GTA 5 Sea Racing Guide

GTA 5 Sea Racing Guide

Here's a GTA 5 sea racing guide. To participate in Sea Races, you must be on a speedophile seashark jet ski. Once you get one, drive to the checked flag icons found on the map and press right on the d-pad to begin.

Sea Racing Tips:

  • If you need to find a seashark jet ski, look for them along the shores near the location of one of the races.
  • In total there are four sea races available. 
  • Unlike street races (which can only be done by Franklin), the sea races can be done by any character.
  • You can use R1 / RB, A / X (consoles) and SPACEBAR (PC) to turn sharply in the water. (Hold the button then use the left stick or A and D to turn sharply)
  • You can also control the pitch of your jet ski with the left control stick or the right keypad while jumping.
  • You get a Gold medal for first place, a Silver medal for second place and a Bronze medal for third.
  • Unlike other races, there is no money reward for completing sea races. However, they are required for 100% completion.
  • If you can't find a Seashark jet ski, you can find one on beaches around the map. There is one west of the first race location (on the east coast)

Race 1: East Coast
Location: East Coast, Pacific Ocean

Waves can be very helpful in the sea races. Hitting a wave head-on can get you some air. Use the waves to your advantage by hitting them to clear the rocks during this race.

Race 2: North East Coast
Location: El Gordo Light House, Blaine County
Race Length: 2 minutes, 30 seconds

This is a 30 checkpoint race that beings near the El Gordo Lighthouse. Try cutting inside the turns and hitting the waves at the right times to pass up your competition. Use your RB / R1 / SPACEBAR button or sharp turns as well.

Race 3: Raton Canyon
Location: Zancudo River, Blaine County
Race Length: 2 minutes

This is a race through the Zancudo River in Blaine County. There are very narrow passages, rapids, tight cornering and rock obstacles. Watch out for the tight bends and once again, use the sharp turn controls to clear them. No waves to worry about in this race since it's on a river, but the rapids can be pretty intense.

Race 4: Los Santos
Location: Cypress Flats, South Los Santos
Race Length: 1 minute, 50 seconds

This race takes place in the flood control canal in Cypress Flats, South Los Santos. If you stay to the left in the first stretch, and use your sharp turn controls to cut at the first turn, you will be able to get ahead of the AI. Watch out for the support beams on your way back.


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