State of Decay Character Trust Guide (How to make friends)

Character trust tips and hints:
  • The first way to make friends is to rescue survivors in trouble.
  • If your radio informs you of trapped survivors or neighbors that need your help, set your waypoint on that area and go rescue them. At least one of the survivors you rescue will become your friend. (after you take them home)
  • As for people already in your base, press up on the dpad and look through your characters. The green bar represents how much they like you, and when it becomes full the character will become your friend allowing you to switch out to that character. 
  • You can also do missions with the survivors from your camp by talking to them and accepting their missions.
  • Another way to make friends is to use the radio. Radio in a survivor to take resources from a building, and if they get into trouble go and rescue them. This will earn you trust points that will allow that survivor to become your friend quicker.
  • Survivors in your camp will also become stressed, panicked or angry, and it's up to you to resolve these issues. 
  • If a survivor from your camp goes missing, make sure to complete the "missing survivor quest" as it will sometimes make you friends instantly for saving their life.
  • You can also become friends with neighbors, and that is covered in the State of Decay neighbors guide.
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