Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide: CM901

Here is a CM901 Modern Warfare 3 weapon guide by Xbox Ahoy.

CM901: A fully automatic assault rifle that deals high damage. The gun excels at close to medium range. The recoil is not a factor if you avoid long sidelines.

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Power: In most cases you will kill in two or three shots, and at a distance you may need up to 4.

Range: Medium + Effective range

Rate of Fire:  The rate of fire for the CM901 is 666 rounds per minute.

Recoil: Fairly heavy with substantial and unpredictable kick.

Aim time: Standard (300ms)

Magazine Capacity: Standard

Reload Time: 2.33s

Recommended Attachments: Supressor, Heartbeat sensor, extended mags.

Recommended Perks: Blind eye, assassin and dead silence

Fast moving maneuver perks: Extreme conditioning, assassin and stalker.

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