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7 Days To Die

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Update: November 9, 2013 - Alpha 2 is out! Check out the patch notes here.

Game Details:

7 Days to Die is an open world, voxel-based sandbox game created by The Fun Pimps. In the year 2034, the Earth has been decimated by nuclear attacks. The survivors are infected with an unknown virus. They die within 7 days and soon reanimate as zombies. 7 Days to Die is an open world survival horror game. The player spawns into a (planned to be) randomly generated world, with the objective of surviving for as long as possible. As the days go by, the zombies get tougher and more aggressive. The game features the ability to craft, destroy, and manipulate objects.

The game also comes with a physics system in which building a structure with no support such as pillars and walls can lead to its collapse. The game is voxel-based, allowing for simple building, and destruction of objects. The games main focus is to have the players try to survive the night, as the game features a day and night cycle, making the zombies slow and weak during the day, yet fast and aggressive during nighttime. Also the game features a system in which the character constantly needs food and water. Objects in the world degrade over use, so the player will also have to be searching for or make new tools as the game progresses.

Currently the game is in Alpha phase and does not have the many of the planned features, such as NPC quests, vehicles, temperature survival elements and ability to randomly generate maps. The world is fully destructible and mold-able. The player can build their own house or destroy existing ones in order to gather materials to construct a fort. The game also features stealth and distraction system to avoid unnecessary conflict with the zombies. The zombies in 7 Days to Die will climb, dig, destroy walls, doors, or even entire buildings if necessary to get to the player and kill them. This leads to the player needing to set up traps for the defense of his or her's base.
  • Developer: The Fun Pimps
  • Platforms: PC
  • Release Date: Alpha: August 16, 2013, Full release: 2014
  • Genre: Survival-Horror Sandbox