Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand Server Browser Issues

Today DICE launched Back to Karkand, the first DLC pack for Battlefield 3 and players have reported having server browser issues.

The game only loads the base maps, vehicles and weapons and not the ones included in the DLC pack. Here are a few quotes from DICE about the server browser issues:

“Please use the Quick Match filter settings to pick the Back to Karkand map and mode you want to play,” reads an update on the Battlefield 3 blog.

“Going through the server browser right now will match you up with base game maps only. We are hard at work isolating and fixing this issue and will have an ETA on this later. Stay tuned for more information."

“In the meantime, using Quick Match will let you select and play on any map, from the base game or Back to Karkand.”

As for the VOIP issues the game is having on the PlayStation 3, DICE product manager Tommy Rydling stated:

“Hoping to get some clarity on this and being able to say something more concrete on the possible timings on the next PS3 updates. Stay tuned on the Battlefield blog ( for the latest news as we have them.”