Modern Warfare 3 Weapon Guide: M16A4

Here is a M16A4 Modern Warfare 3 weapon guide by Xbox Ahoy.

M16A4:  Fires a 3-round burst. The M16 is pretty much a guaranteed one-burst kill if you can land all three shots on your target. Definitely not recommended for the aggressive, run-and-gun player, but one of the deadliest guns in the game for those who like to hang back behind cover and engage in medium-long range fire.

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Power: High Damage

Range: Medium-Long range

Rate of Fire: 780 RPM, Same as the M4

Cooldown:  200 ms between bursts

Recoil: Fairly moderate

Aim time: Standard (300ms)

Magazine Capacity: Standard

Reload Time: 2.03s

Recommended Attachments: Holographic Sight, Hybrid Sight, Rapid Fire

Recommended Proficency: Kick and Stability

Recommended Perks:

Support Perks - Recon, heartline and sit rep
Defensive Perks - Blindeye, blast shield and sit rep

Full M16A4 Weapon Guide Video: