Xbox 360 Breaks Sales Record During Black Friday Week

This Black Friday week, the Xbox 360 had its best sales week since launch. Microsoft announced that it sold over 960,000 units in the US with 800,000 units being sold within 24 hours. 750,000 Kinect sensors were also sold during the week either standalone or bundled together with the 360s.

“We have seen tremendous excitement from customers for our hot holiday gaming offers,”  Senior vice president and general manager of Home Entertainment at Best Buy Chris Homeister said. “Xbox 360 was among the best-sellers at Best Buy this Black Friday, and is a testament to the continued popularity of the gaming category this holiday."

"Xbox 360 should deliver its eleventh straight month as the number one console in the US.  With a robust holiday portfolio and the new Xbox LIVE dashboard going live on Dec. 6, we expect holiday momentum to continue, driving Xbox 360 to finish the year as the number one console in the U.S.”

The Wii also had one of the best weeks in its history, selling over 500,000 units.

As for the Playstation 3, Sony did not release any figures.