Skyrim Online Mod Author Shares his Goal for the Mod

The mod creator of the Skyrim Online mod shared his vision and goals for the future of the mod.

"In future versions of Skyrim Online you will also be able to start your own shard (be it private or public) to play with your friends or start your own Skyrim Online private server."
"What I am trying to do with Skyrim Online is to actually provide the social experience into one of the best single player game around. The ultimate goal is to be able to synchronize fully the world (same NPC, same combats, dungeon instancing…) and to be able to have advanced interactions with other players such as Player Versus Player, Guild Versus Guild, trading, group quests and much more."

As previously posted, the mod is still in Alpha and lets currently only lets players chat, trade and see other people in the game. Hopefully as the mod author stated, it will keep improving and eventually be a bit like a Skyrim MMORPG.