Skyrim Mod: Enhanced Blood Textures

Skyrim Mod Enhanced Blood Textures

Enchanced Skyrim Blood Textures mod by dDefinder.
Description: Improves the default Skyrim blood texture detail and increased resolution from 512 to 2048.
New screen blood textures to have more of a splatter appearance rather than a dot.

Blood splatters from attacks are uncommon and have random skew and transparency. It might be possible to change this when the CK is out, but for right now this is how the default blood behaves.

Textures still undergoing changes.

Enhanced Blood Mod, Click The Image For The Full Size

Download from SkyrimNexus

How to install:


"Extract" data folder into your Skyrim directory.

Yes to replace


-Open the Skyrim launcher
-Click on data files
-Check "dD - Enhanced Blood Main"