GTA 5 100% Completion Checklist

GTA V 100% Completion Checklist

Here is a list of everything you need in order to get 100% completion in GTA 5.

Note that you can go for 100% at any part of the game. Everything you don't do can be completed after the story and you can't miss anything for 100% completion.

Story Missions (69) - Complete all Story Missions, including Lester's Assassination Missions which are only available to Franklin. (50% completion)

Hobbies and Pastimes  - Complete the following hobbies and pastimes: (10% completion)

5 Street Races

4 Sea Races

Lap Dance at Strip Club

Shooting Range (must score at least a Bronze in 3 rounds with each weapon type)


Flight School (must score at least a bronze in all 12 lessons)

6 Off-road races

Sports (Tennis, Golf, Darts and 3 Triathlon races)

Strangers and Freaks  - Complete the following Strangers and Freaks missions. (10% completion)

Tonya towing missions

Beverly paparazzo missions

Hao (shift work will open street races)

Barry (Only Franklin's Missions)

Fanatic (Only Franklin's Mission)

Dom (all 4 extreme missions)

Omega (collect and return all 50 spaceship parts)

Dreyfuss (This will open up after collecting all 50 letter scraps

Random Events - Complete 14 Random Events (15% completion)

Miscellaneous (15% completion)

25 Under the Bridges

25 Stunt Jumps

50 Letter Scraps

50 Spaceship Parts

8 Knife Flights

Must purchase 5 money-generating properties

Must purchase a vehicle via the web

Visit the cinema

Walk and play with Chop

Use a prostitute

Rob a shop

Booty Call

And 4 Friend Activities (strip club, bar, darts and a movie)

Total Completion: 100%

Note: If you go to your Rockstar social club profile and click "View Stats", you can see all of your GTA 5 character stats, including how much of the game you have completed.

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