q: Can I use your art for a project I plan to upload?
A: Depends. For the most part I'm fine with people using my work for modified texture packs and compilations so long as I'm properly credited for it. (A link to this thread would also be appreciated.) If however you plan to take donations or make money off of my work (Including via adf.ly links), I'm not okay with it. I provide my stuff completely for free with an optional ad link to the Minecraft community, it's not put up for people to capitalize off of. If all you want to do is make money, produce a unique product of your own imagination and work, don't steal from others. It also gets a little complicated with projects that aren't related to Minecraft. For those, please PM me or head over to my tinychat (Mon-Fri). So here's a list of things to consider and avoid if you wish to use my work:
-Ask for permission as the forums now require. (I prefer this via PM so as to not clutter the thread.)
-Credit me for the work of mine you're using.
-Limiting usage to Texture Packs and compilations released on this forum.
-Consider adding link to this thread and threads of other artist's work used for sourcing reasons. It's greatly appreciated.
-Title your pack as a COMPILATION or REMIX if you use a large portion of my work (and other artist's work) for sourcing reasons. (It's not "Joe Bob's Texture Pack" if all the actual art was done by Jack and Jill.)
-Receiving payment or donations for a release using my work. This includes monetization with ads like through adf.ly.
-Claiming my work (Edited or not) as completely your own work, or allowing others to carry on believing the work is yours without correcting them.
-Using my work for projects not related to Minecraft texture packs without contacting me first to obtain permission.
-Getting water on gremlins and feeding them after midnight.